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  • Bregil

  • Just finished reading "Whispers of the Past". I definitely understand why you decided to end it but what you wrote was quite good. Hope to see you revisit the Battletech setting at some point (though not at the expense of any of your current stories). You are a very talented writer and I'd hate to see you get burnt out. ;)
    trekchu 1
    Hopefully. BTech and me... let's say I haven't had much luck in that setting.
    Fair enough ;)
  • alt_historian

  • Hi
    I've just got to the last page of For Want of a Horse...
    Looks like you were heading somewhere interesting with it!
    Do you have plans to pick it back up at any point?
    I didn't want to ask in the thread, as I'm not sure if that might cause problems with mods.
    I intend to get back to it.
  • trekchu


  • Turns out, researching an alternative to the Dreadnought race is a massive rabbit hole....
  • Salvare7097


  • So what happened to For Want Of A Horse? It seems interesting please continue it if possible. I still have some questions For example how is SI Willhelm viewed by history?
  • Unkown00


  • Hey uhh. Just wanna say I'm not a fan of the sequels. I just said it to see how people reacted. I don't want you to leave a fandom for my opinion so I'm sorry
    You didn't cause that. It was just the first time I spelled out what has been fact for months now. :)

    On here, the discussion has, in my experience, always been reasonably respectful and polite. It's the other places that are so fucking toxic.
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