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Bob the Great

One of the creators of the AH nation game Fallen: A Balkanized US Nation Game. It won the “Best Continuing Nation-based Game” and “Best Overall Alternate History Game” categories at the 2013 Turtledove Awards. Played from 17NOV11 to 10NOV13 Fallen remains the longest ever run Nation Game on


The above is notable as the first ever BobMeme on Created by CrazyGeoff while waiting for the next report for the game Fallen: Balkanized US Nation Game.

Created by EvilProdigy for the notoriously unfinished Star Age Empires NG.

Another classic by EvilProdigy.

An original “polandball” style comic posted on, but in reference to Created by chinesedrone48295857.

Originally created by Kome in reference to the nation game Constitution's Ending Clause. (created by Usili with Bob on the modding team).

Created by EvilProdigy for The Most Dangerous Game (Created by Autocrat with Bob co-modding)

More from the EvilProdigy collection

EvilProdigy again

If you haven't noticed, EvilProdigy makes a lot of these.

A self-depreciating shopjob done by Bob the Great himself, after the aborted launch of another Space themed Nation Game Galafran: A Star Age Nation Game created by Hannibal_Bonipart and DracoLazurus.

Created by Hood whilst waiting for the report for All Hell Let Loose

Created by Karolus Rex, demanding delivery of the All Hell Let Loose report.

Jankmaster98, making a general comment.

More from Jank

jank again.

Many other examples of original (and not-so-original) content was made but has since been lost to history (and expired imageshack accounts).

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