Les Années Douces, a very different XXth century

II : The State of Dahomey
  • This week's journal has arrived ! The trivia is about the State of Dahomey.

    On an unrelated note, do you guys think it would be a good idea to do some News pages too sometimes ? If something big happens ? Instead of only cultural trivias, in order to make the timeline more lively ?

    III : The Establishments of India
  • This week's journal has arrived ! The article of this week is by popular will the Establishments of India !

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    V : The Indochinese Confederation
  • This week's journal, maybe I'll do a specific article about each of the member states sometimes in the future, but for now I'm focusing on completing the Chancellerie members and the highly related topics (like French India) for the weekly article

    VI : The Cooperative of Niger
  • This week's journal !

    (I was inspired by Kaiserreich's Aspiration Society in Indochina, but tried to include more Nigerian elements and problematics. I hope I did a good job, but I might modify elements, especially if you guys have any suggestions !)

    VII : The Equatorial Federation
  • This week's topic is the Equatorial Federation. I haven't been able to produce something satisfying this week, so it's a stock I made quite a while ago ... I hope you still appreciate it ! ^^

    VIII : The Union of Madagascar
  • Today is about Madagascar. I'll try to keep up during the holidays, but I'm soon going to run out of stock articles and my admission stuff for college is due soon, so I can't promise anything ...

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    IX : The Republic of Senegambia
  • Today's journal begins with a small note :

    "La Voix has been bailed out by the Chancellerie and the Québécois government, after the financial difficulties of the British-American crisis (or Longest Tuesday) the journal and its editor have lost most of their clients. However, this bailout has been accepted only at the condition that neither could interfere with the content of the journal. We hope you understand, and as always, more to come.

    Claude Leclerc, Director of La Voix"

    XI : Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

  • As per suggestion from Bonheadedbookkeeper, next week's post will be about another part of the world (and will answer one of his questions) ^^
    XII : United-Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Hi, this is my first post out of the Chancellerie (aka out of my comfort zone), tell me what you think about it, I take all feedback (even harsh feedback, if need be).
    My college admission written exams are in one month, so I'll try to keep my updating schedule but I can't guarantee a post per week during the next month, I'll see how I manage my work and my creations, and tell you how it is going to work probably around Wednesday.

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    XIII and XIV: The Republic of Hainan and Grandrue Spectacle
  • Hi, I'm going to post the two next week's articles. Next post should be 1st of April (I thought of asking a friend but I don't want to bother people ...)


    XV: The German Empire
  • Le German Empire, feel free to ask absolutely anything. (I'm sorry that rivers aren't showing, but I was conflicted about how to show canals, especially the ones in construction, and I chose a basemap with minority languages to prioritize a culturally correct East Prussian border)

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    XVI: The Central African Union
  • Hi, today I present you the Central African Union. It's quite less functional than most Chancellerie states. Hope you enjoy it!

    XVIII: The Kingdom of Serbia
  • Here's the article about the Kingdom of Serbia. I consider reworking it a bit, so if you have any criticism share it, I would really appreciate your participation!