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    1. My Daichingtala
      Hello there, I was wondering if you have heard of Abdul Samad al-Palimbani, a half-Indonesian scholar who lived in 18th-century Mecca? Is he a somewhat known figure in Middle Eastern scholarship?

      Edit: It appears that he is commonly called "Sayyid 'Abd-al Samad ibn 'Abd-al Rahman al-Jawi" in Arab sources, if that helps.
      1. John7755 يوحنا
        I have. I am not too familiar with his views however, why do you ask?
        Oct 6, 2016
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    Real Name:
    يحيى بن داود
    I study the Fiqh of both past and present and put modern Islamic Fiqh and apply it to history.

    History & Islamic Fiqh. Love the opportunity to discuss history.

    Areas of expertise:
    Islamic Fiqh, primarily Hanbali school
    Saudi Arabian history and politics
    Rashidun to Late Abbasid history
    History of Louisiana

    Other interests outside history:

    Western fashion of the XIX and into modern eras. Suits and dress hats especially are a favorite of mine.

    Environment of various animals. Tigers and African Wild Dogs are some particular favorites of mine.

    Jurisprudence and Law. Outside Islamic fiqh or jurisprudence, I find all types of Law fascinating and enjoy reading court cases and decisions made by judges in the west, east and the Ulema giving their fatawa on specific cases.


    Conservative and traditionalist. Favors small government, tradition and less state regulation. Not extremely politically inclined though.



    Saudi History, Abbasid History and Islamic Fiqh.