Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

Britain's Foreign Minister arrived in the Brazilian capital for discussions with the Brazilian Government on a number of issues. Talks were on a mutual security Treaty and issues such as Africa and oil drilling near the Falkland islands.
Argentina was not at all happy with the fact that Brazil and Britain were developing a close relationship. Brazil Foreign Ministry called in the Ambassador from Argentina and informed him that Brazil found no merit to Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands. There were no people from Argentina living on the Island and there had been none living there in more than 200 plus years. Thus Britain was the legal owner of the islands. In addition the residence of the Falkland Islands were all British Citizens. Brazil would then oppose any use of force to change the status. It then warned that if Argentina chose to ignore this warning Brazil would respond with force.
The United Stated had begun to Dredge the Rio Grande River making it deeper.Reports were that the US was considering building a massive project on the southern border as a competitor to the America Canal and to make entering the US much more difficult
Brazil had so far managed to prevent another conflict in South America. Diplomacy between Neuva Granada and the Empire of Brazil had stopped Neuva Granada from swallowing up he rest of Peru and in fact had seen Peru regain some land.
Argentina had ended its continued barrage of propaganda about the Falkland Islands. Even Bolivia and Paraguay had remained quiet.
The Brazilian Crown Prince arrived in the Chilean Capital. It was the first visit to Chile by a member of the Brazilian Royal Family. He received a warm welcome from both the people and the Government
Brazil was moving ahead with plans to strengthen it Navy and improve its army. It had one of the largest militarizes in Latin America. Neuva Granada had a larger army but Brazil had the largest Navy. Argentina was seeking to Modernize its army and Navy which in turned triggered Chile to look to purchase new capital ships.
Mexico was moving ahead as a result of the reforms that had been implemented after the Spanish-Neuva Granada Invasion. While Spain continued to keep a Visroy he had evolved into something resembling the British Governor General Model. More Political Power flowed into the hands of the Mexican Prime Minister with the Visroy being a check on the rise of any dictator.
The Americans had as a result of the war between the Mexican Dictator and the US had built a wall and a series of military post along the border. Both President Roosevelt and Pershing had pledged to never again allow the situtation to arise that would allow another threat to emerge. It was only in the last year of President Pershing's first term that relations with Mexico improved to allow a trade pact to be signed.
Brazil was now working on a trade agreement with the United States. Relations between the two nations had continued to improve during the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and now President Pershing. Brazil was looking for some military equipment for its navy and was impressed with the American 5"/38 gun which was being developed for the US and Hawaiian Navies. It had requested that it be allowed to purchase the weapon. The Administration was considering the request and the need to push it through the Congress.
Brazil had over the past 20 years developed into a major industrial power in Latin America. Brazil supplied the steel used in construction in Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. In addition it was now one of the suppliers of steel in Neuva Granada and the Central American Republic. Brazilian Steel was used to construct some of the improvements in the America Canal. It also provided construction material for the Portuguese colonies in Africa. The Royal Hawaiian Petroleum Corporation had partnered with Brazilians and Portuguese companies to drill for oil in Angola
Brazilian Newspapers reported that oil had been struck in Angola . TriStar Oil,which was the name of the three Partners oil company was now a success. The oil was being partly processed in the Colony but because of a lack of refining capacity more oil was shipped to Brazil and Portugal.
Brazil was beginning a reduction of forces in Southern Africa as Portuguese forces arrived in the two colonies. In addition Brazil began to remove its military engineer units from Portugal as the final projects were completed and they would with a few exceptions all be gone by 1920 from Portugal.
The Emperor of Brazil made a point of being there to welcome all of the Brazilian Army units returning home after working in either Portugal or Africa. The Emperor wanted to show how much he appreciated everything that they had done.
George spoke with his Brazilian counter part on the Phone at the Hawaiian Embassy in the US. He latter spoke with the Brazilian Emperor who was open to Brazil taking a position in the group trying to resolve the Russian Problem. Brazil would send a special working group to Hawaii. George received word from the Irish that Brazil had been approved by the Russians to be par of the group.