Sterling New Silver on the Silver Screen: An Alternate Hollywood and Pop Culture Timeline

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Richard Burton stars in 28 Days Later, a film set, as the title suggests, around 28 days after a mysterious virus wreaked havoc in the United Kingdom, where Richard Burtons “Jim” and a ragtag team of survivors try to cope with the aftermath of the mad disaster and find security.

The 1965 film, which was distributed by American International and heavily influenced by “The Last Man on Earth”, starring Vincent Price, features Diahann Carroll and Karl Malden as the characters of Selena and Frank respectively, two of the friendlier survivors Richard meets along the way, with the cast being joined by a young Lynne Frederick as Franks daughter Hannah, and encountered by the calm and calculating Major West, played by Ian Bannen.

The virus, referred to as “The Rage” also sees its infected turned into bloodthirsty cannibals, referred to in the film as either ghouls, crazies or geeks among other things, though many modern audiences would refer to them as “Zombies”, considering 28 Days Later as one of the earliest instalments of the popular zombie genre, with critics calling it one of the scariest films of the year, shaken, shocked and appalled by the effects, even if they were quite tame.

Once Hammer obtained the rights to the 28 Days Later series, they would make sequel after sequel to coincide with their Dracula and Frankenstein franchises, ramping up the blood and gore, doing so with the help of glorious colour, as 28 Days Later was shot in black and white.

chapter IV


Richard Burton as "Jim" in 28 Days Later. (character originally portrayed by Cillian Murphy)


Diahann Carroll as "Selena" in 28 Days Later. (character originally portrayed by Naomie Harris)


Karl Malden as "Frank" in 28 Days Later. (character originally portrayed by Brendan Gleeson)


Lynne Frederick as "Hannah" in 28 Days Later. (character originally portrayed by Megan Burns)


Ian Bannen as Major Henry West in 28 Days Later. (character originally portrayed by Christopher Eccleston)


The "Rage-Ghouls" in 28 Days Later.
Spring Break, Young Love, and Driving Fast Cars
The Life and Times of James Dean - Part I


James Byron Dean was an American actor, regarded as one of the best and among the most iconic, remembered at first as a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement, as expressed in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause, in which he starred as troubled teenager Jim Stark, released in 1955, the other two roles that had defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden and surly ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant, the ladder film earning him Dean Academy Award Nomination.​


Though some would have regarded it a downgrade following the prior years Giant, James Dean saw something oddly appealing in the Herman Cohen screenplay for the movie "Spring Breakers", the story being about a four college friends who, after robbing a diner in order to pay for their Spring Break vacation, are bailed out by an eccentric young delinquent who drags them along into the strange, near lawless world of Florida.
The college friends were played by relative unknowns at the time, Yvonne Lime, Elaine DuPont, Cindy Robbins and Maddie Halsey the ladder among the more recognisable names, as she'd actually develop a long lasting friendship and relationship with James Dean, with the two of them spending their off hours going for rides in Dean's Porsche 550 and going out to drive-ins... The film, though looked down on by critics at first was still a moderate hit with audiences; Though not as big a hit as his other film released that year...


In the crime drama and thriller simply titled "Drive", Dean starred as "The Driver", a stoic stuntman and getaway driver who falls in love with Irene, played by Eva Marie Saint, who is married to a criminal; In a bid to protect her from her husband and some gangsters, he decides to cross over to the other side of the law and help him, soon finding that things aren't as easy as they seem, having to eventually choose between his own happiness and that of the woman he loves in what is regarded as one of Deans' greatest films.
Audiences went wild for the action, the suspense and the intensity of the chases.
At the 30th Academy Awards, Drive would go on to receive twelve nominations, winning Best Sound Recording, Best Editing, Best Directing and Best Actor for James Dean, the award marking the first Oscar win for the actor, who lost in 1956 to Yul Brynner.


As both Drive and Spring Breakers were being filmed at around the same time, albeit in different states, it was said that Maddie Halsey would tag along with James Dean during his trips to and from the different filming locations, the two young stars growing attached to one and other, sparking a roller coster relationship with high peaks which, in the eyes of those with them locked on growing tabloid industry in Hollywood, made one think they'd get married every second week, and marred by deep downs and the occasional fight, breakup, hookup and makeup, typically in that order; Though they never married, the two remained close to one and other, if not as lovers then as friends who "Benefited".​
Wait a second: Was Maddie Halsey aware rumors surrounding James Dean? You know, that he was gay (or was bisexual) and having a secret relationship?