The Post-Apocalyptic Picture Thread


The second picture looks like something out of Horizon: Zero Dawn, due to the hybrid Celtic/Native American feel.
Or Philippine Eagles the size of a Quezaltcotlus.
imagine you and your friends had guns been finding a safe areas on post-apocalyptic philippines and theres a mad mutated pigs with sharp tusks can ram people in full speed when you killed it just turned it into a lechon,
Filipino gunsmiths fine tune their machine pistols in a clandestine factory in Danao town in central Philippines November 27, 2003. Illegal gunmakers in the Philippine island of Cebu are expecting a brisk sales ahead of next [May's presidential elections] which is shaping up to be one of the most bitterlty fought polls on record. (Alamy).

This photo looks like a post-apocalyptic workshop where the player character purchases weapons.