Twilight of the Red Tsar

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It looks increasingly likely that the Soviets will also start using tactical nukes if the CNS is already using them as an equaliser, although they could still claim the rather dubious moral highground of not having used them first.

Considering their track record for evil, I wouldn't be surprised if the Soviets meet CNS nukes with even more destructive weapons.
But enough of that, a serious question, what is Eisenhower doing while this whole entire "Stalin goes nuts and drives the USSR into ruin."? I have only read the thread marks and not read questions so I apologise if this have already been covered.

Due to bombing A-Bombs on China during the Koran War. (And it ending the same way OTL.) his health got much worst, and gave way for Nixon.
Yep. This September in fact.

But really, this got me thinking....In ATL 2017, could such a movie still be made? Or would things with Stalin, and the USSR just be too dark to even go there?

Hey, Mel Brooks got to make jokes about the Nazis OTL. Why wouldn't he take shots at Stalin?

And I'm sure Russians will come up with some delightfully dark jokes about all the horrors they witnessed.
Napoleon IV gave me the permission to post this submission, so enjoy.

The Pearl of the Orient

Excerpt from A History of the Filipino People by Gregorio F. Zaide​

Before Magsaysay became the president, our country was recovering from the destruction brought by the Second World War and corruption is rampant throughout the country. Communist insurgents of the Hukbalahap[1] are ravaging the countryside. Magsaysay, who was a WW2 veteran who led a guerilla campaign against the Japanese during the war, was appointed Secretary of National Defense by President Quirino to deal with the Huk threat. Magsaysay also saw first hand the effects of corruption when his political ally Moises Padilla was tortured and later died of his wounds at the hands of provincial governor Rafael Lacson[2]. When Magsaysay became the president, he put to work the reforms that would have made Philippines a prosperous country by enacting land reform, built rural and urban infastructure, and cracking down on graft and corruption. He also was instrumental in the creation of SEATO[3], which would later be an important institution alongside ASEAN. His greatest achievement of all is the destruction of the Hukbalahap rebellion through the combination of effective counter-insurgency tactics and the strategy of winning hearts and minds by the aforementioned reforms.

Having narrowly survived the plane crash at Mount Manunggal[4]. Magsaysay wins the election by a landslide thanks to his popular policies. During his second term, he encouraged foreign investment into the country, further reformed the government, education, and economy, and successfully rehabilitated 900,000 Chinese refugees fleeing from the turmoil occuring in China. His administration also saw the economic miracle that was the Philippine Miracle. He was soon succeeded by his Vice President Carlos P. Garcia. Under his presidency, the country suffered a setback in the economy due to his Filipino First policy, which deterred foreign investment, and the resulting rise of syndicalism in the country through the formation of Partido Sindicalista ng Pilipinas (Syndicalist Party of the Philippines). Garcia was then soundly defeated by Ferdinand Marcos of the Liberal Party. Ferdinand Marcos, not knowing the difference between communism and syndicalism, banned and cracked down on the Syndicalists and instituted Martial Law to restore law and order. Marcos managed to secure Western investment again thanks to the rise of hypercapitalism in the West. He used the investments and loans to build the Mega Manila Subway system, which was one of the second most busiest of all Asia[5]. Military spending was increased to combat the Syndicalist threat and Muslim seccesionist groups like the MNLF[6] and Syndicalist rebels like the HS[7]. The presidency of Marcos is also commonly known as "The New Society Era" or "Philippine's Golden Age" as under his presidency, the Philippine Miracle, which started under Magsaysay, comes into full swing.

Excerpt from The Philippine Miracle by Cielito Habito​

The unprecedented economic boom known as "The Philippine Miracle" was made possible because of the economic reforms of President Ramon Magsaysay during his presidency from 1953 to 1961. The Philippine Miracle turned this country from a backwater, third-world country to a prosperous, regional powerhouse. The country also became one of the Five Asian Dragons alongside Korea, South Vietnam, Hong Kong(China) and Singapore. The Philippine GDP rose from 146,070 million pesos($73,035 million) in 1953 to 224,430 million pesos($112,215 million) by the end of his term, a 65% increase in GDP. The economy temporary slowed under his successor, Carlos P, Garcia due to his protectionist policies. It has rebounded and entered its peak under the administration of Ferdinand Marcos.

[1]Hukbalahap means "Hukbong Bayan Laban sa mga Hapones" which in English means "The Nation's Army Against the Japanese Soldiers".
[2]There was a movie made in 1961 based on that event and photos of Magsaysay carrying the body of Moises Padilla were used for his electoral campaign.
[3]SEATO means Southeast Asian Treaty Organization
[4]it's inspired by a certain TL where he survived the plane crash that killed him IOTL.
[5]IOTL. There was plans for a subway in Metro Manila in the 1970s but it passed over in favor of LRT.
[6]MNLF means Moro National Liberation Front
[7]HS is basically a syndicalist version of the New People's Army. It means Hukbong Sindicalsita.
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Well, the OTL Philippines are an example of Murphy's Law: in the 20th century, everything that could go wrong for them went wrong.

It's not hard for such a country to actually do better than in OTL. :p
Well, a Axis victory world be worse for the Philippines. But I don't think that it has to go that far. It is not ASB to have Mindanao go its own way with an early 20th century POD...
Perhaps we get more reasonable Duterte if him has anything role ITTL. Altough he was only eight years old during POD so his life might be quiet different.
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