Photos of the Kaiserreich


Group of support troops, 3rd Infantry Division. Hawaii, 1937.

A typical neighborhood in Northern England, Union of Britain. 1972

Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf 109, 1935. (Please ignore the Nazi symbols)

The UoB's top-scoring fighter pilot, Wing Commander James ‘Johnnie’ Johnson, with his Spitfire and pet Labrador ‘Sally’ in Normandy. 1944.
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Asian American guerilla soldiers of the Pacific States Army, pictured here hiding in the mountains of Oregon, late February to early March 1942. Sporadic guerilla warfare continued well into the 1940s, courtesy of remnant forces of the armies of the PSA, AUS and the Syndicates, who continued their resistance against the triumphant reformed Federal Government led by General MacArthur. Their numbers are disputed, but estimates by the United States Army states that as many as 10,000 fighters were active.

They operated in bands of at least 20 soldiers each, with their bases usually in the wilderness or in mountainous areas. These guerillas usually conduct raids against US Army security forces and even the civilian population at times, especially civilian centers that backed the Federal Government during the Second American Civil War, aiming at capturing supplies such as food and water, and also accessing firearms and ammunition. Pacific States resistance groups were the most common, as the former territories of the rebel government still highly despises the Presidency in Washington DC. The last resistance fighters would not surrender until 1946, 7 years after the conflict.
"We are here to resist tyranny, not encourage terrorism."
- Captain Earl Brooks

Chaplain ZeBarney Thorne Philips delivering the opening prayer to the United States Senate, March 1942. The American Unionist/MacArthurite senators are seated on the left side of the chamber, with the New Federalist senators seated on the right side. As a multi party "democracy", a few senators from other parties are present here.

Under the provisions of the 22nd Amendment, the United States of America dissolved the century old 2 party system, which to the eyes of the military government, was plaguing the country and was a major reason for the catastrophic civil war. The new multi party system allowed third parties to run in the elections with the same benefits and rights that are held by the 2 new dominant parties: the American Unionist Party and the New Federalist Party. These 2 organizations were the political manifestation of the divide within the Federal Government, with the AUP backing MacArthur and his Loyalists, and the NFP supporting the likes of Omar Bradley and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many argue that the amendment just replaced the old 2 party system with a new one, as both parties were the dominant groups for the majority of the MacArthur Era. The largest third party was the Progressive Party, which itself has barely enough support to actually get people into the Congress and grab substantial votes in presidential elections.
"The division between the Unionists and the Federalists practically marks the beginning of a new Democrat - Republican era."
- Floyd Olson

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Soldiers of the First United States Army, Omar Bradley's personal armed force, pictured in a military parade in Denver, March 1942. Similar parades occured around the country as means of political power projection. This tactic was done constantly by the AUP and NFP.

America in the 1940s had also become like the infamous warlords of China when it comes to the personal protection of several key figures. Since the government in Washington was made out of Army generals and staff members, some have the benefit of having sections of the armed forces rally to them for their protection, protection of the person and their interests. In short, the new politicians in the Capitol and in the White House had personal armies that they can use to their free will. Notable of these is Omar Bradley (First US Army), Lesley McNair (20th US Army) and even MacArthur himself (8th US Army). Figures like them utilized these armed formations for aforementioned scare tactics against anyone who backed the enemy of the other. These units are united only by the Joint Chiefs, who overall commands them as the governing body of the United States Armed Forces.
"This nation has fallen to tyrants, but their rule is only the passing of greed."
- Earl Browder
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A Russian State commissar leads his men in a counterattack against German lines in Ukraine, 12 July 1942. The officer in question, Alexey Yeryomenko, was killed soon after this picture was taken.

Soldiers of the Republican army advance through smoke during training in Surrey, 8 July 1940.

Wilm Hosenfeld, a German officer, posing with a Polish child he rescued during the Second Weltkrieg, 1940
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CSA tanks from the American Expeditionary Force entering Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, 29th April 1943

A family of 'Okies' making their way to the Pacific States, 1937

A Syndicalist rally in Baltimore, 1932
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Emperor of Japan Akihito and Empress Michiko visit the Great Wall of China during a goodwill tour of the Asia-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere - 1992

JFK speaking at a union rally in West Virginia, CSA 1960

Winston Churchill being carried to hospital after a road accident, Canada 1931
Why in God's name would the German Empire ever want to indulge in that eminent showcase of totalitarian overcompensating for something known as the Volkshalle?

A Toyota Supra, assembled by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Today, one of the largest automakers in the Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere. The Supra is widely considered one of the best performance models on the entire planet.