WIP Map Thread

Not intentionally no. My understanding is that that’s a regional name for eastern California. The Easter eggs are in Colorado and Indiana.

It's definitely not, but it is a plausible enough name for a mountain range in a formerly Spanish region. The Sierra Nevada bisects that state, so it works.

A planned worlda, the very unspecific POD is that the balance of power across Eurasia is maintained and Asia (and a chunk of Africa) progresses as the same technology level as Europe.
Behold! The United States of America! And eventually the rest of the world!

Where dou you think Ishould go next? Africa? Europe? Siberia? Oceania?
I think it is realistic to have more areas shown as territories. If only to avoid needing to make Indian Reservations throughout the Americas. They have those here or no?
There are probably Indian reservations, but I haven't shown them. For territories, I avoided them by lumping them with more populous states.
If your talking about Europe /it šut bi dis nat dat ispèšæl wid influens åf lèngwač åf yurip/
No. Simplified English is just what it says on the box, nothing more, nothing less, and tries to be as close to Traditional English in spelling and pronunciation as possible while maintaining consistent orthography and grammar. (Though it does use a few special characters: áéíóú for long vowels and ŋ for the ng sound in ring.)

Added all 37 states carved out of Russia (including Crimea), 3 from Kazakhstan, and 1 from Mongolia for a total of 41 new states in Eurasia, totalling 234 states and 4 territories!