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A board member who joined in August 2006.

In the early months of 2014, he became increasingly confrontational and liked to engage in many Off-Topic forum discussions with posts claiming markedly controversial opinions. This led to a series of events that made him one of the most polarising and often outright hated members of the board. The biggest of these was the now-infamous Wampanoag Incident, where Jbenuniv both directly and indirectly contributed to the stoking of flame-ups in the discussion, to the point that several board members got into arguments and were kicked and others requested voluntary bannings of their accounts. As many well-liked AH.commers left in the aftermath of this infamously derailed discussion, many had layed part of the blame on Jbenuniv's relentless efforts at quipping insensitive (but intelectually worded) comments at nearly every turn.

In the following months, he had been kicked several times, and even on occassions when he didn't get kicked, he earned the ire of many other board members. Aside from his defense of the idea that marginal or extinct languages should never be brought back and should not be preserved (because they had apparently “failed on the marketplace of ideas”), he gained further infamy by claiming that committing abortions on eight month year old developing babies is entirely reasonable, and other equally weird or insensitive statements.

Eventually, in September 2014, Ian tired of Jbenuniv's repeated offenses and sugar-coated style of trolling and banned him for trolling, bigotry and anti-Muslim sentiments. The ban was all the more serious because of Jbenuniv having returned from a recent kick just 4 days before the banhammer fell. Prior to that kick, he had racked up an impressive rate of one kick every month.

Though opinions on Jbenuniv might still vary, few doubt that he had earned an unusual degree of infamy on the entire board, and will not be remembered very fondly due to the events connected to his behaviour.

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