The Diamond Map Thread

GURPS Gallatin.

I have to finish something for @krinsbez , but after that I'll try to get this done.

Just one for tonight, from a world where Henry VIII died early and Anne Boleyn was regent for a while...

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"Falling Angel" scenario.



The setting is the Commonwealth of America, a corrupt police state that controls most of eastern North America. It was formed as the result of victory for King Charles in the English Civil War and a subsequent mass migration of Puritans, Huguenots, and other protestants to the Americas, leading to a religious revolution and independence for the colonies.

Ongoing (low-level and 20 years old) civil war in France.


Pan-African terrorists.

Concert Of Europe.

Brutal exploitation of Congo.
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Albeit perhaps it might not fit: might be best placed by itself or something.
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Yeah, there definitely are too many stickied threads in this forum. I feel like a good idea would be to have a nexus thread of sorts that lists every user map thread for archiving.