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A friend-less coffee-addicted evil Space Ninja. He has been on the site since December 17th 2007.

Hailing from parts unknown, Vexacus first discovered Alternate History when he was given a copy of Philip K Dick's “The Man In The High Castle”

He is known for starting the closed, controversial “DBWI: Japan and the Island Wars”. He restated the initial thread several times and kept giving up. Each time, he verged on the edge of calling for ethnic cleansing of the Russian population of the Kurile Islands and replacing them with the Japanese population who lived there 70 years beforehand. He was very careful not to outright state it though… very clever in point-blank ignoring when it was pointed out to him what his ideas meant and putting his fingers in his ears going la-la-can't-hear-you.

His most successful timeline is the Power Rangers TL “Rise of the Zords”.

He had a stated opposition to Russia and all things Russian that went along side his love of Japan and all things Japanese. When asked why - was he Japanese?, had a Russian bit him as a child? etc. - he said he was British and had never been to Japan nor Russia. Nor had he ever met a person from either country too.

Vexacus was banned by Ian at the tail end of November 2014 for a repeated instance of trolling and being abrassive to other board members in a discussion.

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