Les Années Douces, a very different XXth century

Hello, this is my second TL, and my first graphic one.

To provide you with a bit of context : La Voix is a North American journal, that originates from Quebec, and publishes in French, in English and in Spanish. It provides with news about the whole world, and is published once a week, with La Grande Voix being a monthly publication that sums up the month.

One of their articles is the cultural trivia, that provides with more general informations.

Feel free to ask about certain places or topics you'd like me to cover ^-^
II : The State of Dahomey
This week's journal has arrived ! The trivia is about the State of Dahomey.

On an unrelated note, do you guys think it would be a good idea to do some News pages too sometimes ? If something big happens ? Instead of only cultural trivias, in order to make the timeline more lively ?

Interesting TL so far! Is it more technologically advanced than the OTL 1940s?
It's different, I don't really know specifically the technological of all of OTL 40's but here's what exists :

Small hydro power stations stations have been developed by the Kombentinga University
Radios and radars are better and more common
Some all-terrain car-boats have been developped for the Equatorial Federation, to be able to bring healthcare and education to every village
Led-containing oil isn't used anymore, as sanitary scandals exploded in the biggest market for car : the US
Trains and metros are more popular in North America as the New Deal included railroad construction and restauration to employ people
TV has remained niche, as the popularity of all kind of live performances has exploded
Computers are 100% crazy batshit experimentations for rich countries with money to waste
Phones are still meh, but more common
There is are pretty effective vaccines for tuberculosis and some form of hepatitis, even thought the reason why these work and not others isn't really understood

(This is not set in stone of course, this TL is in constant construction ^^)
What is French India like?
It hasn't accessed to statehood as it could not hold on its own, and apart from Pondichéry that has begun urban agriculture efforts with the goal to become a state, most of the others are in a grey area of the project, mostly because Indian independentism is becoming more and more open. There are discussions about selling all the cities but Pondichéry to the British, but they wouldn't buy something they know they are bound to loose.

(Also Chandernagor was part of the Gambian deal, as it was the most expensive city to maintain, and the most unprofitable)
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I think it would be interesting to explore the Algerian republic, how it was created and what are the places of Pieds noirs in society and the right of Arab Algerians