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Porn Terrorism

Only known by horrified whisperings, as the archives were deleted to prevent anyone from ever seeing them again, the Porn Terrorism Attacks are still remembered as one of the vilest attempts to take down

Began when the seemingly-normal Vice President Mike, after being kicked (twice) for plagiarising other members' work, vowed to “declare war” on the whole forum.


AKA the “First Porn War” : 24 February 2014

Although VPM initially stayed quiet on, those of the community to also have accounts on received a warning of what was to come when he signed up on and immediately started posting pictures of NSFA porn. Fortunately, he was quickly banned and the posts deleted, but this was only the beginning…

First Porn Terrorism attacks

AKA the “Porn War” : 24-25 February 2014

Everyone's worst fears were confirmed when VPM made good on his declaration of war by coming back to and flooding the board with pictures of the same kinds of porn he posted on

Despite his repeated bans (for him and his sockpuppets), he managed to launch another attack, quickly repelled by the moderation team.

Second Porn Terrorism attacks

AKA the “Second Porn War” : 27-28 February 2014

As the mods kept the line, Vice President Mike fled back to the other board, usurping Petike's identity. Eventually, the mod teams on both sides surrounded the issue, defeating the porn attacks once again (with the team subsequently giving Petike his username back).

Sockpuppet Spam attack

AKA the “Expand the Wiki Page War” : 12 March 2014

In retaliation for yet another defeat, VPM launched a spam attack, this time making more of an effort than previously to target the wiki as well as the fora, and revealed the names of thirteen accounts which he claimed as his sockpuppets.

Third Porn Terrorism attack

AKA the “What's wrong with you war” : 14 March 2014

Facing the inefficiency of his tactics, the terrorist decided to go the next stage. He sent to both and members (under false identities; among them, the usurped Alternate History Geek's, Dispiceable Emperor, Fuskator, and King Washington) what could be seen as underage porn. While black angel noticed that some of the photos could be only “barely legal material” designed to look like child porn, the attacks could have led to serious judicial consequences for unsuspecting members.

Kelsey bravely sacrificed her sockpuppet account to warn the mods. Thanks to this action, the board remained largely untouched.

As it stands (currently), VPM would probably have to answer for child pornography possession and distribution to minors, as the administration team of not only revealed his coordinates, but has intended to warn authorities about him (despite pleas for mercy from VPM himself).

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