Oh I Wish I Was in Dixie: A Different North America

Can you please give us some examples of Dixie sci-fi?
The most popular example of Dixie sci-fi is the Ventures television show which ran from 1981-1994, which featured a cast of humans and both puppet and costumed aliens traveling throughout the cosmos and getting into wacky situations. The show was ran by Jim Henson and became very popular during its run among both children and adults. The TV show has been adapted into several movies most recently in the 2017 Ventures movie that was made in Hollywood rather than in Dixie and was one of the best selling movies of that year.
What do you think Lucy Hale is doing ITTL?
Hale is a popular pop singer in Dixie and rose to popularity after she won the second season of the hit singing competition TV show Dixie Star in 2009.
2020 Pennsylvania Provincial Election New
2020 Pennsylvania Provincial Election

In March 2020, Pennsylvania held elections for all 110 seats in its General Assembly. The Labor Party led by incumbent Premier Joe Sestak retained its majority in the Assembly despite losing 7 seats.

As this was the first provincial election since the election of Al Johnson as leader of the national Liberal Party, many saw this election as a test of Johnson's popularity among voters in the Commonwealth. Johnson bucked normal trends for leaders and campaigned heavily in the province for the Liberal Party. Even though Johnson claimed a symbolic victory for the Liberals as they gained 10 seats in this heavily Labor-friendly province, many saw this as a lukewarm performance among for the Liberals.

The biggest loser for the election were the Democratic People's Party who lost nearly half their seats including that of their leader Lou Barletta.

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2019 Spanish Presidential Election New
2019 Spanish Presidential Election
2019 Spanish Presidential Election.png

The 2019 Spanish presidential election was the 19th quadrennial presidential election, held on Monday, May 27, 2019. The People's Alliance ticket of Castilla la Nueva Senator Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Galicia Deputy Ana Pastor defeated the Republican ticket of Andalusia Governor Susana Díaz and former Treasury Secreatary Juan Garamendi. Lopez-Cantera took office as the 23rd president, and Pastor as the 25th vice president, on June 25, 2019.

Lopez-Cantera's success ended 16 straight years of Republican Party control over the presidency after the 2-term presidencies of Cristina Alberdi and Ramón Jáuregui. Lopez-Cantera's campaign emphasized his criticism of the Republican economic policies of the past 16 years, particularly in the economically depressed regions in northwestern Spain. Lopez-Cantera also criticized the Jáuregui administration's weak response to the continuing nationalist violence in Spanish Sahara.

Díaz, a fairly obscure figure in Spanish politics before her surprise nomination as president, ran on continuing the previous administrations' policies and expanding Spain's fiscally fragile National Health Program. Díaz received criticism for her selection of Garamendi as a running mate because of possible connections he had to the 2012 Pensions Scandal while he was Treasury Secretary.

Lopez-Cantera won a majority in Spain's electoral college winning 217 votes to Díaz's 201. Lopez-Cantera also won a plurality of the country's popular vote beating Díaz by 1.2%. The tipping point state in this election was Asturias worth 11 electoral votes which Lopez-Cantera won by 2.5%.
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Today's the day for the first round of the Georgia special election! I've imagined it as an upset success for the Social Democrats, with Terry beating Tomlinson for the second place by a razor-thin margin. Unlikely, I admit, but the polls showed the SD within nine points after the Unionists, and they've had three weeks to close the gap.
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