Photos of the Kaiserreich

The amazing part is that this is MUCH less hostile and more anti-conflict advice than the OTL poster it's based on.

Japanese royal guards carrying a palanquin containing Emperor Hirohito's body, during his funeral service in Tokyo - 1989

Japanese-American soldiers enlisting to fight for the Pacific States - 1938

The SMS Bismarck explodes after being hit by a Kamikaze plane. It was one of the last German ships destroyed during the brief German-Japanese War of 1940
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Ukrainian Militia in Kiev, August 1943

As the Union blew past Line-Don and while the streets of Moscow ran red, the people of Kiev never doubted their Hetman. "The Hetman will save us!" cried some. "The Germans will save us from the Reds!" cried the others. But it would not be so.

On February 23, 1943, the first Russian shells hit the outskirts of the city, causing panic. Most Kievans did not know of the extent of the war, few messages from soldiers and civilians escaped the containment barrier across the front. Nevertheless, they still rose up to fight the Red menace. Kievans on the hilltops could see great blankets of smoke and bright orange explosions far off as the Pakt soldiers did all they could to stem the tide.

However, the Soviet forces edged closer and closer to the city, and all the able-bodied men were conscripted, regardless of stature or nobility. Once they were gone, reinforcement units and volunteers trickled in from all over Ukraine, as well as women and nearly-eligible teenagers. The sight of lovers walking arm-in-arm down Lavrska street wouldn't have been irregular if they weren't clad in ill-fitted fatigues, carrying mismatching weapons.

Indeed, Glory to Ukraine.


Soviet Soldiers crossing a stream in Kiev, August 1943

The Soviets had been through hell to get here, and they sure as hell would not be stopped now. Dmitry wish they had stopped. No one had thought of the soldiers in this war, what they went through.

"March 26th, 1944

This battle has gone on for months now. Ivan and Sasha were killed yesterday and despite two new men where they were, I've never felt so alone in my life. I've never felt more vulnerable, even though I'm resting on the back of a tank while I'm writing this. I wish you were here Mama. I have half a mind to send you this page when it's finished, if it ever gets finished. Last time they attacked they killed Ivan, Sasha a few hours before that. I know they are gearing up for another attack, and this time I hope our tanks can stop them in their tracks. Yes, I did do that on purpose, hehe, I suspect you will find it funny. Tell Misha that he should take his time growing up, and tell Katya that I love her with all my heart. She and I would've made great parents for your grandbabies, but I'm not so sure I will provide those to you mama. I love you forever and always,


Otto Grotewohl, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in the aftermath of the Second Weltkrieg and the victory of the Third International over the German Empire. As the main voice of collaboration with the Syndicalists amongst the SPD, Grotewohl became the leader of the SPD in the aftermath of the Syndicalist victory, leapfrogging the likes of Kurt Schumacher as his open call for collaboration with the Third International made him a more appealing leader than Kurt Schumacher was to the victorious Syndicalists.

Promo image for the sino -Pacific-Japanese Joint production Anime [Para Girls]
[Para Girls] Follows a fictional unit Of the 128th Volunteer Brigade of the Pacific States Army in The second North American War
It follows 4 Girls
Xu fang(徐方) A volunteer from Shanghai The join the Brigade to fight against Imperialist Generally Acts as the Older sister of the group
Asako Hara (原麻子) A volunteer from Kobe The join the Brigade To see the world Generally is the Heart of the group
Irene Hara a Japanese American recruit The join the fight against MacArthur is Asako Cousin Is a bit foolhardy
Anna Wong a Chinese American recruits Join Because Her family has been has has been displaced by the Civil War As such is Some what driven by Revenge against MacArthur
Many fans Consider it to be Spiritual sequel to The Bear and the Sun,
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Members of the joint partisan infantry . Setting up a base
The joint partisan infantry of the western defense command was the main guerrilla Unit of the coalition forces against mcArthur in Second north American war .the partisan infantry also acted as saboteurs destroying critical infrastructure along the front .The anime [Para Girls] main characters are part of a volunteer brigade of the joint partisan infantry


The flag of the American peoples army
(APA) 1975-1987
The APA was one of the primary belligerent in the insurgency against the national restoration Council Popularly known as civil war3.5 it was one of the main socialist leading groups outside of the People’s continental army it’s Starting cadre was comprised of A mix of former national guards discharge due to The creation of the national deterrent force and young Syndicalist influence students in the latter part of it’s Existence it was Bolstered by a Christian socialist element as well it was one of the first groups targeted by the Underwood administration in the starting of the intensification of the civil war 3 .5 with the main body being destroyed by a Joint NDF-FBI strike force
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Liu You'an (刘幼安) Commander of the Chinese volunteer group ( 中华空志愿队 ) and Head of the volunteer department (志愿部)1950-1954
The Volunteer department handled the training of any volunteers to the second North American wars as well as overseeing the Chinese volunteer group . The department insured that there was high-quality volunteers for the second North American war with Every volunteer having to go through bootcamp before they are sent to North America. Xu fang(徐方) first arc in [Para Girls] shows the Training .liu You'an cooperated heavily with his Japanese and Pacific counterpart In ensuring air superiority over MacArthurs forces
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George Lucus showing all of the props and practical effects from Star Rebels. Combined Syndicates of America, 1984

Photo of German novelist and civil rights activist, Anne Frank. C.1941

Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces securing Shanghai, 1937

Soviet Carrier Admiral Golovko in the North Pacific, August 2020

The Shtorm class supercarrier was the answer to the air and helicopter carriers used by the other nations of the world, specifically of Japan and the Combined Syndicates, both of which had carrier groups patrolling the waters of the world. The first ship of the class, the Admiral Arseniy Golovko, was commissioned in February of 2020 at the Kronstadt Naval Base in Leningrad. The Shtorm, officially the Project 23000E, was designed in 2015 and laid down in 2017 (under direct orders from STAVKA, things got done quickly), being built and launched under the namesake of Arseniy Golovko, Soviet Admiral and naval reformer.

With a 120,000 Ton displacement and 350m length, the Shtorm is the largest carrier on the planet. It is powered by twin nuclear reactors, and has enough armaments stored to level a city. Admiral Golovko has 6 S-400 Triumf Emplacements and 8 AK-730 turrets, as well as dozens of 57E6 missiles for close defense and destroying helicopters and over-ambitious strike craft.

The Shtorm's main armament though, is its complement of Aircraft. The Golovko carries 35 SU-47N and 30 SU-57N strike aircraft, with an enormous maximum range and unequaled armament capacity. The SU-57N is capable of carrying a normal load of missiles and bombs, but also the Kh-47M Kinzhal hypersonic missile, tipped with 250 kiloton nuclear warheads, which are also carried on board. The effective reach of the Golovko, and by extension the Soviet Union, is therefore the entire planet, as there is nowhere that the combination of ranges of the carrier, the plane, and the missile, cannot go.

The SU-47N, however, is more pedestrian. Not stealth capable, it is slower and better armed, capable of holding 12 AGMs capable of everything from fragmentation or High Explosive to Anti Tank duties or bunker busting. It also carries glide bombs, either on wing struts along side the missiles, or in a bomb bay with only 6. These bombs are usually equipped on a mission-to-mission basis rather than carried at all times. The SU-47N also carries anti-ship missiles, mostly the 3M22.

The Admiral Golovko never goes anywhere alone, despite carrying any armament necessary to defend itself. A Kirov-M nuclear cruiser, the Admiral Gorshkov, and a standard Kirov class, the Leningrad. Two nuclear powered destroyers and six Typhoon Class submarines, as well as air supply if near bases (MI-26 Helicopters can land and take off on the wide deck of the Shtorm class) or troop transports if during wartime.
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Shirley Temple presents Walt Disney with a special Academy Award in honor of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," February 23, 1939 at Hollywood's Biltmore Hotel, PSA.
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