Photos from 1983: Doomsday

Derbent city center on winter, Dagestan

Galician writer Suso de Toro, known by De Regnum Dei, a fiction novel inspired by the biography of the Bishop of Tuy, and in which a bishop tries to build a society according to Christian ideals after 1983, and faced his finding of the failure of his mission at the time of his death.
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Scottish bagpipers from Celtic Alliance in the International Celtic Festival of Ortigeira, Galicia. It was reopened in Ortigueira on 2008, 25 years after Doomsday
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Naval Station Air David, a U.S. Navy installation in Bermuda. On Doomsday, Bermuda was spared from Soviet nuclear missiles. The British Overseas Territory hosted a significant number of U.S. military personnel since 1941 and would amount to one of the largest surviving record of service members. When contact was established with the United States Atlantic Remnant in 1992, agreements were made to continue staging personnel as part of the continuation of American-British alliance.

The HNLMS Eversten is a frigate of the Van Speijk class. The ship was in service with the Royal Netherlands Navy from 1967 to 1989. After Doomsday, was sent to Friesland. All IOTL 1985-1986 ships from Royal Netherlands Army had been created in Den Helder, a city claimed by Friesland and Netherlands Antilles. (There´s few information about it on 1980-1989, before was sell to the Indonesian navy IOTL)

A Luxembourgish guard in front of the Grand Ducal Palace in 2009, after the reconquest and rebuilding of Luxembourg City by the army loyal to Berg and the Great Duke Henri