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Eurowank or President Tony Blair of the European Union

Eurowank is a timeline created by Puget Sound on October 10, 2008. It is a part of The Strangerverse, spinoffs of Big Tex's timeline The United States of Ameriwank.

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Premise and POD

In this spinoff, the Stranger arrives on October 10, 2008, and gives a surprised Tony Blair the news that the world would destroy itself by 2258. In order to prevent this, the Stranger had meant to travel back to 1776 and give them to Washington, but his device malfunctioned and he is forced to deliver them to Blair instead.


Eurowank has the distinction of being set further ahead than any other story in the Strangerverse (the other four, Ameriwank, Golden Touch, Britwank, and Ultimate Israel, begin in 1774, 866 BC, 1772, and 1897, respectively). It also holds the longest title.

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