Photos from 1983: Doomsday


S-75 Dvina (NATO: SA-2 Guideline) in display somewhere in Eastern Europe.

WWII Lend Lease Memorial near the Alaskan Autonomous Territory (Sociailist Siberia)-Associated State of Alaska (CANZ) border. The memorial stands as a reminder that peace should prevail.

Steam locomotive, repurposed for rail transport outside of Midland, Texas

Evansville, Kentucky (Southern Indiana)

Residents of the Cave City, Kentucky, area the residents have reverted to an 18th/19th century lifestyle based on memoirs of previous residents of the era and what they knew of pre-Doomsday shows such as Little House on the Prairie although, as the automobile in the background suggests, they have recently enjoyed the benefits of contact with more advanced outside communities.

Rival football teams in Parkersburg, West Virginia Football remains an incredibly popular sport in the East American Alliance although the ferocity of some games, especially combined with the rivalries involved, has led to accusations of comparing them to gladiatorial or ritual combat.

Jeremy Mackenzie, Secretary General of the ADC. During Doomsday he was on the Staff College, Camberley, near London. He was evacuated to Wight, and later he went to the Celtic Alliance