Hello, I am here for introducing my own lore (this is a vicky version of my map, I will post accurate versions).

country list history "population is 2690 based" , scenario based on last picture:

Scandinavia aka Dennia Republic :
population : 102.6 millions
history : Scandinavia is one of the newest countries after a Swedish referendum to strengthen the new regime, but after that the regime was unstable. The people wanted to change the government and the constitution. They create centrist alliance.

After the great civil war, the country has abandoned democracy and monarchy, but the centrist Alliance still there. The third great war does not stabilize this process and ends up creating political tension. A new president is elected, his name was Theodoros Hesse Terrancia, he invented the ideology of free Germanism, which convinces people to defend their nation forever against their enemies.

The Scandinavian rebels destroyed their assembly to revive the empire of the North Sea. The elected presidents will try to promise people freedom. The latter must fight against the Rumas and finally, after several decades, the Third World War is over but the Dennie must be rebuilt to avoid any problem of rebellion, Iceland is excluded from the Federal Republic of Scandinavia and Lapland is also excluded . The country has reformed its name to become Dennie. The Republic of Dennie decides to colonize the Olympian region of Mars after the creation of new species for the development of intelligence.

Finland gets its independence after a referendum.

Dennia gives sanctions to rumas before the American Civil War. Finally, a WW4 come destroy the nation and most of the Republic is destroyed between Rumas and Burkan. They finally won the war and become protector after 2620. They lost many of their allies in the beginning of the cold war.

Dennia interve in Laurentian civil war to destroy Koopaya-Dicago and Cherokee rebels. They will do referundum on their name in 2690.

Ottoman aka Anatolian Republic :
population : 191 millions
history : They are now in the world of the fertile crescent. Some Islamic laws are defended and most fascist rebels are excluded from the country. Turkish Empire Dalak alliance to defend freedom.

A civil war destroyed the secular regime and replaced it with an Islamist and fascist regime.

The country will be protected by Comancheria after the war. With the Arab wars, Anatolia will invade the Arab states for the second time with the republic of Uwtana. The constitution is destroyed in 2467 and replaced by a new constitution.

They will be at face to WW4 and with only Dennia as ally. At the end of the war, they are sucessful.

Eurasian Empire:
population : 226 millions
history : Russia decides to create a federation, but it has ended in civil war. With a bad economy, it was very difficult for the government to maintain its independence. Communism was back and a Leninist Marxist regime was introduced.

The regime instituted terror against the people and the death penalty was legalized, as was the prohibition of the rights of relations.

After the division of Poland in 2167, the Roman Social Republic begins Operation Barbarossa. When Rome began to be weakened by Eurasia, they decided to launch a dark energy bomb that had caused the destruction of Krodow.

Eurasia was divided and forced to flee into the regions of Kazakhstan. It will be neutral until the invasion of the Urals. The latter invades RSR to overthrow the hard regime of Rome. The great war is over after a long decade of instability. To avoid an upcoming invasion, Eurasia creates an alliance. The Eurasian socialist government was abolished and replaced by a constitutional monarchy.

Eurasia controlled many socialist countries. In 2290, he will accept the training of Mun and Gunlon in a country in the name of the Danube confederation. After that, he lost the Danube and Baltic Dulmassiene.

They will eventually collapse in the 25th century after a new civil war. The regime is now a revolutionary monarchy. After that, the country was ruled by the Constantian dynasty (as for the Kim dynasty), but there was little freedom in the country like the right to vote and multiple parties (Eurasia was officially a one-party state all represented by a monarchy).

The nation remains neutral until 2616 because of rumors and will be seriously damaged by the war in the end if it wins part of Europe. In 2620, the country won the war with 29 million deaths and created the Petrograd alliance.

Because of financial crisis and depression, Eurasia collapse into civil war but the government survive all like the alliance. They retake few lost lands until end of 2670's

Laradinet aka SR Equestria :
population : 276 millions
history : California gives independence. The latter wants to create an empire to defend liberalism socialism. After that, socialist liberalism was no longer really democratic. Elections were free but the regime banned LGBT rights in the new penal code for military offenses as well as financial corruption punishable by death or life imprisonment. A non-aggressive treaty with Cascadia and Deseret is created to fight against enemies. In the 24th century, he will divide Deseret with Dinetah. He will create an empire in the 25th century with the Lincoln Legion.

Lincoln Legion give his independance after a revolt. The country will become neutral for many years until the arrival of fourth world war in which the legions of the Cheyenne group will invade part of the territory in vain. The cheyenne are quickly repulsed and surrender. The country keeps its neutrality after the war.

Laurentia aka Lunavia:
population : 601 millions
history : USA was a great power until that few tribal government has declared independance to get freedom and crush the enemies. after a long war, they keep stabilization. Because of failed regime, Canada is annexed by USA with creation of Lunavia.

Lunavia has participed to WW3 at the end to help allies. When Roman Social Republic was defeated, A civil war come in the country and divided it. Osage and Cheyenne rebels keep few lands in Lunar CR.

After decades of civil war conflict, a WW4 will destroy them but they will finally survive after the great civil war ... most of rebels like Reagan league or Cheyenne group. However, they begin to collapse in 2664 with the Laurentian civil war. After the civil war, they survive.

Rome aka Rumas :
population : 147 millions
history : When the new regime was instaured in the 21th century, democracy has fallen in Europe and most of European countries was doomded. In 2120, Rome and Dulma Empire invaded Eurasia and his allies for concessions. Roman Social republic has invaded South Europe and now control mediterran. In 2167, the republic invade Poland after have puppeted Germany and Balkans. Concentration camps was created to purge inferior cultures and disabilited peoples. LGBT rights was forbiden and a genocide has caused 26.2 millions deathtool by every leaders.

When Rome signed the treaty of Lublin to divide Poland with Eurasia, this last is invaded. A great war come destroy it and a new bomb is used to destroy the country, Mathias Dynasty of Roman Social Republic decide to launch the "Ante Christ" bomb to destroy Moscow.

After many victories, the country collapsed and keep only balkan countries to defend their patry. This last has signed a treaty to forbid every invasions. After long peace, the country is back to threaten new countries with Danubian federation. A civil war occur in Uspanna, this cause conflicts between Rumas and Dennia and finally cause WW4. Rumas will invade Germany and Poland and most of Europe with millions casualties ( the real number is bad known but reach 79 millions ). Maximal extent in the war was upon Volga with invasion of VolgaGrad. However, at the end of the war, a serious instability come and the nation is destroyed a second time with divided zones.

It will be recreated with neutral politics.

Egypt ( Nile patriarchy ) :
population : 202 millions
history : After the civil war that overthrew the former government, the new regime instituted a totalitarian policy against people not respectful of the Alexandrian regime. A long genocidal result against pro Zionists has been created and more than 50 million people have died. Encouraged by the process of GMOs, they will create a new form of life and regenerate dinosaur species in anthropomorphic form.

With the outbreak of the Great War, Ethiopia was the first to be invaded (judged to be a pro-Zionist country)

After the Great War, the Egyptian economy was totally destroyed between atomic bombs, the invasion of the Memphis region and the threat from Eurasia.

The country is rebuilt but with difficulty, without Asrael.

Nile Patriarchy will create a second great war in 27th century and will attack again few African countries without success. The nation collapse with a cutted off military forces but still a regional power.

Persia ( Balushistan ) :
population : 13.5 millions
history : after the great civil war, from monarchy to fascism, Persia did its best to maintain a stable government, but most of its policy is now obsolete. A Cimmerian empire is created in 2120 and the country will keep its neutrality for a long time. Leaders succeed and change the reforms to send Cimmeria to power. A civil war came to destroy their economy in 2313. They finally won the civil war but with an independent country, the latter is the Torian Empire, a Turkish-Aryan country that will establish a totalitarian regime to fight the Jews.

The country will participe to the 4th great war in 27th century but will lose most of his own territory in 2630s. It will flee in Balushistan.

Xiongu ( Pannia ) :
population : 1140 millions
history : Because of Xi Jinping failures, China begin to collapse after 2030's, they finally collapse and a warlord era begin again. China recuperate most of it's warlords at the end of 21th century, except Manchuria which is under Japan, Tibet who lead a monarchy and Xinjiang. As SR Beiyang, China keep same borders until 2168, with annexion of Xinjiang (called Xianxia).

Because of the second part of Great wars of 22-23 century ( WW3 ), it will be overthrown by Rumas allies and this will end the Communist regime. They will survive in entity and after WW3. A Third civil war will end the regime and replace it by a communis regime in 25th century. They will also survive to WW4 and a 4th civil war will force them to flee in Hainan. They finally return home in 2159 after Sino- Eurasia war, which force Zun to surrender.

Bharati Empire :
population : 1129 millions
history : India was overthrown with the Indo Persian war by a monarchist regime in 2109. For centuries, the country will be leaded by a monarchy and democracy will be reduced. In 2260, a civil war destroy the nation and rebels create new nations in South of Bharatia. The new regime will keep a neutral position again for centuries until 2546, where a new nation give independance and cause poverty. A referundum was made but independant nations rejected the proposition to rejoin India. The nation participe to the WW4 with integration of few independant nation in India and fight with Tsang empire. Barathia survive to Steel wall but face to Hadibal regime who cause tensions. A conflict will cause death of 70 millions people in a war with Himalayan empire ( Skyland ), they will with integrate Bengal as autonomous region. Membha and Bharatia will create a diarchy.

resume :

Due to many fascist rebels, most of the country's government collapsed and the European Union was destroyed, just like NATO.
the French and Spanish governments were overthrown by despotic regimes and most European countries were controlled by the Roman social republic. Scandinavia is on the verge of collapse, but it guarantees to keep the alliance with its allies in case of a problem (freedom treaty). For Asia, democracy has long been destroyed and for America, the United States has been completely divided and many faction groups have been created.

Fascists have also created a production of GMOs that alter human morphology and environment, but it was a big mistake too late. The peoples have been forced to take their new life organism. The army also grew up with GMOs, it served for the technologies and the defenses of the army. Most major media, industry or science companies have been forced to contribute with their own products.

social and internal resume scenario :

Because of the economic difficulties. Many scientists try in vain experiments on disabled guinea pigs. All this for the sole purpose of avoiding genetic and mental diseases. Despite the success of the publication, this new bio technology will be envied by many countries, especially those run by reactionaries who will boost fascism and extremist ideologies on the issue of the creation of the man. This story started just for a eugenics story, scientists are completely stupid and want to choose the fastest way to kill / improve the sick by putting animals in their bodies and make them change into "super men" "by adding features (flying, venom, fasting for a long time, gills ...). in relation to inhumane acts and a serious regression of freedom and a part of the peanut laws, which has made the regime corrupt at the social level and creates wars between countries. people who were too poor ended up committing suicide because they did not have money to pay for GMOs in case of pregnancy. For some, the Scandinavian countries are found under debts compared to others, because they refuse eugenics and they unite to avoid debts, in vain. Scandinavia has abolished the monarchy and is reforming a new regime. Similarly in the US, the growing hatred of GMOs has created internal conflicts. And Russia was to take advantage of it, but a civil war destroyed the Putinist regime.

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