Pop-culture of the Kaiserreich

Something like Blackadder Goes Forth could be popular in the UoB not only for showing the Royalist government/leadership in a rightly negative light that justifies the Revolution, but also shows the courage of ordinary British soldiers

Theatrical poster for Saving Private Baldrick, released in 1990. It is considered by many to be the funniest war movie ever made.

Which version of Britain made this?
Uhh... a liberal democratic Britain made this film. After 30+ years of Authoritarian Democratic rule following the Canadian liberation, Britain underwent a liberal reformation in the 1980's. read The Crown Atomic for an approximation as to how and why it occurred. This reformation became a golden age of British media that openly mocked and criticized the government like the The Young Ones, Spitting Image, and of course, Blackadder.
What would the Railway Series look like in this timeline? Aside from that, what path would the life of Wilbert Awdry take, since he would've been 14 when the Union of Britain was founded?
What do you think 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes' would be like in a KRTL?
This reminds me that Code Geass was directly inspired by this
I can only imagine how bamboozed the audience in KR would feel about a canadian prince starting a syndicalist revolution in the East
Calling it "Combined Syndicates of Japan"
Using the terrorist allias of "Null"
Under his own teutonic order, the "Schwarzer Ritter"
While using celtic witchcraft...

Then Season 2 kicks in with he starting his own Internationale, destroying the chinese left wing state, giving up his identity as Null and KILLING THE BRITISH EMPEROR...
only to then take over the Empire himself, transform it into his own autocracy while proclaiming himself as the world's Kaiser after beating & mind controlling his own half-german brother after taking over his own Internationale
Only to then being killed by his reformist best friend who adopted the identity of Null as he planned all along to ensure the entire world would follow his revolutionary ideals out of spite against "the evil emperor" under a now-democratic kaiserreich with his little sister as the constitutional monarch
I like to imagine how Sonic the Hedgehog would be in this universe as well, there's a surprisingly amount of thought put into him:

-He's a hedgehog because of the turning-into-a-ball game mechanic, however he was originally a rabbit and likely would still be if Sega was chinese
-His colours come from the Sega logo, which again may be changed if it was formed in China or a different Japan
-His first design was heavily inspired by Mickey Mouse's
-His attitude was inspired by the "get the job done" american slogan that helped elect Bill Clinton
-His red shoes are inspired Michael Jackson's boots
-He was originally going to be a rockstar with a german-looking girlfriend
-He was intentionally made to be a good-hearted rebel
-He was made to take on Nintendo's italian mascot
-He represents the heroic aspects of nature fighting against industrial pollution & tyranny personified by a scientist with a moustache(who was also a candidate for being the Sega's mascot)
-His transformation takes a lot from Dragon Ball's Super Saiyan, an anime already inspired by chinese mythology and that would be even more so if China created anime ITTL
-His mystical transformation is tied to the Chaos Emeralds(that may or may not be based on the Infinity Stones from Marvel), 7 holy objects that allow him to temporarily transcend. And I know, in-game it was originally just a invincibility power-up with a SSJ skin, but lorewise Super Sonic is essencially Sonic with the powers of a god, it gets even more mystical when you take into account that Sega made a arthurian Sonic game where turns out Sonic is King Arthur and he gets a medieval version of Super Sonic through the Excalibur.
-Tails was based on foxes, an animal that preys on both hedgehogs and rabbits, and the kitsune which has a chinese counterpart
-Knuckles is a echidna, an animal very similar to hedgehogs but not rabbits, and he himself takes some jamaican(?) inspiration while the echidna culture in the Sonic games is very native american inspired and Knuckles himself is very traditionalistic
-Both Metal Sonic and Shadow are darker representations of Sonic, one being a mechanical enslaved version of the hero made by industrialism while the other being a "realistic" version of Sonic, how he would be if he was created by real humans using fictional science with his idealism tainted by rage & grief after losing his best friend(also a german-looking girl) on a military invasion
- Chaos and the following eldricht final bosses of the Sonic series are very-kaiju like and take a bit from the cosmic horror genre, Chaos in particular being pretty much made to resemble a pre columbian god of death
I wonder if the SCP foundation would be all that different in this TL compared to OTL, probably is going to have a cooler logo instead of that sterile simplistic shape tho and wont be the wreck it is today.
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