Base Map & Resource Index

The Base Map & Resource Index

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has produced some simply amazing resources over the past ten years, however, the vast amount of base-maps, color schemes, and other resources has made it difficult to find the most current threads and indexes of them.

This post (and subsequent updates of it) will serve as an index of these projects. I will attempt edit this post to keep this thread as up to date as possible.
If new projects emerge, leave a reply, and I'll update with a link to the most current thread of it! Without further ado, here's the list.

I will try to keep the Wiki updated as well, but you should always assume that these forum threads will be more up to date than the Wiki, despite our best efforts.

This thread isn't for mass-posting OTL map images; The place for that is either on it's own thread, or on the "OTL Basemap thread".
Base Maps (from smallest to largest)
  1. Micro-Worlda
  2. Worlda
  3. Winkel-Triple BAM
  4. Quarter-Bam
  5. Q-Bam
  6. 8K-Bam
  7. M-Bam
  8. VT-Bam
Color Schemes (from smallest to largest)
  1. Revised Color Scheme
    1. Ancient RCS
  2. Next-Gen Color Scheme (fork of RCS)
  3. TACOS
  4. X2 Color Scheme
  5. Drex's Color Scheme (DCS)
  6. TOAST3R (3.0)
    1. TOASTER 2.0
  7. SUCK
Useful Resources

As always, credit for these maps go to their respective owners and creators.
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Isaac Beach

Well I don't want to toot my own horn but my Sol-A base map has been used by at least three other mapmakers, myself not included in that number. I do need to update it (the sun is ever so slightly uneven) but I feel it's a legitimate base map.
Could we have links to present-day versions of each map please? I'm having zero luck with the search function, but surely present-day maps (or something approaching present-day maps) must exist!