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Red1 Crisis

Red1 was among the most obnoxious trolls to hit the discussion board in recent memory.

THE FIRST BATTLE The small scale insurgency struck across many threads in the nation games area Though originally the trolling wasn't serious- Red1 was a accepted member of some sorts- his obsession with nuclear weaponry soon boilded down to insanity in the game Guns of the Earth. While the god mod was away Red1 tried to bring around global nuclear warfare. This first major act of terrorism was bought to an end after several members banded together and stopped him

RED1 was banned


BLUE1 was belived to be a sock puppet of Red1 and was banned


COMMANDERSHEPERD was another sock puppet. He attacked the thread a colder war and soon found himself in confrontation with the same people from GOTE. He played rather Plausable- until he began nuking African protesters…



DRAKON was the final sock puppet. Appearing in the same thread as before he was soon spotted and for a third time the coalition rushed out to meet him.

In one of the most hillarious fashions when accused of being a sock puppet he declared: “I can't wait for the moderator to prove you wrong. You bloody fool.”

Calbear the mod tasked with his final defeat replied: “The SAME THREAD? The same damned thread?

Even if it wasn't one of the Eight Ways to Crash Land, this would be a Ban simply for lunacy.

Word of Advice:

If you are in shark filled waters, don't fill the water with chum, then cut yourself with a straight razor and go wake boarding.

We divorce you.

To Coventry with you.”

And so the crisis ended. Though for a long time after members of the coalition continued to look out for a possible Red1 insurgency bit for now it seems the war has been won….

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