1. ialociN_Nicolai_11x2_1995

    WI: The Dutch East India Company reaches Korea, and at the same time, the Netherlands, which owns the VOC, immediately colonises the Korean Peninsula

    See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Netherlands So, in this pre-1900 what if (WI) history thread, the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) was looking for areas within the so-called Indo-Pacific to conquer just to resist its low-lying...
  2. GameBawesome

    The most ASB moments to happen in history... that still happened (Post-1900)

    Based off a thread I made here Think of moments in history (POST-1900) that seemed so unbelievably, that it would be called ASB, yet they still happened through complicated events that had to go right or wrong For my examples: How WWI started, or how Sending one man back to an enemy country...
  3. GameBawesome

    The most ASB moments to happen in history... that still happened (Pre-1900)

    Think of moments in history (Pre-1900) that seemed so unbelievably, that it would be called ASB, yet they still happened through complicated events that had to go right or wrong For my examples: The House of Valois dying off in the 16th Century due to bad luck, or Pizzaro conquering the Inca...
  4. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska to the year 1800.

    Thanks to Covid I have had a lot of free time, and have spent it getting back into writing. Among the various projects I have been working on has been an alternate history setting, the timeline of which will appear here.
  5. Count of Crisco

    <1900 free online resource collection thread

    This thread is meant as a place to post sources that you use often, or just enjoy reading that you think would come in handy for others. The only stipulation is that it needs to be free and easily accessible. Any subject or period after 1900 (I am going to post a similar thread for the >1900...
  6. Teriyaki

    Wu Zetian Never Leaves Ganye Convent - 650 AD

    After the death of Emperor Taizong in 649 AD, the concubines and maids of his harem were sentenced to two different fates. Those who had given birth to children were allowed to retire into luxury in a palace. Although secluded, they would want for nothing the rest of their days. Those who had...
  7. AHC: Radical political or religious faction persecutes Historians, Archeologists, and Paleontologists, charges them with the sin of Necromancy

    Your challenge is to make it so that a political or religious faction arises in the 19th or 20th century, which considers people who deal with the past, like Historians, Paleontologists, and Archeologists Necromancers because they symbolically summon the dead spirits of the past to obtain...
  8. Persepolis

    Hello, I am here for introducing my own lore (this is a vicky version of my map, I will post accurate versions). country list history "population is 2690 based" , scenario based on last picture: Scandinavia aka Dennia Republic : population : 102.6 millions history : Scandinavia is one of the...
  9. Pkmatrix

    What Became of Berold of Rouen, the sole survivor of the White Ship?

    While I was aware of the White Ship Disaster, it wasn't until today when I decided to read up on it that I learned there was a single survivor: a butcher named Berold of Rouen. I'd been under the impression that when the White Ship had gone down everyone aboard had perished! Does anyone know...
  10. Alternate Post-Communist Poland?

    So earlier this month was the 30th anniversary of the first free elections in Poland since the start of the communist regime, which led to the end of the communist regime, and there were a bunch of articles about it. One of those articles...
  11. Calcaterra

    WI: Disney's America Is Built In Virginia

    What if Disney's America was built as planned in Virginia? How could this be accomplished? What would the consequences be? Would it succeed?
  12. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    Top Museums Never Created

    This is essentially a spiritual successor to my Top Locomotives Never Built thread. Only now with museums ranging in subject from art to railroads or even video games. Go nuts.
  13. Most irrational and counter intuitive decisions ever made

    To celebrate and remember the chaotic nature of history I would like to have a discussion about all the many times in history that somebody in power made a dumb or irrational decision, and what would have happened if he or she had taken the more rational route. My definition of an irrational...
  14. Grey Wolf

    AHF Website

    Just a note that AHF website offers free, no obligation listings for authors in alternate history and near genres http://www.alternate-history-fiction.com/how-to-join-ahf.pdf Authors get as fully-featured a listing as possible, e.g. newest listing for William C. Dietz...
  15. Grey Wolf

    AHF Magazine issue 5

    AHF Magazine is dedicated to the wider genre of alternate history, and features fiction in the genre, and near-genres, as well as articles on writing. Poetry in a variety of genres is featured. AHF Magazine issue 5 has a lead story by Tyler Bugg, as well as fiction by Alvaro Rossi, Andrew J...
  16. jennysnooper87

    Lafayette's Choice: The Story of the Federal Kingdom of America
    Threadmarks: Prologue: From Humble Beginnings to Greatness

    Lafayette's Choice: The Story of the Federal Kingdom of America Fireworks over the Ivory Palace during a 4th of July festival in Philadelphia. Prologue It had only been 242 years since the day 56 men, determined to stick a finger in the eye of British colonialism, signed a series of...
  17. How would philosophy change if Aristotle died before teaching Plato and his other students?

    As it says on tin. Discuss as you please.
  18. Ural RIVER in Nazi Planning?

    My friend is being incredibly persistent that the South-Eastern Border of the Reich was supposed to stop at the Ural River.... However, I cannot find any source for this- not even where he told me it was supposed to be (Mein Kampf). However, doing a search for the Ural River and Nazi comes up...
  19. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    The Esch Cummins Act: US Railroad Consolidation program

    In 1920, Congress passed the Esch-Cummins Act. This Act (officially called the Transportation Act of 1920) not only returned the railroads back to the private sector from USRA control during WWI, but it also instructed the Interstate Commerce Commission to create a plan to consolidate the...
  20. Teriyaki

    Mumtaz Mahal Survives The Birth of Her 14th Child (1631)

    Point of Divergence ... One of the greatest love stories in the world is that of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. Born in Agra, India, Mumtaz was betrothed to Shah when she was thirteen and five years later they were married. When Shah met Mumtaz, it was a love match, which is rare in any royal...