1. March 1919 Lenin-Bullitt Agreement ends the Russian Civil War and partitions Russia between the Reds and the Whites

    Here were the terms agreed to by Lenin and Bullitt that were rejected by Wilson and Lloyd George: (1) The retention by all *de facto* governments in Russia of control of territories they occupied (see the attached map, scanned from Thompson's book, for the approximate areas of control at the...
  2. Al-Za’im

    WI: Lenin arrested by Tauride Palace

    On the 23-24 of October, the Bolshevik Central Committee passed resolutions proposed by Lenin which recognised that ‘An armed uprising is inevitable and the time perfectly ripe,’ further approving the motion that ‘All the organisations of the party should act accordingly.’ Lenin’s intervention...
  3. Waltzing Brunhilda

    The People's Flag is Deepest Red - A Revolutionary TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    There are decades where weeks happen and weeks where decades happen. -Vladimir Lenin. Workers of Finland, we have Victory! - Kullervo Manner 1918 Lithuania I shall return -Augustinas Voldemaras 1919 Poland yet lives! – Last words of Josef Piłsudski Warsaw 1920 Before a revolution happens, it...
  4. Ryker of Terra

    WI: Straight Edge Stalin and Soviet Prohibition

    The topic of alcoholism in general and in the post-Soviet states in particular has always been interesting to me. Russia has a massive problem with alcohol - not only do people drink a LOT over there, which affects health and life expectancy, crime, etc., but drinking is socially acceptable and...
  5. phil03

    Best Case Scenario for Poland during the Polish-Soviet War

    As it said in the title. While the borderlands between the two countries where the immediate reason the war happened both sides did, at one point or another, exhibit wider ambitions and hoped for a decisive victory to allow them to ennact them. The USSR had projects of turning Poland into a...
  6. Born in the USSA

    Anybody else read Summerland?

    I just finished Hannu Rajaniemi's Summerland and was curious if anybody else had read it? It's an alternate history spy thriller about the hunt for a Soviet mole hidden high up in the British espionage establishment, with only one problem: he's already dead, which is going to make catching him a...
  7. Guatemalan Revolutionary

    Right wing Lenin.

    I always wondered how will Russia behave as a nation if Lenin instead of being a Marxist was a right winger a la Kennedy or wanted to make Russia a country like the USA. Apart from less massive deaths or famines what would be the consequences of a rightist Lenin, extra points if Stalin is priest.
  8. Hawkeye

    Soviet Russia after an early end to WW1?

    Could Lenin or other Communists rise to power in Russia if Germany surrendered late 1917 or early 1918 instead of November 11, 1918? Assuming Lenin still ends up in Russia somehow.
  9. What if Lenin & Trotsky Were Killed During the July Days?

    During July 1917, when the workers of Petrograd wished to overthrow the Provisional Government for its continuation of the war and lack of progress on agrarian reform, it was an extremely difficult situation for the Bolsheviks. They knew that they didn't have sufficient support throughout the...
  10. Best case for Russia/USSR after 1917

    With a PoD of around March 1917 (when Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne of Russia), what would have been the best possible outcome for the Russian Empire/Soviet Union by the close of the 20th century? Avoiding war and/or keeping the USSR intact is not required if you do not feel it is...
  11. Russian Revolution & Soviet Union without Trotsky or Stalin

    What would become of the Revolution and the USSR as a whole if somehow both Trotsky and Stalin were killed before Lenin died. This most likely would happen during the Russian Civil War. Would the Revolution even succeed without them? Who would even succeed Lenin if both Trotsky and Stalin were dead?
  12. Danielson

    DBWI: Vladimir Lenin not killed by Fanny Kaplan in 1918

    Vladimir Lenin, as many of you might know, was a Russian revolutionary, Marxist theorist, founder of the Russian Communist party, and, until he was shot and killed by Fanny Kaplan, a member of the rival Socialist-Revolutionary Party, on August 30th 1918, the first leader of the Russian SFSR...
  13. Victory is only the first step.

    They tricked me again. They had me kicked out of my apartment. Oh yes, I know it was THEM. I know it was THEIR fault i didn't find work and cause it all. THEY are obsessed with me. THEY know that I know. That I see beyond their lies and their bullshit. I see them for what they are. I see them...
  14. Whiteshore

    No Stalin: Who succeeds Lenin

    In a scenario where Joseph Stalin died during the Battle of Tsaritsyn (say a stray artilery shell kills him during said battle), how does succession to Lenin proceed without the prescence of Stalin? Who would be the most likely person to take over the USSR if Stalin had died during the Russian...
  15. CHKeeley

    Lenin's "Circulatory Disturbance of the Brain" - What if Ilyich lived longer?

    Earlier today, after having finished Victor Sebestyen’s biography of Lenin, I was curious as to why Lenin died at a relatively young age compared to others like Stalin (74); I stumbled across some articles and a paper from 2012 that concludes with some certainty that Ulyanov died from a rare...
  16. PolishMagnet

    Union of Democratic Socialist Republics

    I've had this idea kicking around for a week or two and I just wanted to hear peoples' thoughts. Lenin dies early and the Bolsheviks are thrown into chaos. The one who takes Lenin's place turns out to be Alexei Rykov, who won out by getting support from other parties and groups who were less...
  17. DBWI:What if the Palace Of the Soviets was never completed?

    It's almost impossible to think of Moscow today without the towering figure of Vladimir Lenin dominating the city from the Palace of the Soviets. The design restarted an interest in Neo-Classical architecture that can be seen throughout Russia and former Soviet States to this day. Even the...
  18. WI: Russian Provisional Government agrees to sue for peace in March 1917

    What if, after the February Revolution, Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet agreed to sue for peace in March 1917? Germany wouldn't have to send Lenin in April 1917, would they? Would Russia thrives or would a Soviet Coup still happens?
  19. WI: Lenin live more four decades

    What if Lenin don’t die at 53 like in real live but die at 93( in 1964), how did this fact affects the Russian and the world political history?
  20. JustinianTheGrand

    DBWI: What if Stalin took power instead of Trotsky?

    I was just watching that comedy film "Death of Trotsky" about when all of the major communist leaders fought over the Soviet Union when Trotsky died. It reminded me of one of Trotsky's political enemies from when he was first made General Secretary by the name of Joseph Stalin. What do you think...