Photos from 1983: Doomsday

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A squad of Celtic Alliance soldiers.
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A photograph of Queen St Mall, the main shopping precinct in the Brisbane CBD, circa 2017.

Brisbane has changed a great deal since Doomsday, with many new apartment blocks springing out of the post-Doomsday years like mushrooms after the rain. The city is now approaching a healthy population of 3 million denizens, mostly fuelled by the post-war refugee waves and government-mandated natalism. Brisbane is considered by many in the American diaspora to be a smaller version of New York City, which was lost to Soviet missiles...

Prussian citizens drive through the former divide between East and West Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie has been preserved as a tourist attraction for the growing numbers of tourists that come to the Prussian capital from the ANZC, Brazil and the more developed parts of continental Europe and the former UK. Berlin is known throughout the Anglosphere for hosting a large number of now ex-American and British military and diplomatic staff, who were stranded in the divided city during Doomsday.



Former British Army soldiers, under the service of a local warlord, round up starving rioters in the town of Oakham (today part of Newolland), 1984

A monument to French saint and national hero Jeanne d'Arc in the main square of Orleans. The Duchy has managed to survive it's now-notorious track record of having high cancer rates and is beginning to industrialise at a rapid rate thanks to Celtic and Spanish aide.