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American member, a New Englander by birth and a Pennsylvanian by circumstance. Self-described as “'s last sane minarchist”. This often leads to long, snarky, poorly-thought-out ranting on his part. Loves Somalia and hates Snooki. His New Rapture Expeditionary Force played a critical role in stopping the Jersey Hordes in Manhattan during the Snooki War.

Meerkat is also laughably bad at math, which once led him to conclude that over 2% of New Hampshire had been killed in car crashes in 2010, thus creating a federal disaster area. Whoops!

Coined the term “Bigassid Caliphate”. Turns out it was hiding under his bed the whole time. Who knew ?

Banned in May 2013.

Happily unbanned in March 2014, however he was once again banned later in the same month, ending his stay at

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