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    It depends on what the author is going for, maybe puppet states seems too lenient in the eyes of the Emperor of Ireland, by the Grace of God, our Lord and Heavenly Father, Protector of [insert fifty other titles] _____ the ___
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    Hello!, long time lurker showing off his first map comming through

    Okay, so there's the concept of mirror universes, so it's pretty common to mirror the Second World War, so the morality of the Axis is decent and the Allies are fricking eeeeeeeeeeeeevil, simple, although you could think that actually, the EVIL Allies are going to win that war, because a bunch of IOTL reasons that are applied in the scenario, for example; The Axis were a bunch of countries fighting a total war against everything, so i got the idea of taking this somewhat common scenario and twisted it around. It's pretty ASB as heck but bear with me:

    Iron Mirror
    Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and more other nations fighted to the end, while they briefly liberated nations like Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, even Irish people dared to fight for their freedom against the British domination. But at end they were defeated crushed without mercy because of their opposition, they couldn't stand against the combined force the Allied Powers. The Americans created the terrifying nuclear bomb and detonated it on the German city of Neustrelitz and the Japanese cities of Nagasaki, Tokushima and Hiroshima. The Ironfisted New Order of Britain, France, Poland and the United States of America enjoyed the taste of their bloody victory.

    Of course, the one with the big pants is the United States. The War made it to flex it's industrial and military muscles and become the greatest power of the world. The US leads the United Nations, an international council made by the great post-war powers to cooperate, protect their interests, and ensure that no one can challenge their might. Politically, the US took down it's democratic bases and dominated by Unionist Party, it's now culturally based on the Roman Empire, the leader it's called the "Caesar", surrounded by the American Praetorian Guard, which it does not only protect their beloved Caesar, it has own agenda, has the zealous elite of Republican Legions waiting for the call, and it's feared by the enemies of America, the American citizens and even their allies because of their coldness and brutality. The Unionist Party does not rules alone, the Corporate minds and their companies have an intense influence on the economy. The government is extremly discriminatory against Asians, Irish, Native Americans and handicapped people, the government doesn't goes against the Jews and African-Americans, because there's influential jewish members on the Unionist Party and the actions of the Black community in the US Army. The US it's currently occupying Nicaragua and Japan, eliminating the cultures of these territories.

    The British Empire is a monument to Social-Darwinism, with dominion on every continent, they are leaders of the most expasive empire on the globe and masters of the seas. The British are cool-blooded and they are willing to do anything to mantain their empire, they treat their non-cooperative subjects like dirt and have their own interpretation on the eugenic philosophy. Although they gave independence and autonomy to their most loyal subjects and allies and they're aren't as racist as they were 4 decades ago, however, they still believe in the greatness of the Anglo-Saxon people. They reorganized the Raj under federalized hard control and they gave Israel to the Jews. Ireland theorically has autonomy, but their territory is controlled by the Royal Army and London is thinking for a final punishment for their rebellion. However, The Dominon of South Africa thinks that they're going too far and definitely don't like what their brothers are doing on the north, specially on Rhodesia. But they try to not squeak too much while trying to pull up with a plan that London will definitely not approve...

    The Grand French Republic is the giant of Europe. Paris has restored the glory from that the Franks had in the days of Charlemagne, Louis XIV and Napoleon. It's populist in rhetoric, but it's ruled by oligarchic elements made of Generals, colonial overlords and big businessman. They're quite racist, they conquered Belgium, the west of the Rhine, Sardinia and some western Italian territories, deporting the locals to Africa. It is also ferciely chauvinistic, worryingly so that there's conflicting influences with their British "Allies". The French made the economic-political bloc of the "European Community", while some states like the Netherlands (France's mini-me) and the Prussian Republic joined voluntarily, but Britain (and it's crew of satelites), Poland and the South German State are skeptical and criticize it while they can. The French also have many problems all across the globe, like the restless African colonies (the rumors of the French Army's "l'unité 732" are probably Anglais trash), the growing issue of the "African Red Army" on the Congo (nobody hasn't intervined directly yet) and the bloodshed on Indochina and Dutch Indonesia.

    The National Republic of Poland is an Slavic Supremacist (oh, of course the Poles are the best Slavs!) Miltary Junta, they're pretty reasonable as long you aren't a German.

    Spain, Italy and Germany were broken apart, the last is where things are more tricky. Germany was divided on the Kingdom of Hannover, the Prussian Republic and the South German State. Hannover is guarded by British troops, they recognize the King of Britain as their king (Most of the Hohenzollern disappeared during the days of the war), the schools have english classes and the locals have a tea time. Prussia has American troops patroling the streets and the Prussians are quite proud of still holding their democratic ideals while doing whatever the US European Command says and going for a burger. The SGS is led by the German Worker's Party, while they were quite enthusiastic on taking down the Former German Republic, they're independent-minded and are depressed due to their situation and they can't do anything about it. In Africa there's two special states. One being the Free State of Katanga, while trying to be a continuation of the actually pretty nice Belgian Free State of the Congo with an libertarian interpretation, it's actually controlled by rich pro-allied Belgian lords that wanted to feel like in charge, Anglo-American corporations and tribal warlords that sell their loyality for the right price. It's a bit prone to infighting between these groups for the control of basically everything from land to food in the case of the poor locals that are in the middle. There's also the Confederacy of East Africa, which seceded from the German Republic before the war and they are pretty fond of the British ideal of Social-Darwinism.

    There's also the State of Israel, which is trying to push the limits on what belongs to Tel Aviv's control and how the Muslims are enjoying life too much. While it's Jewish-dominated, the Christians from America and Europe have also their influence and even agenda. Although there's concerns on Washington that all of this can potentially tick the middle east pretty badly. The Chinese Civil War is in it's fourth decade, while the warlords were taken down and the two factions of the Republic of China and the Socialists consolidated and even united temporally against Japan, after Japan was whooped they continued with the bloodshed. There's no difference between the two, the factions are ruled by power-hungry oligarchs, the frontline is filled with trenches, mines and barbed wire and it's where the Chinese youth charges to their death. The US supports the RoC but also supports the Socialists, knowing that a unified China it's something it can't control and a serious obstacle to their growing influence in Asia, the generals don't care as long they keep savoring the sweet taste of power. Even with what going on, there's some actual free nations on the world. Like the armed-neutrality of the South American Combine. The alliance of the SAC is quite prosperous and liberal, and is the place where many important politcal opponents (including people from Germany and it's allies) of the UN are in exile. However, they known that the USA still likes having South America as his backyard, so they're feeling very squeezed and nervous.

    The most powerful obstacle to UN dominance is on the Side of the Soviet-Yugoslav-Turkish Block. The USSR while still Autocratic, is less oppresive and more efficient. Nevertheless, it is still a serious power, proven by it's industrial might and military position, after flexing it's muscles against the oppresive regime on Finland. It was netural during the war because of it's policy of "Socialism under one country", but now it's regretting that. The USSR and it's allies are sure that they are next, they know they're going to be crushed as the Germans, but they aren't going to let them win so easily, they are going to let the UN bleed and suffer. Because deep in a Soviet military instalation, the bomb that the Allies used to succeed over their enemies is going to be used against them.

    Is the year 1951 now, and tech is somewhat backwards than OTL. People like Alan Turing got blammed by the US and friends, the Germans developed many stuff that they made IOTL, like jet engines, rockets and other things, although when the war was ending the Germans tried to destroy everything they could so it couldn't fall into enemy hands. Planes still use pistion engines and aircraft like the XP-55 Ascender (not exactly that plane, but stuff like that) are being deployed. The idea of putting a nuclear warhead is still being work on, luckily, nukes are still being transported by a limited number of bombers.
    OOC: please tell me if there's any mistake with the write-up
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    This is a profile of the country of Laos as it exists in my science fiction universe The Lost Children.

    Some admin notes:

    -The Flag comes from Wikipedia; Laos itself comes from the MBAM; the symbols in the top right corner are modified from images I pulled off of Google.

    -The term "Lao" is used to be inclusive of all the citizens of Laos, not just the Lao ethnic group.

    -The criteria for being a member of the Lao diaspora is being of 50% or greater Lao heritage.

    -I don't think a monarchical restoration is Laos is particularly likely (and don't really have an opinion on whether it's a good or bad thing, but sometimes you do things because the flag is way sexier and because your girlfriend asked you to but I think it's an interesting thing to consider.

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    Mate, you've gotta change that text colour. I didn't even realise those were words at first. :p
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    I can do you one better

    For all time 2008.png
    Here's the FaT world from the year 2008, as described in Lord Roem's sequel For All Time: Well Enough Alone

    Things have gotten a bit crazier since the 1980's.
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    In the Land of the Ancients. really does seem Germany and Japan has had the last laugh in this case. Same with India, the Nordic States, and even Vietnam.
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    Well, if we want to get technical, Celts is probably a name issued from the rough confederation or assembly of part of Gaul which tended to cover much of it before the IIIrd before resceding gradually; eventually the name being picked up for a whole meta-civilization.
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    Did England leave the UK... and then re-join?

    Also, I find it hilarious that the entire world seems to be a total nightmare, and in the meantime, the Netherlands not only appear to have avoided get nuked or flooded, but actually annexed Flanders.
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    No kidding. After the Soviet Civil War, history repeated with Germany and Japan.

    There was an attempted Monarchist/Conservative coup d'etat led by General Walter Walker and Margaret Thatcher, but that failed. Since then, however, Ireland and Great Britain have since become the Federation of the British Isles.

    And yeah, things going pretty well for the Netherlands : P
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    So... we must conclude that even in Dystopia World™, people can still say "Oh, well, it could have been worse."
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    Yep. Hell, you could say that even from the beginning.

    Two examples that come to mind from this timeline:
    * The St. Pierre Crisis: When François Darlan, the post-war totally-not-fascist leader of France, finds Charles de Gaulle a bit too popular for his liking, he sends him and most of his loyalist forces to the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon , hoping it'll be a case of out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately for him, de Gaulle manages to attract thousands of former French Resistance fighters, including my boi Albert Camus, who love him as a father and creates a society that is much freer than and largely independent from Metropolitan France. Eventually, they go so far as to declare independence on September 8, 1957, which Darlan is not happy about. He's about ready to send an invasion force to the islands, warning the UK and Canada to back off. British PM Nye Bevan tries to negotiate things, but Darlan, deciding he's tired of their island neighbor, almost sends nukes their way. This is put to a swift end, however, by an assassination and later purge lead by Maurice Challe. And while a nuclear exchange between France and the UK averted, it put the final nail in the coffin for the Amsterdam Pact- TTL's version of NATO.

    * The Bombing of Philadelphia: After Che Guevara's Argentina invaded Chile, using nukes to wipe out Santiago and Valapriso, the U.S. responded with a nuclear strike on Buenos Aires (which Che anticipated and so he got the hell out) on December 8, 1966, along with an occupation of most of the country. On February 1, 1973, members of the Argentine Liberation Army smuggled a nuclear weapon into Philadelphia. With racial conflict at an all-time high in the U.S.- black militants had blown up the Gateway Arch and the Alamo in March of 1971- it was initially blamed on them, and America came within hours of not just a race war, but a full-on genocide, with mass lynchings on an unprecedented scale. Then-president Joe Foss also made some comment about deporting all blacks back to Africa, although no one's certain if he was serious or if that was just panic-talking. While the racial tensions remained, the ALA took responsibility and at least brought the killings down significantly.

    So while this is Murphy's Law: the Timeline, it does have some cases of "not as bad as it could've been."
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    I made a play-by-play map (which isn't done which is why I haven't posted it) of an Anglo-Irish war where Ireland invades English controlled Northumbria and Wales (through Anglesey which was owned by Ireland) and gains both of them as puppets in a peace deal, and they are slowly integrated into Ireland in the future. That's why.
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    The New Zealand Empire
    This is gorgeous, but perhaps a darker colour for the text, makes it a bit hard to read.
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    The Land of Deep Blue

    It pains me how Oceania is almost offensively nuclear crater-free. An atomic war between Ausralia and Red Indonesia should have, at least, been included. :mad:
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    That India tho
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    Here are some "_______ to a Virgin Earth" posts I made for fun.

    Terra Nova Central Powers.png
    1914 Central Powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottomans, on the eve of the First World War

    Terra Nova Mongol Empire.png
    1250 Mongol Empire

    Terra Nova RO-CA-GR-AE.png
    250 BC Roman Republic, Carthaginian States, Greece, and the Alexandrian Empire, during the Punic Wars

    Terra Nova Celts.png
    250 BC Celts

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    The former Indonesian states were a bit too busy fighting wars amongst themselves, while Australia went on to become the Republic of Australasia. I'm not sure if they even had nukes at the time, while Australia and New Zealand did. Really, it would've been no contest.
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    The point of ISOTs are to show how the nations would change without foreign powers.
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    Here are some maps from a project on the American Civil War I'm working on. I'll get back to mapping the invasion of Manchuria soon.


    Kentucky Crisis and the West Virginia Campaign.png

    Early War Indian Territory.png

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    I'm not certain if anybody else has ever done a Kingdom of Ryukyu Wank before, so I decided to do one I'm probably wrong about that though.
    Poorly written backstory powers are goooo!!!
    During the late 15 hundreds Japanese invasion of Korea, the Kingdom of Ryukyu was pulled into the conflict due to its status as a Tributary state of China. The Japanese proved to be much less prepared for the war in this timeline then they actually were, and as such by the wars end, they suffered a much more humiliating defeat and Ryukyu taking southern Kyushu. Following this the Kingdom of Ryukyu began extending its economic influence to various islands in the region, and in many cases (such as Taiwan) used this influence to effectively take control of these islands. Such a method would prove particularly effective when the Manchus began their conquest of China, as the Ryukyu influence in many coastal islands allowed them to for all intents and purposes subvert control of these islands away from the Qing and towards themselves. This would mark the Golden Age for the Kingdom of Ryukyu, who for roughly a century would enjoy a comfortable position as the premier trading power in the region. but as the 19th century began, years of consolidation of power among a small number of influential families proved to be slowly killing the nations economy and opening the door to European takeover of the trade routes. Such a trend continues until 1867, when the treaty of Shuri divided the Kingdom of Ryukyu between the Dutch colonial empire, and the Japanese empire; The Ryukyu chain, southern Kyushu and Sakishima islands going to Japan, and Taiwan and the Chinese coastal Island going to the Netherlands. A feeling of Ryukyu nationalism continued to exist throughout these lands however, with such feeling and desires gaining spikes in support following the Japanese defeat in World War 2, and the transfer of the Dutch Ryukyu islands to China.