WIP Map Thread

My first post here!

Just a little WIP where the Dutch manage to keep a colony on Long Island/surrounding area...
Duchy of New Rotterdamn (Pacifica Uniona).jpg

I also dropped the Romanidis fictitious clan and decided to have the Mavrokordatos family as the next reigning Basileusi. I have a Serbian Dragases, followed by a Kantakouzinos (they were exiled a century ago after a failed revolt, but returned) following the Egyptian-Persian invasion. Both bad emperors, one meeting a gruesome end by the citizenry, and the other abdicating to Nikolaos Mavrokordatos.

Isaac Beach

R O A D S. Working on a wee sequel to my prior Sarawak map that teased at this territory, of which I realised there was a lot of potential when I read up on the history of Labuan. Also using this as an opportunity to try another 'in-universe' map of a style I haven't seen done before (not Google Maps, that has been done before, it's more about the framing). But it's a lot of roads.

Labuan Overseas Territory.png

Update... now with Sublime Shadom of Eran (Islamic, not obnoxiously, and very into the Sasanians/Acheamenids), PHC (Polish Hungarian Commonwealth), and the Empire of All the Russias (Lithuania went orthodox and united with Tver. Capital is Tver and this Russia is much richer having had continuous contact with the Romans). The Russians finished a war with the Romans two decades ago when the Emperor would not give the Ceasaerial crown to the Russian Grand Prince (the practice is that the Roman Emperor gives the crown and title of Ceasar of the Russians unto the Grand Prince as his spiritual son. Very complicated sort).