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American-born member, originally from Maine, who joined in March 2014.

In the last few years, he's moved from the US to the Czech Republic and made it his new home.

A bit of a deadpan cynic in serious debates, he's nevertheless a very good-natured person, with a dry but affable sense of humour. He doesn't consider himself a pessimist.

Very knowledgeable about the Titanic.

Previously known under the username of “USSManhattan”.


Our Get Along Kidnapping (Europe goes on an adventure) - Satirical ISOT timeline, about the mythical Europa kidnapping the entirety of Europe in June 2016 by way of ISOT and insisting on the leaders of European countries getting their act together and learning better mutual cooperation. The TL is on permanent hiatus. Though a jokey narrative, USSManhattan eventually stopped writing it because he felt it was a little too close to current events.

Operation 401 (time travel and the Titanic) - USSManhattan's current major writing project, a story series combining alternate history, time travel to the early 20th century, and humanity under threat from aliens some three centuries into the future.

And Hell Followed... The Chimeran Invasion IOTL - ASB timeline based on the Chimera from the Resistance games.

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