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Ofaloaf Broadcasting

Ofaloaf maintains a channel that is one of the two regular and permanent Movie Night events on the forums here. It holds the Saturday night slot and goes live every week at 16:30 Eastern Time/21:30 GMT (winter - in summer, 20:30 GMT) for several hours. The channel sometimes kicks off with shorts before that time however. He is ably supported by a production and moderation team that includes Arafeel, Dan1988, Richard Harrow, Orioes and Sargon.

The channel tends to specialise in documentaries, art-house features and shorts, drama, animation, assorted films and general coolness. All rounded off with a couple of national anthems from various countries at the end of the show.

It is hosted on a video streaming site and the channel itself where people can watch the shows can be found here.

On the forum, Ofaloaf Broadcasting maintains a thread here that is regularly updated with all the listings and times for upcoming events. It is always a good idea to check through the most recent posts to find a list of the latest shows. When the night itself is running, a regular update of what's about to be shown next each time one item nears the end is also shown.

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