kaiserreich legacy of the weltkrieg

  1. Ace009

    The New Order: Legacy of the Weltkriegs

    The year is 1959. Europe has been left in ruins from the devastation of the Second and Third Weltkrieg. The Syndicalists have been reduced to the Asian continent, where the struggle for dominance between the Bharatiya Commune and the United States begins in earnest. In 1936, the Kaiserreich...
  2. Kaiserreich (Prelude to the 2nd Weltkrieg)

    This thread is dedicated to Kaiserreich however this is only dedicated to the Prelude of the 2nd Weltkrieg. This thread is about sttories of common soldiers, the situation in the ground and diaries of famous leaders like Winston Churchill, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Huey Long and other famous people but...
  3. An Age of Peace? – A 1966 Kaiserreich Sequel
    Threadmarks: Introduction + Map of the world

    An Age of Peace? – A 1966 Kaiserreich Sequel (Special thanks to @pattontank12 and @Historyman 14 for greatly contributing towards the ideas over the years that made this TL possible. Also, to both @Danifa94 and @comrade cat, for being such great friends to me.) Foreword: Ever since I first...
  4. C.Z.A.R

    Kaiserreich Second US Civil War: Generals, Armaments, Fleets, Numbers, Propaganda etc.,
    Threadmarks: Goals

    The idea of a Second American Civil War has floated around for quite a while. My personal favorite of the 2ACW timeline is Kaiserreich. Although there is a pre-existing Kaiserreich thread, I see it necessary for an independent thread dedicated to the 2ACW. If TL-191 can have one, why can't...
  5. CaliforniaPerson296

    Plausibility of Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkreig

    To the posters on AlternateHistory.com, do you think that Kaiserreich is a plausible scenario, or is it to unrealistic, what would you change about it if you could?
  6. CaliforniaPerson296

    Your personal Kaiserreich Headcanon?

    There are many different ways the Kaiserreich universe can go, and I was wondering what this site thought the Kaiserreich universe would go after 1936. Who would win the 2ACW? Who would win the second Weltkrwig? Who unites China and and India? What’s going on in South America? Who wins in the...
  7. AltoRegnant

    Realistic PSA Victory In Kaiserreich's 2ACW?

    So for those of you who don't know, Kaiserreich is a mod for Hearts of Iron featuring a German victory in ww1. As a result, socialist revolutions take over britain and france, who flee to Canada and Algieria in exile and naturally default on their loans. This causes a far earlier end to any...
  8. Walker2006

    Kaiserreich: How the Great War was won and the Interwar Years

    1914: The Beginning While visiting Sarajevo on June 28 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro Hungarian Throne, is shot by a Serbian student named Gavrillo Princip. Gavrillo is a member of the Black Hand, a secret military society formed by members of the Serbian Army. Princip...
  9. Kaiserreich: Dieselpunk submod?

    Just out of curiosity, but is their a sub mod for KR that places the setting in a dieselpunk type world? If not, what would it be like?
  10. Revisiting Kaiserreich's plausibility after rework.

    The 3 biggest issues that the alternate history community has with Kaiserreich in terms of plausibility are, Italy American civil war China With the mod going through a rework of these 3 I wanted to get the community opinion the plausibility of current and upcoming changes to these 3...
  11. Pop-culture of the Kaiserreich

    This idea was inspired by an earlier thread I've done: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/pop-culture-in-tl-191.463675/ Basically, here we do posts for what the films, books, TV shows, comics and video games in the Kaiserreich might be like. For example we could have a Syndicalist...
  12. The Sword of the Vozhd
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Don’t know if this is the right section to post this, but I was inspired and so decided to at least do an intro, see if anyone likes it. The year is 1952, but a very different 1952 from the one that we know. The universe is that of Kaiserreich, were Germany won the First World War and things...