Victory is only the first step.

They tricked me again. They had me kicked out of my apartment.

Oh yes, I know it was THEM. I know it was THEIR fault i didn't find work and cause it all.

THEY are obsessed with me. THEY know that I know. That I see beyond their lies and their bullshit. I see them for what they are.

I see them in our streets, in our governments with their fetid and subhuman faces. I see them below the masks they wear, I see their small and evil eyes. I see THEM and the sharp teeth behind their lips.

Yes, yes I understand them. They are afraid. I know what they are and where they are.

Mrs. Moser was one of THEM. She kicked me out because I had seen her true nature.

"You have no more money, sir," she said. But she was one of THEM. THEY are everywhere.

They have always been everywhere. THEY understood from the moment of my birth that I would fight them and decided to stop me in any way possible. Everything that has happened in the past twenty years is their doing.

The war, my leg, the crisis is all THEIR doing. They want to destroy us. They want to destroy me.

Me who would have even tolerated their existence perhaps. That I would have accepted even the stench that they emanate, if they had stopped conspiring (but THEY can't stop right? They force us to open war because it's not in their nature to stop).

Cruel and treacherous they torment me. THEY torment all who see the truth.

But I'm not alone. On the radio I heard HIM again. The leader of the nation.

Oh no, not that half Polish of the emperor. No he is weak. A puppet and nothing more.

There is a need for radical action. Maybe Gavrilo had understood too. Maybe he, like me, had seen the truth about THEM and tried to hit them where it hurt the most. But he failed.

By their nature they lied and exploited the situation to their advantage. How many died so THEY could expand their power?

And they won. Their servants in Berlin, Vienna and Leningrad are now everywhere. France and the British are also THEIR servants.

There is a need for a new martyr. Of a signal that makes it clear that we know their lies. Of a purifying war against THEM.

Gavrilo failed because he didn't have a message ready.

But I have this diary.

I also have a gun and enough money to get to Vienna.


Today is the end of your lies. I will put an end to your new puppet and start a new era. No more deceptions or lies.

I will be a martyr. Statues will be dedicated to me and THE LEDER will thank me and cry on my grave.

A new era begins for Austria!

Death to the jews and their puppet emperors!

-Extract from Adolf Hitler's private diary on February 27, 1933.
Premise: English isn't my first language so i apologise for eventual mistakes.
This is my fist timeline and i want to explore a world where the Central Powers were successful during WW1. I will explore the consequence of this victory and how the rest of the world is affected by it.