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Hong Kong

This territory is known as Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), and is part of China following the handover of it from the former colonial owner, Britain, in 1997. Hong Kong Island itself had been ceded to Britain in perpetuity, as well as part of Kowloon, but without the New Territories which only had a lease of 99 years, the place would not have been viable, splitting the place up, and separating people from their places of work and families amongst other things.

Japanese pop culture is very widespread and popular in Hong Kong as are US, Chinese, Korean and British TV shows which are shown on the territory's four free TV channels. There are also cable pay services available that offer well over two hundred more channels between them. The place still has a very British feel about it, with all the road signs being the same as those in the UK and with cars driving on the left of the road. There is still a considerable degree of nostalgia about the UK there, but most people are happy as long as they are allowed to get on doing what they do best there: making money. Hong Kong is just about one of the most capitalistic places on earth, which is ironic considering it is part of one of the last Communist nations in the world. However, that's not too surprising given the traditional commercial instincts of the Chinese as a whole, such that China itself is now a market economy and is Communist in name only.

There is also a large number of Hong Kong Residents who had left the country for Canada, UK, and the US, and have returned after fears of communism were dispelled. Don't be surprised if a Hong Kong Resident possesses Citizenship from a Western Nation.

An interesting fact about Hong Kong is that it is bigger than most people realise. In fact, Lantau Island, which is where the new airport has been built on an artificial island to the north of it, is actually much larger than Hong Kong Island. It is also considered to be an otherworldly place where Hong Kong people like to relax at weekends away from the bustle of Kowloon and Victoria. It is also where the Po Lin Monastery is located , site of the largest outside bronze Buddha in the world.

Lately it has been the scene of massive civil unrest and protests against the Chinese government, involving yellow umbrellas and a months-long occupation which many people either praised for its cleanliness and tameness, or slammed for the disturbances caused by its blocking of major thoroughfares and allegedly receiving backing from the CIA, though nobody can prove the last bit.

In pinyin (which is opposed on principle by a large number of anachrophile board members) the name is Xiang-gang.


Sargon has also lived there in the past, and still visits there from time to time as he has friends and family there. His wife Sai is a Hong Konger and also a member of this site.

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