Photos from 1983: Doomsday


Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Absaroka

Before Doomsday, the city of León had 127 095 inhabitants (on 1981). After the famines, wars, and more recent annexations of small tribes/city states, it has been estimated on 75 498 inhabitants, as the 2011 census published

Etli ekmek is a pizza-like dish which originated in Konya in Turkey (also known as Etli pide).“Etli ekmek” means "bread with meat" in Turkish. It is very common in cities in the central regions of former Turkey, nowadays those cities are located on the Turkish Sultanate and in Greater Patnos

Baba Vida (Bulgarian: Баба Вида) is a medieval fortress in Vidin in northwestern Rhodope and the town's primary landmark. It consists of two concentric curtain walls and about nine towers of which three are preserved to their full medieval height, including the original battlements, and is said to be the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the country. Baba Vida is 39 metres (128 ft) above sea level.
The castle was one of the few buildings that had been less affected on the Rhodope-Vidin war, and the metal floor of the fortress (that appeared 11 years ago) has been destroyed and restored by the original stone floor
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Spanish newspaper talking about the air-raid bunkers built on Albacete during the Spanish Civil War and that were found before Doomsday. Albacete, Republic of Spain