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Singaporean member and until recently, a lurker from the NationStates forums. An aspiring historian, spindoctor storyteller and unquestioning dictator of countless nations in the multiverse of God-Emperor Max Barry, young Remitonov had grown fascinated by the infinite realities spawning outside the glaring, merciless eyes of Blood Priestess [violet] and her legion of moderators. Tired and restless of the degenerate wanton nuclear holocausts and general n00bishness of his own dimension, the reality weaver sought knowledge from the worlds of to better create his expanding universes of roleplays. However, the more he delved for wisdom, the more he became sucked into the relatively more ordered worlds offered in this multiverse.

It might be in his own nature as a Singaporean to seek order and chewing gum bans, but on one faithful night, he took the leap through the portal, marking his presence for the first time amongst the denizens of While he had yet to abandon the billions of suffering, virtual denizens under his charge in his old multiverse, his fate had undoubtedly changed. From now on, he is part of a different, altogether separate community. Whether this would lead to conflicting loyalties remained to be said. For now, is but another conduit to satisfy his addiction for historical divergences and propaganda storytelling.

'Real Life'

The world called 'reality', however, has a much more mellow identity for the multifaceted, perhaps schizophrenic user. Government records marked him as a dishevelled dweller in the back room of his aunt's apartment, since most housing in Singapore is high-rise and therefore no basements to lurk in. However, rumour has it that he may or may not actually be a government agent working for the Men In White, scouring cyberspace in search of the suspected rebel known as 'Flocc'. However, what is known is that he is, in fact, Chinese, whose love for Russian culture and language had been severely dampened in recent months due to Putin's shameless invasion benevolent liberation of the oppressed Russian minority from Western fascism in Ukraine.

Nonetheless, he still holds a fervent love for anime, one he employed extensively not just in cloning prominent expies for his old NationStates multiverses, but creating his own. They are reportedly not that good, but he is slated to be practising on that.

Also likes Polandball.

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