Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

Then Hans von Mischner had asked a question that had caused the 2nd to redouble their efforts. In the north, the Marine Infantry had been battling their way towards Warsaw and were closer to the capital. Did the 2nd Army want those scumbags to get there first? Everyone knew what the answer was. A very loud and enthusiastic NO!

Expected Plot Twist.

Kat Turns up before everyone else and secures the City by herself.,
I think that Karl is beginning to recruit soldiers for the "New Polish Army" and Bogdan will see it as a better proposition then being stuck as a POW.
Karl is going to wind up after all of this is done as part of the Provisional Government under direct rule from Berlin until the various plebiscites are held on the final disposition of the status of Poland is held.I
Of course Karl will be loyal to the Kaiser and Empire but it will be on his terms and there will be plenty of "Clean Graft" involved much to enjoyment of his wife.
Part 113, Chapter 1866
Chapter One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty-Six

6th August 1968

Płock, Poland

The Poles had dropped the bridges over the Vistula River at Płock in order to block his advance. Over the prior days Tilo had steadily pushed them back. Whenever they took a stand, he used the river either split the Polish Army them or get them to expose a flank to the armored and infantry units on land. That was until he had reached the city where whoever was in charge here figured out an effective way to counter him.

Tilo grew tired of yelling at this or that flunky back in Danzig or Kiel whenever he could get them on the phone to get engineering assets up the river. With the Grand Admiral was ducking his calls, he had discovered that it was the Pioneers who were interested in helping him clear the river. He just wished that they would hurry up and get here because he was losing time while he was stuck here. Tilo had gotten word that Army Group South had taken Radom and was headed for Grójec. The fast advance making it difficult for the Polish forces to set up a proper defense. General von Mischner had said to him that while he couldn’t take sides in the race to get to Warsaw, his old outfit in the 2nd Army was leading the way in the South. When Tilo had told Reier about that conversation, Reier had told him that Group South would win the race over their dead bodies. Tilo had told Reier that while he had the right attitude, a better choice of words was in order.

As Tilo hung up the phone, he could hear the sound of helicopters approaching and one of them set down on the pad of his command barge. Several men jumped out before the helicopter lifted off, Tilo recognized them as Officers of the Pioneer Corps. While it was about time they showed up, he knew who the Oberstlieutenant who seemed to be in charge them was and was rather surprised by his presence.

“I understand that you need a bit of help to get up this river General” The Oberstlieutenant said.

“And exactly what should I call you?” Tilo asked.

“I tend to go by the name Fischer under circumstances like these” Fischer replied.

“And just why are you here?”

Fischer smiled. “My father is focused on this crisis and the next” He said, “I got to figuring that I ought to be doing something in the meantime.”

Hohenzollern Castle

The arrival of Zella to the castle was a welcome change. Zella had been spending her holiday at a spa town in the Bavarian Alps and had decided that Kiki needed rescuing from herself. Just that was not how Kiki would have termed it.

Kiki had been getting stir crazy as she had watched the news and had felt completely useless. It seemed that her father had thought of everything when it came to keeping her here in the Hohenzollern Province for the summer. She also had the girls under her care to contend with, Marie had told all of them about how she was some sort of heroine complete with wild stories about the things that Kiki had done. Nella and Nan were more than happy to back up those stories with several more of their own. It all created a scene that Kiki found embarrassing. She had done most of those things in an effort to prove that she hadn’t just been handed everything in life because of her name. Not only had that not worked with the people who were inclined to think of her that way, it all seemed terribly misguided in hindsight. She had taken too many risks, had worked herself so threadbare, and had paid a heavy price for all of that. Her father telling her that she had done enough and everyone around her echoing his words was concrete proof of that. Still, she watched the news and saw refugees, people displaced by the fighting in Poland, streaming into Posen and Silesia by the thousands. That she had not involved herself and the luxury of security in the castle seemed wrong.

“Can you just be selfish for once?” Zella asked, looking out the open windows of the tower room that Kiki had used as her chambers since she had come here as a child. She had never liked the master’s chambers and had happily rented them out to whatever businessman was stupid enough to pay a premium to do so. So far, none of them had complained about staying in the drafty, moth infested collection of rooms or had thought to ask why Kiki wasn’t interested in them.

“It is not a question of being selfish” Kiki replied, “I feel like I am useless being stuck here.”

“You’ve never been to Poland” Zella said, “I have, and I can tell you that the humanitarian problems that exist will still be there next year. The other thing you need to consider is that you are not considering is just how the people you want to help will react to the presence of the Princess Royal of Germany. I know how you feel about having to use that gun of yours again.”

“That is insane” Kiki replied.

“Sanity left the building two years ago when the shooting started in Krakow” Zella said, “Everything happening now is just an effort to unbreak the glass.”
I have to admit, this arc has me yawing wildly at times re what I think of Kiki being stuck at home. On the one hand, while I'd agree that there's no problem with withholding House of Hohenzollern funds, I think that if she wants to finance herself heading out there on her own with the money she earns through her actual work, that's nobody's business but her own and dad should back off. On the other hand...yeah, she's worked herself into the ground way too much and should sit this one out. Especially since, as a doctor, there's no work she does that's not worthwhile - like, whether she's in Germany or out of it, she's helping people who need help.

Zella is being a good friend.

That's for sure.
You can spin anything anyway you want, especially if you are "economical" with the truth. You can make Mother Theresa the epitome of evil and Stalin the caring, benevolent father of the nation. Remember the words of Joseph Goebbels, the patron saint of spin doctors, "Tell lies, lots of lies. Something will stick".

A good PR department is vital in situations like this.
I see no-one learned their lessons about the last time the heir to the German throne was allowed to an active warzone then....
You might say the Kaiser will be royally pissed when he finds out.o_O
Some body in the south forgot that another branch might be interested in getting noticed here, and Tilo found the right people to talk with. If Freddy is here helping Tilo what is Louis jr doing? He is basically the Grand Admiral's small craft person, might he show up once the Grand Admiral finds out that the Heir presumptive is helping out what is the advance by his people in charge?

Kiki is going to find a new project after the war and depending on how it goes maybe working TTL version of Doctors without borders.
Where is the Kat?? Me thinks she is in WARSAW already.

And this is her attitude:
Tilo needs to do three things:
1) Get Oberstlieutenant Fischer & his people planning how to breach the obstacles before them;
2) Tell Reier to put a guard force around the Oberstlieutenant immediately and to tell them that if so much of a hair on his head is out of place, Reier will do things to them that would make Vlad the Impaler quail in terror;
3) Inform the Kaiser just who has turned up at his command post.