Photos from 1983: Doomsday


Chief of Staff of the Poland Army, Suchodolski.
Who it´s him?

Former President Carter at a CRUSA meeting talking to the people of neonotia about the United States since there has been a very large interest in the United States due to the annexation of the USAr. The people of neonotia as the nations throughout the South are very expectant about their future
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Game of the Generals, a modified chest-like table top wargame that started in the Philippines in 1970. The game simulates armies at war trying to overpower, misinform, outflank, outmaneuver, and destroy each other. It optimizes the use of logic, memory, and spatial skills. It simulates the "fog of war" because the identities of the opposing pieces are hidden from each player and can only be guessed at by their location, movements, or from the results of challenges. The game allows only one side's plan to succeed, although a player may change plans during the course of the game. Certain strategies and tactics, however, allow both sides the chance of securing a better idea of the other's plan as the game progresses. Players can also speak or gesture to their opponents during matches, hoping to create a false impression about the identity of their pieces or their overall strategy.

The game has grown outside the Philippines, expanding to Southeast Asia and the ANZC.

MARUB UAM-215MB draisine/work vehicle in Deva rail station, Transylvania. It has been used to improve a railway network to connect the country to the Black Sea
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Crow Valley Firing Range/Tarlac Military Testing Site at Camp O'Donnell, Central Luzon, Philippines. This used to be the main bombing range of the United States Armed Forces in the western Pacific, and by the Armed Forces of the Philippines from the 1970s to 1983. The facility was used extensively by the US 13th Air Force. It came to prominence during Cope Thunder exercises by forces from the Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the Republic of Singapore during the 1970s.

In current times, the facility has been used by the AFP, the Commonwealth Armed Forces, and their allies during annual Exercise Balikatan and a resumed Cope Thunder.

Pilots and ground crew members of No. 75 Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force, pose in front of one of their Douglas A-4K Skyhawk aircraft (s/n NZ6206) with members of the U.S. Air Force. 75 Squadron was participating in the air combat training exercise “Cope Thunder '83-1” at Clark Air Base, Luzon, Philippines, November 1, 1982.