Photos of the Kaiserreich


Canadian Paratroopers from the 6th Airborne Division greet Russian State soldiers and tank crew at Wismar, Germany. May 3, 1945

An example of an active service unit of ACRO at a commemoration of 87 uprising Against The national restoration Council That lead to Chairman Underwood’s infamous America will never yield speech . The American constitutional revival organization was the main umbrella organization of a vast array of anti-NRC guerrillas with The active service units being the main striking force against FBI and NDF Forces

@President Earl Warren Giving more context to the speech
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B-17G Fortresses of the CSA 15th Air Force trailing condensation trails amid anti-aircraft flak bursts during the bombing run over Graz, Austria, 4 March 1942

German Heer veteran Siegfried Müller poses for the camera with traditional Congolese weapons. Mittleafrika, 1964

Canadian troops landing on British soil during Operation Reclamation. C.1940
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Russian soldiers at the Victory Column in Berlin, 1944

A 38 year-old woman, Danuta Danielsson, hitting a marching National Populist with a handbag. Växjö, Sweden on 13 April 1985.


Navajo code-talkers: During the 2ACW, Federalist forces recruited Native Americans of the Navajo people to set up a system of code based on the complex unwritten Navajo language that couldn't be cracked by the American Union State or the Syndicalists. It proved to be a success and helped turned the tide for the Federal forces. Afterwards, President Eisenhower passed the Indigenous American Civil Rights Act as a reward, which actually lead to more civil rights bills being passed for minority groups like African Americans.

Mitsubishi Eiko (栄光, Glory)
Eiko featured a radical design, with thin, stubby wings attached farther back on the fuselage than most contemporary aircraft. The wing provided excellent supersonic and high-speed, low-altitude performance, but also poor turning capability and high landing speeds. It was the first production aircraft to achieve Mach 2, and the first aircraft to reach an altitude of 100,000 feet after taking off under its own power. The Starfighter established world records for airspeed, altitude, and time-to-climb in 1958, becoming the first aircraft to hold all three simultaneously.While its time with the IJAF was brief, the Starfighter found much more lasting success with APCPS other and allied nations.


POWs from the American Union State being forced to watch films showing the atrocities committed by Pelley's Silver Legion against civilians, mainly African-Americans or Jews. While racism was long considered as a fact of life in the South, being confronted with such horrific images would only stir up feelings of empathy and guilt in many White Americans, who were often reduced to tears by the films they were shown.

Combined Syndicates of America, 1942
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Chicken restaurant magnate Heinrich Himmler and disgraced former Navy officer Reinhard Heydrich at a Pan-German rally in Berlin, 1937

A German colonial officer takes a leap on the back of a tamed zebra. Mittleafrika, 1925

A vintage Japanese propaganda poster for the Asia-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere