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Gaius Julius Magnus

Board member who joined in February 2012.

A damnyankee hailing from Massachusetts and proud of it. Occasionally referred to as GJM by his colleagues. Comments and gives his thoughts on a lot of threads relating to the U.S. Presidents and other U.S. political history subjects. Is a notable member of The Politiyanks and created the wiki for the group, as well as filling up the wiki page for American Politics. Has an obvious interest for Roman History going by his name.


Worldwar New Engagement - A crossover, in which the The Race (Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series) from The Worldwar series invade the the world of The Southern Victory series, aka Tl-191.

A Great War for Antiquity - Hannibal wins the Second Punic War for Carthage and thus prevents Rome from, for now at least, going on dominate Antiquity. Dormant.

The Imperial President - Life of a fictional person known as Richard “Dick” Web's ascension to the U.S. Presidency in the early twentieth century and it's transformation into a dictatorship. Dormant, thought might be revived under a new title and premise.

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