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    WI after the battle of talas, a large Arab Muslima army gets lost in kazakhstan, and they settle around lake balkhash and marry the local asian women there and arabize the region. They then expand in the manner of Scythians from Amu Darya, and the Turks from mongolia and arabize and islamize much of siberia by absorption of turks. I think rice would be eaten in eastern europe much earlier.
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    He got Kicked.
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    After a certain extent, the Arab settlers will simply assimilate into the local population such as in Khorasan, South Asia, East Africa, and the Caucasus. If they can't culturally override these regions, then they certainly can't do so in steppe regions.
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    I'm skeptical of their prospects in any case, but to succeed so far from the Caliphate's effective reach this exile army will need a local power base. It is perhaps possible for these exiles to link up with the defeated remnants of the Gokturks and retake the Mongol plateau from the Old Uyghurs (who by that time have only been ruling those lands for around 10 years) while the Uyghurs' Tang ally struggles with the An Lushan rebellion. However, I dont really know where such Gokturk exiles would be found, I assume they just melted into the Uyghur/Tang aristocracy.

    Another problem is that at this point Buddhism is still quite influential-- and with these exiles so far from the Caliph and surrounded by Turks and Uyghurs, who is really going to punish them for apostasy?
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    I assume that when you say, Muslima, that this is a spelling error and you do not mean an army of Muslim women.

    A lost Muslim army, will certainly be reintegrated into the Abbasid Caliphate, which will re-establish contact and demand reunification, which will be granted, assuming the Abbasid are still strong in 800 CE. The Abbasid caliphate was already the dominant power in Sogdia, Kwarezm and so forth, a lost Muslim army that manages to conquer a sector of the former Celestial Turk realm, will be hailed as great mujahadeen by the Abbasid realm and be given autonomy and rulership to conquer what it pleases. This will be difficult most certainly though, entropy will be on the side of the steppe hordes as the Abbasid Caliphate weakens in its authority.

    Remember, in this early period, the Abbasid state did not accept any state or land as Muslim unless it was at least nominally under Abbasid Caliphal protection and rule.
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    im back