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January First-of-May

Was too modest to ask anyone to create a wiki page for him. Wasn't, however, too modest to add something other than this fact when it was actually created (though would prefer to wait for someone else to add some other stuff).

Lives in Russia, and until recently was the only major-ish member from there.

Back in August 2009, got banned for some uncertain random reason (that might or might not have been related to HelloLegend). Was eventually unbanned in November that same year after a long and confusing discussion.

Used to have a Jewish uncle working in so-called Upstate New York (which at the time was widely considered to be fictional); whether it had to do with nuclear power and/or peeling potatoes is unknown. (Doesn't anymore, however - he works at Apple now. Whether this means that Apple is fictional instead remains to be seen.)

Participated in what was possibly the easternmost meetup (well outside Asia and Oceania anyway - there's none of these listed on the page, but it's unclear whether any actually happened) in October 2010, when he met with aktarian while the latter was visiting Moscow City. (Not a true meetup technically, since only two people participated, but hey, there weren't that many AH.commers who had ever been to Moscow in the first place…)

Random factoid: His mother has an Erdos number of five.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of January First-of-May, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him.

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