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A country in the Middle East. Of old, Mesopotamia, the Land Between the Rivers (the rivers being the Tigris and Euphrates). The fertile cradle of civilisation. The modern name comes from the ancient city of Uruk. However, expect this explanation to make steam come out of Leo Caesius' ears for whatever reason.

Often in the news due to being invaded. In the First Gulf War, a coalition of states led by America attacked Iraq to drive Saddam's forces from Kuwait…no, wait, say the Germans, the first Gulf War was when Iraq invaded revolutionary Iran ten years before. No, hang on, that's the Iran-Iraq War, isn't it? No it isn't! Thus began's “Gulf War War”, and the matter is best dropped there.


While we have no native Iraqi members, several members have posted from Iraq while stationed there in the military, including The Bald Imposter and the banned Aldroud. Baldie also brought Sealion there and produced some rather stunning images of him with the local scenery.

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