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Joined on the 4th of May 2012.

ChineseDrone was most active within the Shared Worlds and Political Chat subforums. In the former he was largely respected, participated in a number of Nation Games and RPs while creating some himself. In the latter, ChineseDrone wrote several political essays in the aftermath of the 2016 US Presidential election and partook in a number of bitter political arguments. ChineseDrone was particularly anti-Trump and anti-AltRight, with increasingly extreme rhetoric to the point of becoming borderline and eventually beyond what the rules of the site permit.

He was banned in late March 2017 by Ian, for advocating harassment of particular people and advocating political violence, all the while trying to deny or downplay the severity of what he was promoting.

Previously, ChineseDrone#48295857 had racked up several kickings for similar rhetoric, often related to his calls for enacting violence, harassment or even hacker attacks against people he disagreed with politically. He was also infamous for having a clueless hard-left bent. Ironically, despite often coating his appeals for violence in a would-be “I'd just like to defend freedom from the fascists” rhetoric, he himself commonly advocated the exact same methods of harassment or persecution utilised by both far-right and far-left totalitarianism. Most disturbingly of all, the ChineseDrone#48295857's post that got him banned had him arguing that extremist movements should be fought with the same sort of harassment they themselves inflicted on others. This laid bare his complete cluelessness and apparent antipathy to any form of non-violent solutions.

With all of the ChineseDrone#48295857 previous serious infractions in mind, Ian had finally had enough of his endless repeats of pro-violence rhetoric, and banned him for good.


Strange New Lands Nation Game posted to Shared Worlds, it was played 8-27AUG2012. The game began with the players picking a nation from 1492 and then submitting a single plan for their nation's alternate history development all the way up to 1750.

Fascism and Charles Barkley: Spectre of Madness: a political essay posted to Chat. Here ChineseDrone outlines his concern related to the rise of fascist-like anti-intellectualism posed the pro-Trump movement.

Burning the Jersey: A Re-Evaluation of Democratic Electoral Systems: Another Political essay, in which ChineseDrone negatively compares current political partisanship to sports team fandom. Lamenting the lack of civic responsibility among voters who behave like sports fans, he argues that these voters should be discouraged from participating in such a manner be replacing the current candidate system with one in which the electorate “votes by platform”.

The Pol-Opticon: Unmasking the Alt-Right With Language Processing? A political essay in which ChineseDrone proposes identifying the real identities of the members anonymous Alt-Right communities through linguistic analytics. Because doxxing is banned, Ian the Admin kicked ChineseDrone for planning to do so.

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