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Created by Nekromans, to sum up all of Off-topic in one post.

The post

I blame tall Mandaean female Thande for Operation Sealion and this thread, and as such, am forming the Anti-Tall-Female-Mandaean-Thande Party! Meet me for the party conference on the nearest battleship or zeppelin - but make sure to come by bus, not car.

The agenda will include debates on whether Power Girl needs bigger breasts, if Angela Merkel and Power Girl making out would be incredibly hot, whether controlling guns lead to the Byzantine downfall, a lecture on the correct usage of the apostrophe, and gay bestial necrophiliac e-potter-ca's role in the production of elasticated trousers. Debates can be lengthened if this is necessary, as can… other things.

Did you know that the average person has roughly ten toenails?

Currently on the board:

CHAOS TL: A world without…

A Flag Thread

There we have it - AH.COM in a single post!

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