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Climate Map of Kerguelenia made by Polaris on the Speculative Geography discord server.
EDIT: The image no longer works here, but it was mostly tundra and ice cap with a small strip of Oceanic and Subpolar Oceanic in the north.
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^I can't help but think the more northerly parts of Kerguelen might be a little warmer than that. It reaches as far north as 45S (roughly the same latitude as Invercargill, NZ or Aysen in Chilean Patagonia for comparison) and would disrupt the ACC, meaning less bitterly cold weather in that part of the world. FWIW I still feel like there'd be an Antarctic current of sorts, but at best it would be significantly weaker than the one we know.

On an unrelated note, I think Kerguelen probably ends up being discovered at least a century earlier than in OTL due its much larger size and more northerly position. This would mean the Dutch or potentially even the Portuguese stumble across it well before Kerguelen himself in 1770. If that's the case, you could very well end up with a VOC resupply port in the more temperate northern regions, not to mention a totally different name for this continent (New <insert name of European province here> anyone?).