Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

If this hasn't been covered, some excerpts on how Queen Elizabeth 2 reacted to meeting Presidents Sanders, Jackson, and others, if you can fit something like that in.
Well that was a exciting update and can't wait to read what happens next.

Now I'm a true crime fan and would like to know about
1. What happens with the mob in this TTL and the fates of
Carlo Gambino, Joseph Colombo, Paul Castellano, John Gotti, Vito Genovese, and Anthony Corallo?

2. What are the major terrorist groups and attacks during TTL?

3. What happen with the following Nazi fugitives
Alois Brunner, Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Erich Priebke, Eduard Roschmann, Walter Rauff, Franz Stangl, and Gustav Wagner?

4. What are some of the major true crimes and mysteries? Basically, what are this TTL's OJ Simpson, D.B. Cooper, Jonbenet Ramsey, Jimmy Hoffa, Rebecca Schaeffer, and Amber Hagerman cases.
It's always so weird to read this story while being a current KFC employee.
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That image of 'Crusty Elvis' is the definition of "Thanks, I Hate It".
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After spending some months binge-reading this, I’ve finally caught up to the present day (or at least to where we are right now). There’s a lot of things I wanna say about this universe, but I think it’s more appropriate for me to sum things up by borrowing a certain phrase…this timeline is finger lickin’ good.

I sure hope we get a list of all the current House members once this timeline concludes. I’m also not opposed to the idea of continuing this TL or making a spinoff to expand on this universe and answer any questions we still might have.

I’ll include a list of current House members in the “index” chapters

If this hasn't been covered, some excerpts on how Queen Elizabeth 2 reacted to meeting Presidents Sanders, Jackson, and others, if you can fit something like that in.
I'll cover it in Chapter 121! :)

Well that was a exciting update and can't wait to read what happens next.

Now I'm a true crime fan and would like to know about
1. What happens with the mob in this TTL and the fates of
Carlo Gambino, Joseph Colombo, Paul Castellano, John Gotti, Vito Genovese, and Anthony Corallo?

2. What are the major terrorist groups and attacks during TTL?

3. What happen with the following Nazi fugitives
Alois Brunner, Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Erich Priebke, Eduard Roschmann, Walter Rauff, Franz Stangl, and Gustav Wagner?

4. What are some of the major true crimes and mysteries? Basically, what are this TTL's OJ Simpson, D.B. Cooper, Jonbenet Ramsey, Jimmy Hoffa, Rebecca Schaeffer, and Amber Hagerman cases.

Carlo Gambino – pretty much the same as OTL

Joseph Colombo – survived a 1971 shooting and used the Italian-American Civil Rights League to strongly oppose the production and premiering of The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather Part II (1974) while serving time in prison starting in 1972; he testified against the Gallo and Gambino families, causing mjor harm to the Five Families and leading to several attempts on his life in the 1980s, leading to the families calling him “the roach” bbecause of how hard it was for them to kill him; in 1989, due to his help with police to take down several members of the Five Families, he became eligible for parole which many believe he would have been granted, but, realizing remaining in prison was the only thing keeping him alive, he shot a prison guard in the foot in order to receive a bit more time in prison; however, the bullet hit an artery and the guard died, leading to Colombo receiving a lifetime sentence; Colombo was repeatedly denied parole, wrote several books while in prison, and died in prison from renal failure in 2017, age 94.

Paul Castellano had John Gotti killed on December 15, 1985 after being tipped off that Gotti was planning to have him bumped off; Castellano had another competitor killed in 1988, but succumbed to pneumonia in 1997 at the age of 82 and was succeeded by Tommy Bilotti, his long-time ally.

Vito Genovese – pretty much the same as OTL

Anthony Corallo – very similar to OTL; he stayed in prison after 1973 and Salvatore Avellino effectively ran things until his own imprisonment in 1990.

Terrorism – I believe I posted a list of prominent mass shootings in a previous chapter. Basically, terrorism reached its “height” in the 1970s/1980s, and for Russia, the 1990s; it’s been a less pressing/prominent issue ITTL since then.

Alois Brunner – evaded capture by hiding out in Syria like in OTL, until the al-Assad regime collapsed in 1997, and Abdul Halim Khaddim had him arrested and handed over to Israeli authorities as a way of strengthening Israeli-Syrian relations; he passed away in prison in 2011, age 98, unrepentent to the very end.

Walter Rauff – Charles Manson fleeing to Jim Jones’ complex in Brazil and the subsequent raid/shootout/fire renewed interest in South America’s “underbelly” and tendency to lure in outlaws; this led to increased focus by South American citizens and police on remaining Nazis, with Nazi hunter Simon Wiesnthal leading the charge; this all contributed to Rauff being captured, after Rauff was paralyzed from the waist down in a shootout with police, in 1973.

Josef Mengele – accidently shot by a farmer in 1981 (in the original draft of this TL, he anonymously funded a right-wing candidate for President of Brazil, but the idea was too complicated, borderline ASB, and very difficult to incorporate into the rest of the story, so it was quickly dropped)

Klaus Barbie – pretty much the same as OTL.

Erich Priebke – In the post-Falklands political landscape of Argentina, Peron sought to improve Argentine relations with Israel and Germany by having Priebke extradicted in 1983; he spent the last 28 years of his life in prison.

Eduard Roschmann – amid Argentina’s Dirty War, was tricked in 1972 into believing he was being targeted by the government in order to be lured to Buenos Aires Intenrational Airport in an effort of his to flee to Paraguay, but was captured by West German officials; the arrest was an international incident due to West Germany having no extradiction policy with Argentina, but to difuse the situation, Argentina’s dictator allowed the extradiction to occur.

Franz Stangl – Arrested in 1967 like in OTL.

Gustav Wagner – German and Brazilian police successfully located and arrested him in 1971 after Stangl collaborated with them on locating him.

TTL’s major true crimes and mysteries – The most prominent ones (regarding how well-known they are) that are also from OTL: the Dyatlov Pass Incident, Joan Robinson Hill, the Colonial Parkway Murderer (who was captured IOTL, as mentioned in Chapter 67), and Norway’s Isdal Woman (maybe). Given the improved conditions of America’s mental health systems ITTL, most of the famous “disturbed” perpetrators are from the 1970s and 1980s; so, fictional “true crimes” ITTL: the Corvallis Killings of 1979, the Rapid City Rapist of 1984-1985, the Durango Doe (unidentified body found in 1991), and the Midland Murders of 1993. (note: talking about the grisly, gruesome and senseless murders of innocent people is sort of outside my comfort zone, so I’m not covering any such details) Less deadly incidents ITTL: OTL’s United California Bank burglary in 1972; OTL’s robbery of $3.3million from the First National Bank of Arizona, Tucson in 1981; the “Great Provo Bank Robbery” of 1990 ($11million stolen; the robbers were never identified and only $200k was recovered; a movie was made about it in 1999), the Salinas “Cyber-Bank” Hack of 2014, some high-profile, but thankfully-brief, kidnapping in 2007, and a string of house robberies in Springfield, MA in 2001-2002 that suddenly stopped once the SARS pandemic forced people to stay at home.

O.J. Simpson – Found murdered outside Nicole’s house (as mentioned in chapter 69), and rumors of Nicole murdering him, possibly in self-defense have never been substantiated; they didn't seem to significantly impact her career, either!

D.B. Cooper – Who’s to say? We don’t know his I.D. IOTL, so there’s no way of knowing if the event still unfolds ITTL.

Jonbenet Ramsey – Would Patricia Paugh still marry John Ramsey in 1980 despite TTL’s POD being in 1932; even if that stays the same, would they still have the same children at the same times (1987 and 1990)? If somehow still yes, my guess would be JonBenet ends up being a typical beauty queen; best-case scenario, she grows up to win the Miss Colorado Pageant at age 20 (2010), like how her mother won the Miss West Virginia Pageant at age 20 in 1977.

Jimmy Hoffa – Previously mentioned in Chapter 30, 49 and 60 (he went to jail for jury tampering in 1969, got out in 1981, unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Michigan in 1982, and passed away from an unspecified penile infection in 1989).

Rebecca Schaeffer – stalked like IOTL, but survived unharmed; sill alive today.

Amber Hagerman – still alive; tougher laws against kidnapping and sexual pestering were passed in the early-to-mid 1970s and the late 1980s as a result of the “Ark Waves” of 1970 and 1986.
Okay, I said I only wanted to know about one thing, but I can't help it. We have one chapter left. I need to say this.
I wonder what happened with Jackass.
Chapter 121: January 2021 – June 2021
Chapter 121: January 2021 – June 2021

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

– Charles Swindell

“I remember most of the cabinet members learned of his decision only a few hours before it happened, myself included, and pretty much all of us insisted he reconsider. But he wanted to make what he saw as a kind gesture to a friend and ally. Most would gift a friend the latest techslab; Grammar gifted Brown the Presidency. Almost immediately, phone calls and VidCall requests came pouring into our offices at the State Department, as our allies sought answers. Some less familiar with our election system mistakenly though Grammar had committed some sort of self-coup, or had cancelled or postponed the election. Even some American citizens thought that, too, if I recall right. But, yes, our allies were certainly surprised by Grammer’s premature departure. And more of them wanted to reach out to the outgoing president, especially in the few hours between his announcement and the resignation itself, than to the incoming one.”

– Former US Secretary of State Dick Morningstar, 2022 interview

RUSSIA CONFIRMS: Nikolayev Is In Eritrea!

The Daily Telegraph, 1/5/2021

“…and in political news, Vice President Bonnie Dumanis officially certified the results of the 2020 election earlier today. Outside the grounds of the US Senate building, a small crowd of roughly 25 Harley Brown supports picketed the certification process, believing in unfounded technet-based claims that the election was, quote, tainted, unquote, by America’s new Ranked Choice Voting Presidential Election voting system…”

– ABC News, 1/6/2021 broadcast

“…Some trouble unfolded in the Senate today when the visiting Harley Brown got into a verbal shouting match with a group of Democratic lawmakers who met with the President. The incident reportedly saw both parties to raise voices angrily, and saw Brown scream a slew of obscenities, over the Senators refusing budge on their decision to table a controversial education deregulation bill…”

– NBC, 1/7/2021 broadcast

…In his final weeks in office, Brown failed to get more bills passed due to the new majority-Democratic Senate being sworn in on the 3rd. Instead, Brown hosted televised Bible Study meetings inside the Oval Office, inviting prominent religious figures to “stop on over” and promote the Word of God. Privately, he spoke with GOP leaders and religious figures to discuss if there were any possible ways to combat and abortion during his final days. According to Gordon Paterson, Brown discussed the matter further with him and other in a private conversation on January 10, in which the outgoing President remarked, “Here’s my plan of attack, okay? You go in there and you use spiritual warfare. Because everyone talks about the natural, but I want to talk about the other realm we exist in. You bind those evil spirits that are behind the liberals with the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. I’m talkin’ Blitzkrieg!” [1] Brown believes that Americans reconnecting to our country’s Christian roots will lead to citizens becoming aware of the immoral practices of lawmakers, and bring about an anti-corruption “wave…that’d intimidate Noah” that would “wash out” crooked politicians in the 2022 midterms, if not through their expulsion from congress. Brown continued to host Bible Study group twice a week for the rest of his Presidency…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022

…Brown’s last days in office saw him pardon several dozen people, over half of whom were notable bikers facing minor charges. After becoming President, hundreds of American citizens had written to him requested pardons for various minor charges and crimes. Brown’s pardons were almost all related to regulation, policy, accounting, trespassing, lacking various permits, and many other nonviolent and “victimless crimes.”


Ahead of inauguration ceremonies, Brown wished Pritt good luck, and reportedly told her to “take it easy…it’s only because of my superior stamina and strength that I was able to get so much done in so little time, and it tired me out, so you take your time on things.”

Charlotte allegedly observed, “Thanks for the advice, Harley. You’re as sharp as a marble and you look it.”

Brown reportedly replied happily and somewhat bashfully with, “Aw, thanks, ma’am!”

– David Lienemann and Eva Osnos’ The Far-Left So Far, Meridian E-Books, 2022

PRITT BEGINS PRESIDENCY: Promises Jobs, Civil Justice, Green Energy Projects in Inaugural Address

The Washington Post, 1/20/2021


[pic: ]
Charlotte Pritt, the 47th President of the United States of America


Vice President: Former US Senator Kwame Raoul (D-IL)


Secretary of State: former US Senator and former EPA Administrator Lisa Perez Jackson (D-NJ)

Secretary of the Treasury: former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich (D-MA)

Secretary of Defense: US Army Gen. (ret.) Curtis Michael “Mike” Scaparrotti (I-PO)

Attorney General: former state Assemblyperson and former US Representative Paul Fong (D-CA)

Postmaster General: former state representative, former state senator, and former US Representative Kevin Bacon (R-OH)

Secretary of the Interior: former state representative and former US Representative Faith Spotted Eagle (D-SD)

Secretary of Agriculture: former Administrator of the National Roadways Safety Administration, former US Transportation Secretary, former EPA Administrator, former US Labor Secretary, former US Senator, former US Attorney General, and former US Postmaster General Ralph Nader (I-CT)

Secretary of Commerce: former OMB Director, former US HHS Secretary, and former US Senator Sylvia Mathews Burwell (D-WV)

Secretary of Labor: former Governor Michael Moore (D-MI)

Secretary of Education: former US Representative and former crisis manager for the NY Education Department Jamaal Bowman (D-NY)

Secretary of Health and Humane Services: former Governor Krist Novoselic (Liberty-WA)

Secretary of Transportation: former Mayor of Tacoma and former US Representative Marilyn Strickland (D-WA)

Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs: former Rutgers University Chief of Police and former New York City Chief of Police Kenneth B. Cop (I-NY)

Secretary of Energy and Technology: Professor and expert on civil and environmental engineering Gobichettipalayam Vasudevan “G. V.” Loganathan (I-VA)

Secretary of Community Development: former San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz (D-PR)


Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): former CIS Chief Risk Officer and former CIA Cybersecurity Operations Director Anne Neuberger (I-NY)

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): former FBI agent and former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best (I-WA)

US Trade Representative: environmentalist businessman Theodore Roosevelt V (b. Theodore Roosevelt VI in 1976) (I-NY)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA): former US Representative Jorge Santini (D-PR)

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): former US Representative and former Campbell, CA Mayor Evan Low (D-CA)

Administrator of the Overwhelming Disaster Emergency Response Coordination Agency (ODERCA): former state senator and former ODERCA Deputy Administrator Brooks McCabe (D-WV)


White House Chief of Staff: senior campaign manager Nani Coloretti (D-HI)

White House Deputy Chief of Staff: senior campaign strategist Thomas A. “Tad” Devine (D-RI)

Chief Domestic Policy Advisor: Labor Professor Janice R. Fine (D-NJ)

Chief Economic Policy Advisor: union organizer Chuck Rocha (D-TX)

Chief Foreign Policy Advisor: former US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy James Northey Miller Jr. (D-IA)

Chief National Security Advisor: former Assistant to the WH Chief National Security Advisor Daleep Singh (D-CA)

Director of the Office of Management and Budget: NYU Finance Professor Aswath Damodaran (I-NY)

Director of the Domestic Policy Council: political advisor Faiz Shakir (D-FL)

Unofficial Counselors and Advisors: businessman Bern Sanders, environmentalist May Boeve, and national policy advisors Analilia Mejia and Jess Mazour

White House Communications Director: political technology consultant Zack Exley (I-CT)

White House Appointments Secretary: former intern and speechwriter for various Democratic and Republican US Senators Ja’Ron K. Smith (R-PO)

White House Press Secretary: campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray (I-PO)


Solicitor General (representative of the Federal Government before the Supreme Court): US District Court Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown (D-LA)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: US Army Gen. (ret.) John E. Hyten (I-AL)

Secretary of the Army: US Army Maj. Gen. (ret.) Richard Ojeda (D-WV)

Secretary of the Navy: former US Undersecretary of Veterans’ Affairs William Scott Gould (D-MA)

Federal Reserve Chairman: former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Christina Duckworth (D-IL)

NASA Director: former NASA Deputy Director, former Chief of Staff to US Senator John Glenn, and former US Representative Lori Beth Garver (D-OH)


To the United Nations: former US Ambassador to the U.K. and former US Senator Paul Vallas (D-IL)

To the U.N. Commission on Human Rights: former US President, former UNICEF Director, and former US Secretary-General Carol Bellamy (D-NY)

To Argentina: former US Senator and former state Attorney General Grant Woods (D-AZ)

To Australia: former US Ambassador to United Korea Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (D-NY)

To Canada: former US Representative and former candidate for US Senate Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

To China: former Air Force intelligence specialist and Columbia U economics professor Tim Kane (R-OH)

To France: former Governor Jeffrey P. “Jeff” Weaver (D-VT)

To Germany: former Governor Barry Norman “Big Tasty” Goldberg (D-PA)

To India: former Director of the US Liaison Office to UNESCO Marianne Williamson (D-TX)

To Iran: former state Secretary of state and former assistant to the US Ambassador to the UN Roman W. Prezioso (D-WV)

To Japan: former Chief Economist of the World Bank and former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Joseph Stiglitz (D-IN)

To Korea: state campaign manager, political activist, and Green energy investor/businessman David Keith Cobb (Green-TX)

To Mexico: former state secretary of state and former US Representative Natalie E. Tennant (D-WV)

To Russia: former US Ambassador to Armenia, Alania, and United Turkestan Ian Crawford Kelly (I-IL)

To South Africa: former US Representative Maurice Antonia Jonesy (D-VA)

To the U.K.: former US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel Brooks “Dan” Baer (D-CO)

To Yugoslavia: former Portsmouth, NH Mayor and former US Representative Steve Marchand (D-NH)



…the primary issue is the lack of a Russian-Eritrean extradition law…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 22/1/2021

…International relations between the US and other major nations shifted either significantly or only partially upon Charlotte and Kwame replacing Kelsey and Harley at the White House. While Jenny Leong of Australia, Romeo Dallaire of Canada, and Oscar Biscet of Cuba easily welcomed the new administration, the more conservative Gerhard Schroder of Germany and Stefanie Craxi of Italy were less enthusiastic. Notably, President José Bové of France, who had had a cold relationship with Grammer, nevertheless congratulated President Pritt and expressed interest in working with her on the trade and nutrition issues he was fighting for, but nevertheless continued his “France First” policy.

Goo Jianmei of China gave standard congratulatory remarks; privately, she thought that Pritt was “impressive,” but would “ever easier to deal with” than Grammer, according to a government document leaked early 2022. Similarly, Aloizio Mercandante of Brazil privately thought “little” of her, according to a late 2021 expose covering lingering sexism in his administration.

Guy Standing of UK, Renho of Japan, and N. Chandrababu Naidu of India expressed interest in working with Pritt on major Green Energy/Technology projects, while most of the Heads of State of the Middle Eastern Bloc (especially Hussein al-Shahristani of Iraq, Tzipi Livni of Israel, Boutros Harb of Lebanon, Salam Fayyad of Palestine, and Farouk al-Sharaa of Syria) generally “approved” of her, with the Sultan of Oman expressing “she will be better at helping us continue Our Delicate Peace than Mr. Brown would have been.” Ji Seong-ho of United Korea was more enthusiastic for Pritt, praising her infrastructure record and agenda and seeing her ascension was a “great and promising” thing for the peninsula, according to a 2021 interview with his Chief of Staff. Cem Uzan of Turkey and Vangelis Meimarakis of Greece jointly congratulated Pritt on her victory, and also wished to work well with her administration.

Miguel Chong of Mexico and Pritt reportedly have a somewhat-cordial relationship due to tension over the issue of jobs and border crossings. Both leaders are collaborating on minimizing illegal immigration, but do not have as close a working relationship as the ones Pritt maintains with the leaders of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, according to several sources.

However, not all world leaders were so cordial. Sebhat Ephrem of Eritrea was just as hostile to the US under Pritt and he had been under Grammer. Only under President Brown – which Ephrem erroneously believed had come about by a coup and that Brown would stay in power indefinitely – did Ephrem show signs of intimidation and worry, given Brown’s reported “trigger-happy” nature. In fact, according to a 2021 report, in the hours after Brown took office, Ephrem met with his advisors in the nation’s capital of Asmara and briefly considered rejecting Nikolayev’s political asylum, which would have left the former leader of Russia vulnerable to extradition back to the NDRR...

–, 2022

Military expenditures by Country at the start of 2020 (in US$ billions):

1 US: $378.8

2 China: $260.0

3 India: $66.5

4 Russia: $59.7

5 Saudi Arabia: $58.2

6 France: $57.9

7 UK: $51.0

8 Germany: $48.9

9 United Korea: $45.1

10 Japan: $30.5

11 Italy: $27.5

12 Brazil: $25.4

13 Australia: $23.9

14 Canada: $22.1

15 United Turkestan: $20.3

– researcher Siemon T. Wezeman’s Trends In World Military Expenditure, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 1/25/2021 report


…well-connected individuals such as media mogul Bern Sanders are said to have the new President’s ear and are “guiding” the specifics of her many key policies and proposals…


[pic: ] [2]

Above: businessman Bern Sanders of New York

The New York Post, 1/26/2021

…Retaining funding for American UHC, the NITR, and Social Security meant reversing Grammer’s generous spending habits on the US military. Combating opioid abuse was also challenging given the limitations that the BBA placed on spending. To free up additional funding, minimizing the wealth gap – before the 2022 annual budget had to be finalized in September – became a “front-burner” goal of the administration. And making the nation’s wealthiest pay their fair share in taxes, Pritt argued, meant reversing the 2017 tax law. Implementing green infrastructure projects to lower unemployment and poverty rates would generate funds as well.

…Several suggestions for how to improve American test scores (in order to reverse America’s “brain drain” and in turn give students and workers a fighting chance on the world stage) were studied and tested…

…Food insecurity was becoming a rising issue among some parts of the country, much to the concern of former Agriculture Secretary Jim McGovern, who pushed for the new administration to return to the policies of the Jackson and Wellstone years. Implementing a Federal Freedom Fund for farmworkers and factory workers to keep them out of poverty during the automation of their livelihoods would certainly help combat this pressing issue. When Pritt and company finally made headway in June with a national FFF pilot program, McGovern celebrated the move as “a step in the right direction”…

…Pritt was relieved that addressing Veterans’ mental health was a mostly bipartisan issue, and so left the matter mostly in the hands of Secretaries Scaparrotti, Cop, and Novoselic. Similarly, addressing civil justice and combating social prejudices, as well as improving financial literacy among US citizens, was the passion project of Vice President Raoul...

– David Lienemann and Eva Osnos’ The Far-Left So Far, Meridian E-Books, 2022


…Associate Justice Mary Murphy Schroeder’s decision to vacant her seat “after a successor has been chosen” comes after Schroeder strongly supported Pritt during her Presidential bid… Schroeder, age 80, is a progressive-leaning law expert from Colorado who has served as a Supreme Court Associate since October 1990. Justice President Bellamy successfully nominated her for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice William Brennan earlier that year…

The Washington Post, 1/30/2021

CONFIRMED: Sigourney Weaver Signs On To New Marstronauts Miniseries

…Weaver is set to play Julie Payette, the mission’s Canadian astronaut. The cast is perfect because the two women are very similar in appearance [3]

–, 2/9/2021

PC LEADERSHIP ELECTION: Tony Clement Prevails Over Gareth Bacon And Jason Kenney

…the PCs are already warming up for the daunting task of unseating incumbent PM Dallaire in less than five years…

The Toronto Star, Canadian newspaper, 2/2/2021

“WATCH: Groening Confirms Futurama Is Coming To An End!”

Description: After years of declining ratings, the long-running animated series will conclude next year.



To everyone here thinking it’s ending right now – it’s not! Watch the video, Matt says the next season is their last one, and there’s going to be some kind of final episode “special” for the series finale in May 2022.


NO!!! I love this show! I’ve been watching it my whole life!

>>Reply 1 to Comment 1:

I just got into this show, so how do ya think I feel??!!


Dang, I never thought they’d cancel this. Here’s hoping Grammer returns to play Dr. Schwarzchild one last time.

>>Reply 1 to Comment 3:

It’s not cancelled, didn’t you watch the vid? It’s series creator Matt Graining taking Qs from the press at an official press briefing, and he says at the 3:05 mark he chose to end the series and move on to other project ideas!

>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Comment 3:

Why can’t he just work on both this and another show, or just work his new ideas into this show? This sucks, I love this show!

>>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Comment 3:

Really you serious? Futurama stopped being good years ago. It’s why TRUE fans of the show call 1994-2008 the “Classic” Era of Futurama, and everything since then the sucky “Modern” Era.


I get why they’re doing this, but I’m still sad to see it go. Not only is Futurama a cultural milestone, but it was a big part of the childhoods of so many ’90s kids.


I wouldn’t say the was a big part of pop culture nowadays, even though it still has its fans, but it was a big thing in its heyday. Ah well, not everything lasts forever.

– video/comments section,, on 2/3/2021

…Under Schroeder informing Pritt of her intention to retire from the court, the new President began viewing several considerations. She was torn between seeking out a populist “game changer” or a candidate that would have more appeal among the progressive wing of the party. Her vetting team considered NJ District Court Judge Zahid Nisar Quraishi (b. 1975), PO District Court Judge Ketanji Onyika Brown Jackson (b. 1970), prominent PO attorney and professor on constitutional law Canadace Rae Jackson-Akiwumi (b. 1979), Circuit Judge of the Tenth Circuit Veronica Sophia Rossman (b. 1972 in Moscow, Russia), NM District Judge Margaret Irene Strickland (b. 1980), and Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Tiffany Cunningham (b. 1976) as heavy favorites for the nod. Others, mainly Wellstone appointees such as Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Paul J. Watford of California (b. 1967), Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Raymond T. Chen (b. 1968), and FL District Court Judge Carlos Eduardo Mendoza (b. 1970), were viewed – by both the vetting team and by the media – as potential nominees as well. The Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court, the openly BLUTAGO Beth Robinson (b. 1965), was also under consideration. Pritt and her inner circle rejected suggestions from several Republicans to nominate a more libertarian-leaning consideration such as Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Judge Randy Barnett, Professor Jonathan Turley, and Judge Miguel Estrada.

Quraishi, Rossman, Strickland, Cunningham, Watford, and Chen were reportedly on Pritt’s shortlist, but according to two separate reports, she remained unsatisfied with their views on worker rights. Because of this dissatisfaction, President Pritt requested her vetting team re-examine the overlooked, lesser-known potential picks in one last effort to find a nominee who would best represent her administration’s populist readings of the role of government and laws. After several days, Pritt’s team found her ideal nominee in North Carolina…

– Linda Greenhouse and Morton J. Horwitz’s Sustaining Liberty: The Supreme Court Under Our Current Chief Justice, Sunrise Publishing, 2022 edition

US Sen. David Dean ANDAHL (R-ND): “I don’t know why we’re still making a big deal out of this. It’s already over. It was just for a lame-duck period of less than three months, how much could he have really done?”

Political Analyst KRYSTAL BALL: “He was able to get a lot done. He replaced a quarter of the White House Cabinet and got a new VP sworn in before the Winter Recess. He allocated funding to several military projects. He demanded federal buildings showcase religious phrases, and tried to get the federal government involved in school policies by demanding states allow religious electives to be offered in public schools. He got into political and physical fights with people, and, in what I’ll admit was an impressive feat, he reversed several decades of federally-mandated airport security measures on the claim that all of them were placebos.”

Political correspondent VAN JONES: “Yes, which means Harley actually proved that the lame duck period is actually not so lame after all!”

ANDAHL: “Which just shows what happens when a politician like Harley Brown gets in office.”

BALL: “Exactly my point.”

ANDAHL: “Wait, you’re agreeing with me?”

BALL: “Yes and no.”

JONES: “I’m just concerned that, with his early resignation and his successor’s ability to actually get some things done during the transitional period, Kelsey Grammer may have established what could become a very dangerous political precedence. I mean, what if some future president tries to pull off something like this and allow an even more dangerous person to occupy the Oval Office? We count our lucky stars that Brown didn’t start a war with China during those 69 days.”

ANDAHL: “It was 71 days, and if it’s so dangerous, then future Presidents won’t do it. Snobby establishment types like you will pressure them into doing nothing as usual during the lame-duck phase to keep it a lame-duck phase.”

JONES: “David –”

ANDAHL: “Because you’re only saying all that because he’s not from your side of the aisle. If Pritt loses re-election in 2024 and lets Kwame serve for 72 days or so, you’ll be whistling a way different tune then, wouldn’t ya?!”

BALL: “That’s nearly four years from now, Senator let’s focus on the present – ”

ANDAHL: “Yes! That’s just what I think! Again you’re agreeing with me.”

BALL: “But for very different reasons, sir.”

– KNN roundtable discussion, 2/6/2021 broadcast


…George Perry Floyd Jr. (b. 1973), known as “Perry Floyd” in his earlier years, has been a Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit since January 2013, being nominated and approved at the very end of the Wellstone administration. Standing at 6-foot-4, Floyd’s colleagues often call him a “gentle giant” for his calm and thoughtful demeanor on the bench. …Floyd went to Duke University School of Law in 1991 on a football scholarship, and began working as a paid intern for the North Carolina Supreme Court upon graduating in 1996. …Floyd’s appointment would fulfill a childhood dream of his to become a Supreme Court Justice… [4]

– The Asheville Citizen-Times, North Carolina newspaper, 2/7/2021

McDonald’s To Expand “Robot Drive-Thrus” To All 52 States!

Chicago, IL – McDonald’s embracing of automation in response to rising wages is clashing with President Pritt’s efforts to crack down on “surprise layoffs.” But now the global corporation is going even further with the phasing-out of low-skill, low-wage positions. McDonald’s has just publicly acknowledged that automated voice ordering for drive-thrus will be expanded from select locations in 5 states to at least one outlet in all 52 states. “We are also considering expanding our pilot program of automated grills and fryers to nationwide use to push the envelope of utilizing the latest technologies to help our American customers,” says the company’s spokesperson… …the fast food mega-giant’s turn to automation is similar to Pizza Hut’s harnessing of self-driving delivery cars, as they established an auto-delivery partnership with the bot car company BotWheels in 2019 after aggressively testing during the mid-to-late 2010s. In late 2018, BotWheels – its name a play on the Hot Wheels toy car line – became the first autonomous on-road delivery vehicle company to receive regulatory approval of its vehicles by the US Department of Transportation…

–, 2/8/2021

Chat Forum Section:

My Neighbors Are Complaining About Americans Like Me Living In Mexico!

…Back in November 2007, I announced both here and on my plog (personal net-log) that I was moving to Mexico to take advantage of the expanding services markets… …but in recent years, I’ve gone from being “that one American” who lives in Cabo to being “one of the” many Americans living and working down here. A lot of my neighbors and coworkers are complaining about people like me taking ontech services jobs despite the fact that we spend our money here. We contribute to the local economy. I’m not asking for special treatment, I’m just looking for some fairness here...


You want fairness? Move back here to the U.S.!

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 2/9/2021 posting

PRITT PUSHES PROGRESSIVE AGENDA IN S.O.T.U. SPEECH: Calls For “A Clear and Clean Path Forward”

The Washington Post, 2/11/2021


…Georgia Tech’s online Engineering Master’s program (a fraction of the cost of residential tuition) is an early example in making university education more broadly available. Similarly, nanodegrees or microcredentials provided by online education platforms such as Udacity and Coursera can be used for mid-career adjustments at low cost. A.I. itself may be deployed to supplement the learning process, with applications such as A.I.-enhanced tutorials or personalized content recommendations backed by machine learning. The Pritt Administration is also backing the notion that a training stipend can be issued to individuals as means to upskill…

…The Senate is seeking to intervene and reverse recent historical trends that have shifted incomes from labor to capital owners.

“The balance could be shifted back to labor by placing higher taxes on capital,” suggests US Senator Tom Suozzi (D-NY). “An example of this is the recently proposed ‘robot tax,’ where the taxation would be on the work rather than the individual executing it. That is, if a self-driving car performs the task that formerly was done by a human, the rideshare company will still pay the tax as if a human was driving.” Suozzi believes that enough federal lawmakers would sign onto passing such a federal law “if written right.”

…Other solutions to increasing America’s test scores and college enrollment rates are looking at how work is distributed throughout work weeks. …Some countries, such as France and Sweden, have experimented with redistributing working hours. The idea is to cap weekly hours, with the goal of having more people employed and work more evenly spread. So far these programs have had mixed results, with lower unemployment but high costs to taxpayers, but are potential models that can continue to be tested... [5]

–, 2/14/2021

…Upon Sholban Kara-ool entering office, the Tuvan outsider began work on expanding technet access for rural Russians and nearly doubled the funding of Russia’s Department of Justice. One of most immediate first acts was allowing Justice Minister Boris Nemtsov release activist Vladimir Putin from prison, leading to an iconic photo of the teary-eyed political prisoner hugging Nemtsov and Kara-ool.

Legislatively, Kara-ool backed a national bill to provide “maternity capital” for the birth or adoption of a child, and another bill to provide free broadband access for publicly-funded universities for students, teachers and university staff. Kara-ool also supported a bill to change the colors of the national flag from a tricolor of red, white and blue to a tricolor of black, yellow, and white, in reference to the flag of the Russian Empire. “Under the imperial flag, we scored a brilliant victory, and were able to unite all the citizens of Russia,” the supporter of the bill told the Izvestia newspaper at the time.

However, the most prominent aspect of the Kara-ool administration so far has been the launched investigation into the business actions of billionaire oil tycoons associated with Nikolayev, including Vladimir Bogdanov and multiple alleged members of the Russian Mafia. “[President Vlad] Volkov pushed them back in the 1980s and 1990s. We will now push them back once more.”

Meanwhile, Nikolayev remained in Eritrea, essentially in exile, yet continued to claim innocence. Multiple reports indicate he currently resides in “the most luxurious apartment building in Eritrea’s capital city” of Asmara…

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2022 edition


The Washington Post, 2/20/2021

…With Democrats controlling a majority in both chambers of congress (with 56 Senate seats and 245 House seats), the real battles on Capitol Hill were fought within America’s oldest political party to get its most moderate members to get onboard the 117th congress’s most progressive proposals. …The misleadingly-titled “Power For the People” Act of 2021 rededicated funding to Wellstone-era electric power projects, lowered costs for homeowners to switch to adopting next-generation solar panels, and established a tax cut system for companies that adopted “green” energy use and/or re-trained employees for green energy-related occupations. …The Voting Rights Act was heralded by Vice President Raoul and US Senators Stokes, Sayles-Belton, Hirono, Mondragon, and Clarke, among others, as a way of combating rising efforts to curb minority voter turnout at the state and local levels (for example, the Governor of Alabama backing such a state bill in the aftermath of the African-American Democrat Randall Woodfin unexpectedly unseating incumbent Spencer Bachus in the 2020 US Senate election… …The Equality Act, and the American Dream and Promise Act, were only narrowly passed by congress, as conservative Democrats such as Jim Guy Tucker sided with Republicans in opposing them over language they believed went “too far,” or gave too much power, or responsibilities, to the federal government. The Bipartisan Background Checks Act and Securing Ontech Banking Act, on the other hand, received “yea” votes from several Republicans concerned with foreign efforts to disrupt ontech banking with cyberattacking and account hacking. However, the Recreadrug Opportunity, Investment and Expungement Act was the most “bipartisan” of the first year of the Pritt administration due to its approval from the pro-recreadrug/libertarian wing of the Republican Party. …The Ending Qualified Immunity Loopholes Act, which narrowly passed both chambers in late 2021 and was signed into law in early 2022, went after legal loopholes that allowed some state and local officials to retain the “qualified immunity” practice that had been, essentially, nationally discontinued under Presidents Jackson and Wellstone during the 2000s and very early 2010s…

– David Lienemann and Eva Osnos’ The Far-Left So Far, Meridian E-Books, 2022


The Washington Post, 2/25/2021

…President Pritt has announced that she will sign into law the Corporate Tax Rate Reform bill passed by the US Senate last night and by the House of Representatives last week. The bill, which has received much criticism from Republican lawmakers, will more than double the current national corporate tax rate, raising it from 20% to 48%...

– NBC News, 2/24/2021 broadcast


…with Pritt’s backing, the bill, if signed into law, aims to “crack down” on illegal “wage theft” acts and policies...

The Washington Post, 2/27/2021



[pic: ]

The New York Times, 3/3/2021


Chief Justice (since July 2, 2001): Alan Cedric Page (D-MN, liberal) – succeeded Frank M. Johnson – appointed by: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 1 (since March 10, 1999): Larry Dean Thompson (R-GA, conservative) – succeeded Leon Higginbotham – appointed by: Dinger

Associate Justice Seat 2 (since May 14, 2000): Emilio Miller Garza (R-TX, conservative) – succeeded Edward H. Levi – appointed by: Dinger

Associate Justice Seat 3 (since April 3, 2008): Aida M. Delgado-Colon (D-PR, progressive) – succeeded Joseph Tyree Sneed III – appointed by: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 4 (since September 26, 2018): Robert Patrick Murphy (R-CA, libertarian) – succeeded William J. Nealon Jr. – appointed by: Grammer

Associate Justice Seat 5 (since November 16, 1971): Sylvia Bacon (R-PO, centrist) – succeeded John M. Harlan II – appointed by: Sanders

Associate Justice Seat 6 (since May 10, 2002): Michael Joseph Sandel (D-CT, liberal) – succeeded Herb Fogel – appointed by: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 7 (since July 28, 2009): Check Kong “Denny” Chin (D-CA, progressive) – succeeded Miles W. Lord – appointed by: Wellstone

Associate Justice Seat 8 (since March 3, 2021): George Perry Floyd (D-NC, populist) – succeeded Mary Murphy Schroeder – appointed by: Pritt


T.H.N. ANNOUNCES HARLEY BROWN MOVIE IN THE WORKS: “The Biker President” Is In Pre-Production, Scheduled For 2022 Release

…Randy Quaid and Roseanne Barr are reportedly being considered for the roles of Harley Brown and First Lady Joni Brown, respectively…

The Hollywood Reporter, 3/7/2021


–, 3/11/2021


[pic: (backup: )]

…His wife of almost 71 years, Ethel Skakel (b. 1928), gave birth to their 15th and 16th children at age of 45 in what was described as a “very difficult” pregnancy. …Their children were: 1) Kathleen (b. 1951), 2) Joseph II (b. 1952), 3) Robert Jr. (b. 1954), 4) David (b. 1955), 5) Courtney (b. 1956), 6) Michael (b. 1958), 7) Kerry (b. 1959), 8) Christopher (b. 1961), 9) Maxwell (b. 1962), 10) Rory (b. 1965), 11) Douglas (b. 1967), 12) Evelyn (b. 1968), 13) Sandra (b. 1970), 14) George Washington (b. 1971), and twins Jessica and Jennifer (b. 1973). …Robert and Ethel later adopted five more children: 1) 5-year-old Betty from Ireland in 1983, 2) 4-year-old Maurice from Quebec in 1989, 3) 1-year-old Arjav from India in 1992, 4) 2-year-old Kim from the People’s Republic of China in 1993, and 5) 4-year-old M’Bali (“Li”) from Burkina Faso in 2005, making for 21 children total...

–, c. March 2021


1: Microsoft
2: Apple
3: Netsearch
4: Berkshire Hathaway (UK)
5: Ta-da
6: Tencent (China)
7: Haggle
8: Alibaba (China)
9: Buddytalk
10: IBM
11: Motorola
12: Nintendo
13: Packard Bell
14: Chevron
15: NeXT
16: Johnson & Johnson
17: GreenTeam

[see: more | less]



…Brown has reportedly been in talks with the conservative network T.H.N. since leaving the Presidency, and is interested in producing or even starring in either a movie about his life, or a reality television series. In this interview, Brown explained that he decided to pursue both a film and a TV series because “We politicians crave publicity like an alcoholic craves his next drink. This is essentially giving me my own liquor store!” [6] The series aims to capitalize on his political career and his controversial “Harleyisms,” but also focus on his passion for Harley motorcycles, Brown’s nuclear and extended family members, his “wildest” friends and allies, and Brown’s other opinions and passions. “We [the cast and crew] are going to go around the country visiting lots of different places and at each place, I’m going to help out in any way I can,” Brown says the show’s premise will also feature him participating in local events such as motorcycle competitions, charity drives, and other activities in order to raise funds for local projects, meet with supporters, and “showcase the rugged and real side of America.”...

Time Magazine, mid-March 2021

MOTHER-POST: Is “Going Cashless” Going to be a Good or Bad Thing?

There is a rising trend is stores that don’t accept cash. They’re popping up all over northern Europe, especially in Denmark, but there are even some places in the US that not longer accept cash, only credit cards, e-commerce cards, or e-commerce accounts!


Oh boy, I’ve seen enough sci-fi stuff to know trying to become a cashless society is always a bad thing


Yeah, I remember one movie from a few years ago when terrorists successfully shut down technet access for a whole cashless region or zone somewhere, for one reason or another, and basically all hell broke loose!

>>>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to COMMENT 1:

You’re worrying about nothing. There’s way too many people in this country alone who can’t get a good handle on technet stuff, and too many small businesses that can’t afford to go cashless for one reason or another.

>>>>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to COMMENT 1:

Yeah now but what about later. Eventually basic dollar bills and coin might go like the horse. Everyone used to use horses in this country, but now only very, very few people here do.


Cashless e-banks can become plagued by viruses, or susceptible to power outages from storms. Records can be easily damaged, or corrupted or altered, affecting millions of e-bank accounts. This has already happened, but if we go cashless, the next time will be 100x worse!


Banks are going to have to invest into having self-contained network hubs independent of exterior technet hubs in order to avoid hacking or accidents. But that all might just make e-bank hacking more complex, not a thing of the past.


And like a real bank establishing more and more physical security measures, the situation becomes a mess that discourages e-banking, bringing us back to physical currency so you have nothing to worry about!


I think Pritt should found a federal task force to look into the matter


I’m okay with this. I haven’t felt comfortable handling paper currency ever since the SARS pandemic. I remember reading about how germs spread so easily through paper money (so many cashiers died during that pandemic!), so if we go cashless that could seriously inhibit the next “big bug.” I say let’s give it a try and see what happens!

–, thread begun 3/15/2021

IOC Session No. 139

Date: March 17, 2021

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Subject 1 of 1: bidding for hosting the 7/21/2020-8/6/2028 (or XXXIV) Summer Olympics


Rome campaigned for hosting duties early and aggressively, as the city had not hosted any Olympic Games since 1960. Mexico also attempted to launch a bid for Mexico City in order to capitalize on the city’s economic growth. However, after struggling with several qualification issues, Mexico City’s bid was withdrawn. Soon after, a joint bid of San Diego and Tijuana was announced, which, if elected, would make for the world’s first binational Olympics. It would also be the first two-city Olympic Games since Zagreb, Yugoslavia and Belgrade, Yugoslavia shared hosting duties for the Winter Olympics of 1992. Budapest, Hungary; Busan, United Korea; Doha, Qatar, and Casablanca, Morocco all sought to host the Olympic Games as well; additional potential host cities failed to qualify for the selection process for several reasons.

Ahead of the hosting process, much media attention had been on the early rivalry between Italy and Mexico, with the former alleging it would be unfair to allow the US to co-host the Olympic Games so soon after hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics in New York City, and the latter alleging Rome had grown “too crowded [and] corrupt” to host “feasibly” host the games. In the midst of this feud, most of the other cities offered themselves up as a “compromise” choice. Various other factors influenced the voting process as well, including weather, accommodations, medical services, local public support, economic wellness, security, and travelling variables.

Results Breakdown:

Rome – 25 (Round 1) – 27 (Round 2) – 29 (Round 3) – 37 (Round 4) – 59 (Round 5)

San Diego-Tijuana – 27 (Round 1) – 28 (Round 2) – 29 (Round 3) – 33 (Round 4) – 42 (Round 5)

Budapest – 22 (Round 1) – 24 (Round 2) – 26 (Round 3) – 31 (Round 4)

Doha – 13 (Round 1) – 14 (Round 2) – 17 (Round 3)

Busan – 9 (Round 1) – 8 (Round 2)

Casablanca – 5 (Round 1)

End Result:

Rome won hosting duties on the fifth round, acquiring a majority of 59 of the total 101 votes. Although the San Diego-Tijuana bid lost, its strong showing during the voting process has renewed interest in and support for the idea of multiple small cities splitting hosting duties for Olympic Games in the future.



…the new “shift” in immigration policy aims to ease immigration restrictions and “speed up” the immigration documentation process, which has slowed in recent years. The bill will not allocate additional funds to the border in response to Republicans repeatedly reminding and “warning” Democratic lawmakers of the Balanced Budget Amendment. However, the bill, which President Pritt will most likely be sign into law, will lower federal visa and travel requirements to “just above” than the historically low levels of requirements passed under President Jesse Jackson...

The Washington Post, 3/21/2021

“ELECTRONIC SKIN”: Safety Rating: 4 out of 5 (Proceed With Caution)

…advancements in the field of bio-technology recently led to a breakthrough, with researchers at MIT and Calcutta developing “electronic skin,” artificial skin meant primarily for burn victims and amputees. Capable of granting its wearer the ability to feel sensations in their prosthetics, electronic skin is becoming increasingly cheaper to make, in turn making it more affordable and commonly available at specialist clinics. “We have had artificial hearts for years, and now, another organ – the human body’s largest organ – can have a prosthetic replicate that reacts to stimuli just like the real deal,” says the head of the MIT half of the team. These non-invasive alternatives to skin grafts are made of silicone rubber with integrated electronic to react “at lightning speed” to texture, pressure, temperature and pain…

…However, while they work efficiently, the effects of long-term use of them are currently unknown. We have studied the “skin” developed by the MIT-Calcutta team. Subsequent testing led to negative test results for immediate side effects from extensive exposure to fire, water, and other elements, with the electronic skin withstanding damage for much longer than anticipated (click here for data specs). In light of these tests, we advise that consumers proceed with caution when using this product…

– [7]

…amid a wave of progressive bills being passed by both chambers of the US Congress, one major proposal that is receiving much attention is overturning the 2017 tax law, which were a major accomplishment of the Grammer administration. President Pritt is reportedly working with Democratic congressional leaders to form an acceptable alternative to that controversial tax law…

– CBS Evening News, 3/29/2021 broadcast

Immigration To The United States By Country Of Birth (Top Ten, Ranked Descending Order)

1950 – Italy, Germany, Canada, UK, Poland, USSR, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Austria

1960 – Italy, Germany, Canada, UK, Poland, USSR, Mexico, Ireland, Austria, Hungary

1970 – Italy, Germany, Canada, Mexico, UK, Poland, USSR, Ireland, Austria, Philippines

1980 – Mexico, Germany, Canada, Italy, UK, Philippines, Poland, USSR, China, Romania

1990 – Mexico, Philippines, China, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, South Korea, El Salvador, Russia

2000 – Mexico, Philippines, China, United Korea, Canada, El Salvador, Colombia, Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica

2010 – Mexico, China, Philippines, India, El Salvador, United Korea, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica

2020 – Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Russia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, United Korea, Guatemala, Canada

– US Migration Policy Institute, 2021 report


The Washington Post, 4/2/2021


…the landmark legislation meant to “Globally Reduce Emissions to Empower Nature” includes a pro-FJG “Empowering People to Improve their Communities (E.P.I.C.) Jobs” Program. Both of these ideas were first laid out by former Vice President Bob Ross in 2016 and have been repeatedly introduced in Congress since 2017. The major new legislation aims to aggressively promote urban centers “going green” by focusing efforts at local and citywide efforts and public works projects that support rising renewable energy industries such as electric, solar, wind, wave and hydrogen energy.

“This is the most comprehensive and ambitious plan to phase out fossil fuels the federal government has ever passed,” says bill co-sponsor William Tong (D-CT), “it really could go a long way in both providing employment for American workers in a time of rising automation, and at the same time strike a significant blow to Global Climate Disruption.”...

The Boston Globe, 4/9/2021


1) Tokyo, Japan – 38.1m

2) National Capital Territory of Delhi, India – 28.5m

3) Beijing, China – 26.0m

4) Shanghai, China – 25.9m

5) Mumbai, India – 22.2m

6) Sao Paulo, Brazil – 22.1m

7) Mexico City, Mexico – 21.9m

8) Cairo, Egypt – 21.1m

9) Dhaka, Bangladesh – 20.7m

10) New York City, United States – 19.5m

11) Osaka, Japan – 19.3m

12) Karachi, Pakistan – 15.4m

13) Lagos, Nigeria – 15.1m

14) Buenos Aires, Argentina – 15.0m

15) Istanbul, Turkey – 14.9m

{see: more | less }

–, c. April 2021


Premiered: April 14, 2021

Genre(s): romance/comedy/adventure/Disney



Skai Jackson as Tiana
David Mazouz as Prince Jacob of Wilhelmia
Ian Kyle Conyers as The Shadow Man
Rowan Blanchard as Katie
Matt Lintz as Iron Henry

See Full List Here


A live-action adaptation of the Princess and the Frog fairy tale and Disney’s first live action adaptation of one of their animated TV miniseries produced during the SARS pandemic.


The film received mixed reviews, with critics torn on whether or not the filmmakers sufficiently compacted the “core” of the series’ twenty 20-minutes-long episodes into a single 80-minute film. Audiences, however, gave it generally favorable reviews on most ontech rating sites, with fans of the original series approving of the new cast. The film also performed “decently” at the box office.



…Republican candidate Shane Reeves bested Democratic candidate John Y. Brown III by a margin of roughly 11%. …Brown is the son of retired fast food businessman John Y. Brown Jr., who himself made unsuccessful bids for public office in the 1970s and 1980s…

The Louisville Times, 4/17/2021


[pic: ]

– clickopedia, c. April 2021

“…In the nation’s capital today, President Pritt is urging Congress to sign the US onto the multinational ‘Scientific Planning for Aerodynamic Celestial Exploration’ Accord, or S.P.A.C.E. Accord for short. Founded by several European leaders in 2015, the accord aims to ensure that all signatories are informed of the latest discoveries and revelations concerning outer space, are kept informed of technological and scientific breakthroughs, and – most prominently – agree to the rules and regulations of what astronauts can and cannot do on international vessels and satellites, such as the International Space Station, while in outer space...”

– NBC News, 4/20/2021 broadcast

“SHERIFF SHAQ!”: Ex-NBA Star Elected County Sheriff!

…Shaquille O’Neal, 49, has won a special election for Sheriff of Henry County, Georgia. …At tonight’s victory ceremony, the 7-ft-1, 325-pound retired NBA champion remarked, “I know how to run a team. My style is going to be to surround myself with guys who have been doing this way longer than I've been doing it. I’m going to surround myself with the smartest people.” [8] …O’Neal has officially been a Sheriff’s Deputy for the County, from Jonesboro, since December 2016 [9]

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia newspaper, 4/22/2021

“…The South Carolina state legislature today struck down a bill to have all of their US Representatives be elected for collective at-large districts as a way of getting around gerrymandering, which is a rising concern for some in several states. Technetters are demanding businesses protest the action…”

– TON News, 4/23/2021 broadcast

ANCHOR 1: “…Big news coming out right now from the People’s Republic of China, where the PRC’s National Space Administration has just announced plans for a manned Chinese moon landing in 2025 and a manned mission to Mars in 2030. The ambitious agenda was unveiled in Beijing and featured a comprehensive timetable for both landings. This announcement is a major development, one that could have major implications and impacts on geopolitical relations with other countries and space agencies.”

ANCHOR 2: “Indeed. In recent years, major space agencies have been trying to coordinate efforts, but according to our sources, this announcement comes as a shock and a surprise to many officials at NASA, some of whom doubt that the Chinese will even be able to pull off this feat without international cooperation.”

ANCHOR 1: “That’s right. When we went to Mars in 2003, that was after ten years of working with Europe to build the Milestone and Seeker. NASA used a lot of data from non-NASA satellites and databases, but China is taking a different approach and is going at this alone, it seems.”

ANCHOR 2: “Personally, I think the moon belongs to everyone, so whenever we plant a flag on an alien surface, we should also plant another flag symbolizing that. Like the UN flag or maybe just a picture of Earth or something.”

ANCHOR 1: “Well we’ll just have to see if the flag is also included in any further details that are extracted from the PRC as we continue to follow this story…”

– KNN Breaking News, 4/24/2021 broadcast


...the four biggest developments have been the passing of the G.R.E.E.N. Deal Act, E.P.I.C. Jobs Act, Power For The People Act, and Securing Ontech Banking Act …Experts say Pritt has made significant strides in tax law reform, most notably reforming the US Corporate Tax Rate. The Paycheck Fairness Act became law, “noticeable” immigration reform began, and efforts on education and employee training programs also unfolded… …Pritt’s response team to mental health issues is beginning efforts to work with local and statewide governments…

–, 4/26/2021


Premiered: April 29, 2021

Genre(s): drama/biopic/political drama/medical drama

Directed by: Katheryn Bigelow
Written by: Joan Stone and Jane Sloan
Produced by: Gloria Decker and Jasmine Stern


Kirstie Alley as Helen Meyner
Kate McKinnon as Barbara Boggs Sigmund
Troy Singleton as Dr. Leonard Novick
Jeffrey Duncan Jones as Robert Meyner
Neve Campbell as Carol Bellamy

See Full List Here


The film centers on the lives of two prominent female New Jersey politicians – US Rep. Helen Meyner (1929-1997), the wife of a former Governor, and Princeton Borough Mayor Barbara Boggs Sigmund (1939-1990) – and focuses on their professional alliance and personal friendship. The film also portrays the drama of Sigmund (known for sporting an iconic eyepatch during her fight with cancer) fighting for her political beliefs while also dealing with a terminal illness.


The film received generally favorite reviews and was a modest success at the box office.

Trivia Facts:

Trivia Fact No. 1: comedian Kate McKinnon, in an effort to prove herself as a serious actress, was cast against type for this role


INTERVIEW: SpongeBob Creator Talks Health Scare And Returning to Company

…Stephen Hillenburg, the founder of SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine, stepped down from leading the kid-friendly seafood restaurant chain in 2016 after being diagnosed with early-stage brain cancer. [10] After four years of battling this life-threatening health crisis, Hillenburg has beaten the cancer and is returning to the company as a creative consultant. Bryan Hillenburg, who is Stephen’s brother and has been involved in the company since its founding, has manned the helm of the company since his brother’s 2016 resignation, and is reforming the company model to base it off KFC’s “early” years of growth and success…

Nation’s Restaurant News, monthly trade publication, May 2021 issue

MOTHER-POST: What Is “Stephen’s Secret Recipe?”

This has probably been posted before, but Stephen Hillenburg’s brother reveal two years ago that the SpongeBob seafood chain’s best and most famous dish, the Krabby Patty, is made with sesame seeds, two slices of cheddar, over 3 cups of chopped onions, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 patties of crab meat infused with the “secret sauce,” two tomato slices, lettuce or kelp, and a special seasoning. He didn’t get any more specific than that. I tried out this recipe but it doesn’t taste as delicious as the real Krabby Patty because nobody knows what’s in the secret sauce and seasonings. Anyone have any ideas?

>Reply 1:

Here are the ingredients I use whenever I make Krabby Patties at home: Wholesome Fields-brand sesame buns, Bumblebee imitation crab meat mixed with 2 tsps chopped celery and 2 tsps chopped onion, 4-6 tablespoons veggie oil, 1 tsps thyme, and Old Bay

>>Reply 1 to Reply 1:

Interesting! I add 2 eggs to 1 Lb frozen imitation crab meat (defrosted and smashed into my food processor) plus 4 cups seasoned bread crumbs I pick up from my local Stop-to-Shop.

>Reply 2:

I’ve posted this before on the other threads posted right after that interview: Adding 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard I think gives it a kick that hits close to home, so I bet some kind of mustard in involved.

>>Reply 1 to Reply 2:

I don’t know, I thought the Hillenburgs used “local ingredients” (as in food that can be naturally found in the Pacific)?

>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Reply 2:

This. Their ontech menu credits the food – right-click on the description and a message pops up saying something like “the [recipe or ingredients] come from the [some tribe] people of [name of some island or whatever],” and there’s some more culture ID-ing awareness-raising junk after that.”

>Reply 3:

I don’t like the color yellow on my food (I’m very picky like that), so I use white cheddar cheese, Vermont Special-brand.

>Reply 4:

I think ketchup is a part of the secret sauce. Doesn’t Heinz have a longstanding agreement with SBUC, or am I thinking of McDs or Burger King or something?

>Reply 5:

Interesting! I use Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickles

>Reply 6:

The Special Sauce has got to be some combo of mayonnaise and Old Bay seasoning because I can’t help but taste those 2 things every time!

>>Reply 1 to Reply 6:

Hi I’m In Tel-Aviv right now they just opened up of these places near where I work:


[pic: ]
I tried one of their Krabby Patties once and I was blown away by the sauce. It’s flavor reminded me of those Ollie’s Trolleys places (I visited Chicago last year and I stopped by one – it was delicious!) but I didn’t taste any mayonnaise.

>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Reply 6:

No mayo taste? Huh. That’s odd. Either not all taste buds work the same or maybe the company tweaks the recipe for different places.

>>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Reply 6:

I don’t think so – I’ve had KFC in London and in Chicago and I don’t remember tasting any difference.

>>>Reply 2 to Reply 1 to Reply 6:

How many American fast food chains are in Tel-Aviv?

>>>>Reply 1 to Reply 2 to Reply 1 to Reply 6:

Many but not too many. We’re careful not to cover the map with them to preserve the city’s integrity, but we’ve got a good variety.

>Reply 7:

Here’s what I use in my version of the Krabby Patty recipe: 2 buns with sesame seeds, 2 slices classic American cheddar, 3 cups chopped onion, 1 tsp Himalayan salt, imitation crab meat, 2 tomato slices, plus some diced tomatoes and seasoning mixed into the crab meat (or, 2 Angus beef patties). Ketchup and mustard to top. Lettuce is a must. I serve with kelp on the side to keep up the nautical theme.

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 5/4/2021

SOURCE: Willie McCool Is “Considering” A Run For Higher Office!

…after being one of the first humans to walk on the service of Mars in the Marstronaut Mission of 2003, McCool (b. 1961) retired from serving as an astronaut in 2006 and worked for NASA until 2015, when he retired from the space agency to successfully run for an open seat in the US House of Representatives in 2016. …Early hypothetical polling shows that McCool could very easily win a bid for either a gubernatorial or US Senatorial run from his home state of Texas. McCool, a moderate Republican with libertarian and populist appeal, has yet to indicate which exact race he is considering entering…

–, 5/8/2021 e-alert


…President Pritt and First Gentleman James Midkiff are set to meet Queen Elizabeth II during a trip to the UK later this year, but “only after achieving several legislative goals and not sooner,” according to the White House Press Secretary. …The Queen, who ascended to the throne in 1952 and currently is the longest-reigning monarch in the world, has continuously played a major role in US-UK diplomatic relations. She has met with every US President since then, except for Presidents Harley Brown and Charlotte Pritt, and at various places, including Buckingham Palace, the White House, and even a Kentucky Colonels game. Here is a look at what the Queen's relationships and meetings with US presidents have been like over the decades.

1: Harry Truman
The Queen traveled to Washington, D.C. for the first time to meet President Harry Truman on November 1, 1951 when she was still a princess. She had a formal dinner with the Trumans during a visit that had immediately followed a royal tour of Canada.

2: Dwight D. Eisenhower
The queen developed a close friendship with President Dwight Eisenhower, who hosted Her Majesty for her first state visit to the US as queen. They corresponded by letter for years — with the queen even sharing her recipe for grilled scones with Eisenhower. [11]

3: Lyndon B. Johnson

LBJ met with the Queen during his 1961 tour of France and England, during an effort to improve foreign support for US intervention in Cuba. The two bonded over horseback riding, with Elizabeth visiting Johnson’s Texas ranch in early 1966.

4: Harland Sanders
The Queen hosted the First Couple at Buckingham Palace in 1965, where The Colonel made a few faux pas [12] but otherwise made a good impression, with the Queen reportedly finding him “rough, but very charming.” Their relationship grew closer through their shared love of dogs and horses. In early 1990, the Queen granted the Colonel honorary knighthood – the highest distinction the UK awards foreigners – in recognition of his lifetime achievements. When Sanders died, Elizabeth reflected that he was “a good friend and ally, and a true patriot.”

5: Walter Mondale
Developing a good relationship with the Queen contributed to the success of US-UK action in Uganda in 1976. The iconic image of Mondale dancing with The Queen during a visit to Buckingham Palace occurred in 1977. However, the Queen reportedly felt “upstaged and outshined” by First Lady Joan Mondale, who was almost the same age as her and was known for being more publicly energetic than her predecessor.

6: Jeremiah Denton
In a 1981 White House visit, Denton made an on-air gaffe that was infamous in the UK – he repeatedly referred to the Queen as “Your Highness” and to Prince Phillip as “Your Majesty” (it’s His Highness and Her Majesty). Other than that incident, the two leaders reportedly had a “strong and healthy” working relationship, especially in 1984, the year the Soviet Union collapsed. However, the death of Prince Andrew in 1982 led to the Queen developing a more personal rapport with then-Second Lady Joan Kemp, who once suffered a miscarriage, and an even closer personal relationship with the wife Australian PM Manfred Cross, whose 10-year-old son had died from a heart ailment in 1981.

7: Jack Kemp
Upon the Kemps entering the White House, the Queen’s relationship with the couple grew closer, especially with Joanne, with the two of them reportedly often talking about family. After Kemp lost re-nomination in 1988, Elizabeth asked, during one of many documented phone conversations with the First Couple, “Can’t you just continue to run anyway, dear?” The Kemps maintained contact with the Queen for years afterward, most notably spending time on her yachts and her country estates during the 1990s, with Jack reportedly eventually becoming “quite good” at rugby.

8: Carol Bellamy
Upon visiting Buckingham Palace in 1989, the Queen called America’s first female President “very bright and enthusiastic,” but received some criticism in the US for saying it was a “shame” she was not married. During the Queen’s 1991 visit to the US, then-US Senator Harley Sanders, whom she first met in 1967 when he was a part of his father’s administration, convinced the two of them to take in a basketball game in Louisville between the Colonels and the Lakers, marking the first time the Queen had been to a professional US basketball game.

9: Lee Iacocca
Their “friendly” relationship began in 1993, when the Queen attended a baseball game with him; both were escorted onto the field and Iacocca let her throw out the first pitch. The two maintained what has been described as a “lively” and “humorous” correspondence; after Iacocca’s assassination, the Queen ordered the creation of a physical memorial for him in London, and the founding of a scholarship fund in Iacocca’s honor.

10: Larry Miles Dinger
The Queen famously disagreed with UK PM John Lennon on several issues, most publicly on his opposition to the UK participating the US invasion of Korea, which he believed at the time would devolve into “another Cuba.” This “impersonal” relationship contrasted with the friendliness on display with the Dinger family, whom she first met in 1996 in D.C.; a year later, she visiting the President’s family farm in Iowa, and the Frist Couple visited one of the Queen’s country estates in early 1999.

11: Jesse Jackson
The President and First Lady went to Buckingham Palace for lunch in 2001, and reportedly committed several minor faux pas during the somewhat-informal meeting. Maintaining a good “working relationship,” especially during efforts to boost public morale and hope during the SARS pandemic of 2002-2003, the Queen reportedly “appreciated” his passion for helping people, and the two seem to mutually respect each other. However, Jesse Jackson privately found her lifestyle “too stuffy for my taste,” as he put it in a 2015 ABC interview.

12: Paul Wellstone
Wellstone discussed vaccine distribution efforts with the Queen via a VidCall in 2003, but met her in-person for the first time in 2009. The First Couple met with the Queen and Prince Phillip in Minnesota after her first-ever trip to Minnesota’s Mall of America, and the two couples exchanged gifts.

13: Kelsey Grammer
The Queen visited Grammer’s California home in 2015; First Lady Melissa said in an interview last month that during the stay, “We spent that evening with the Queen sitting in our main living room. I’d just had Billy, so she gave us tips on child-raising like she was a sage and trusted aunt.” The Queen reported finding Grammer to be “a very charming and proper gentleman,” and enjoyed chatting multiple topics with him via VidCall.

14: Harley Brown
The Queen spoke to Harley over the phone only twice before he left office, but never met in-person. Brown reportedly he found to be "one classy lady," while the Queen's sole comment on him so far has been "Well, he's certainly a passionate fellow."

President Pritt plans to visit U.K. schools and tour their green energy initiatives during her visit, which the White House Press Secretary says will “most likely occur in late July or early August, if we maintain the current rate of legislative accomplishments.”

– businessinsider, 5/11/2021 e-article

Cheese Curds
Chili Cheese Fries
Cole Slaw
Cool Fries (ranch-dressing-infused baked fries)
Coral Bits (bite-sized shrimp-and-bacon (or shrimp-and-veggie) batter balls)
Chili Coral Bits
Extra Chili Coral Bits
Crab Cake
Crispity Crunchities
Cube Ketchup Kabobs
Curly Fries
Golden Loaf (with or without Stephen’s Secret Sauce)
Green Beans
Natural Cut Fries
Okra Spears
Onion Rings
Patty Pal
Popcorn Shrimp
Rice Bowl
Sea Sir Salad
Sludge Pudding
Sweet Corn
WOW Soup
Yummy Bunz Patty

Batterless Cod (with sweet & sour butter, creamy garlic butter, or both)
Batterless Shrimp Scampi
Chicken-of-the-Sea Basket
Clam Platter
Fish Tacos Platter
Fish Sandwich Party Pack

Fish Sticks
“Gilled” Cheese
Mini Corndogs
Shrimp Sticks
Silly Meal

Seafoam Soda
Diet Dr. Kelp

– Sides/Specials/Kids Meals/Drinks found on the Menu (“Galley Grub”) at most SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine locations in the U.S.,, c. May 2021


[pic: ]

– Interior “dining section” of a SpongeBob’s location in Austin, Texas, c. May 2021

“My staff didn’t want me to break tradition and resign early, but Marissa and I didn’t feel like just staying around. I’m an active kind of guy. I don’t linger. When a job is done, it’s time to move on. Especially since the pressures of that office had burned me out.”

“No, um, I don’t think resigning early is going to start a trend, that doesn’t even make sense to me. Typically, politicians want to spend as much time in office as possible. What I did was an exception to the rule due to extraordinary circumstances. I had a heart attack eight years ago, and so I was concerned about my health, I was becoming stressed and fatigued, and, well, and Marissa and I really had no more to do there. I had set out to deregulate government and crack down on wasteful spending, and I had already done all of that.”

– Kelsey Grammer, first post-presidency interview, KNN, 5/15/2021

UNEMPLOYMENT RATE REACHES 1.7%, UP FROM 2019’S LOW OF 1.5%; Experts Blame Automation And “Restrictive” Wage And Work Practices

–, 5/17/2021 e-alert [13]

21 May 2021: On this day in history, Disneyland Rio opened; it was the first Disney Theme Park to open in South America, and the seventh and most recent Disney Theme Park to open overall, after Disneyland (California, US), Disney World (Florida, US), Tokyo Disneyland (Japan), Euro-Disneyland (Barcelona, Spain), Disneyland Sidney (Australia), and Disneyland Hong Kong (Hong Kong); as of late 2021, proposals to open an eighth Disney Theme Park somewhere on the continent of Africa have not been finalized.


“Those technet rumors are completely false. We are aware that FLG Inc. operates a small KFC outlet in Antarctica, but we do not have any plans to open a Disney Store one in Antarctica due to how unfeasible that would be. Now, admittedly, we have looked at the South Georgia and Sandwich Islands to study the feasibility of them possibly sustaining a Disney store, a small Disney-themed hotel, or some Disney ‘mini-park’ of two or three rides or so for people who visit the area. But we have no plans for Antarctica.”

– Disney spokesperson, 5/22/2021


–, 5/23/2021

EXPERTS WARN: Social Security Will Run Out By 2035

…we have only 14 years until the trust fund is completely exhausted,” warns Larry Kudlow…

The Financial Times, 5/24/2021


…efforts to minimize the effects of automation on America’s workforce are already underway…

The New York Times, 5/28/2021

…Analysts speculate that the 2020s will see “Dollar Wars,” as inflation rates slowly devalue American currency. They further speculate that the Treasury Department will be at the forefront of efforts to stabilize the US dollar during these conflicts. “India’s currency is currently suffering a drop in value over the fallout of a market manipulation scheme making headlines, so we’re already seeing how a scandal or a recession in the near future could impact the US’ currency rate,” says Henry Paulson…

The Financial Times, 6/2/2021


Washington, DC – President Pritt has been in office for less than six months, but several Republican politicians are already laying down the groundwork for 2024 races. Whether these are trips to battleground primary states or meetings with party donors and leaders, here are 24 (or maybe 23?) Republicans that may be looking to unseat Pritt in the 2024 Presidential election.


Likely due to their prominence in combating the SARS pandemic of 2002-2003, every US President since 2001 has come from a governorship instead of from the Senate. Similarly, Kwame Raoul is the first V.P. to previously serve in the Senate since James H. Meredith.

Brian Calley of Michigan (b. 1977) – A sign that Democrats believe he would make a formidable challenger in 2024 is the amount of money Democratic donors are throwing at their side of the 2022 race for Governor of Michigan; Calley, an inoffensive moderate with bipartisan appeal known for his autism awareness work may run in 2024.

Twinkle Cavanaugh of Alabama (b. 1966) – A conservative with moderate, Cavanaugh is reportedly “keeping her eye” on the 2024 primaries; elected in 2018, the state’s former Public Service Commissioner will be term-limited in 2022 and allegedly could easily mount a populist “Harley-lite” bid in 2024.

Hal Heiner of Kentucky (b. 1951) – Elected in late 2015 and again in the pro-Democratic year of 2019, Heiner has repeatedly praised Colonel Sanders and has spoken frequently of America “need[ing] another President from Kentucky.”

Jennifer Sandra Johnson of Florida (b. 1959) – While no failed VP nominee has successfully run for their party’s nomination in the modern era (just look up Dick Lugar, Gene Green, Eldon Bargewell, Gary Johnson, and Bob Casey), Johnson could break the trend; she was able to walk a fine line during her debate with Kwame Raoul last year and could hold her own again in 2024.

Barack “Rocky” McCain of Montana (b. 1961) – The “master debater” with a military background and a moderate record expressing interest in running for President, for Senator, or for Governor again in 2024 in a TON interview last month; he could unite the GOP’s pro-HDB and anti-HDB factions.

Kimberly Ann McFadden of Iowa (b. 1959) – Touting a “law-and-order” record, this fairly religious conservative has been in office since 2015 and has met with several GOP leaders and donors since Brown lost last year’s race.

James Richard “Rick” Perry of Texas (b. 1950) – A former Democrat who first served as Governor from 1987 to 1995 and unsuccessfully ran for President 25 years ago in 1996, this conservative Uganda veteran switched parties under President Jackson and mounted a political comeback in 2018; he is reportedly considering another run for the White House in 2024.

Randy Randall Rudy Quaid of Nevada (b. 1950) – This actor-turned-Governor-turned-actor lost re-election in 2018 but could win over a bulk of populists with his anti-establishment talk; he says he may run in 2024 if his preferred candidate, Harley Brown, declines to run again.

T. W. Shannon of Oklahoma (b. 1978) – This African-American/Chickasaw-American former banker has been in office since 2019; while he has not yet expressed interest in running, there is a small but passionate movement ontech trying to convince him to run in 2024.

Jasper Schneider of North Dakota (b. 1979) – This business-friendly moderate has focused on “everyday” issues ever since he mounted a bid for his current office in 2015, and he has reportedly spoken with several political donors since winning re-election last November.


Until recently, the US Senate was a common place for Presidents to come from, given the chamber’s tendency to give its members a national platform to address major foreign and domestic issues. Perhaps the trend will return in 2024 with one of the following candidates.

Lisa J. Billy of Oklahoma (b. 1967) – In office since 2017, this Chickasaw-American previously served in the state House from 2004 to 2016; a moderate from a western state, she has a notably independent streak in her voting record that some of her supporters say would make her “a great President.”

Shawn Bradley of Utah (b. 1972) – Born in Germany to an American father, the 7-ft-6-in Mormon former NBA player has also been in office since 2017, after serving in the state House from 2011 to 2016; also a moderate, he has expressed interest in running, but it is unclear is he was joking about it or not.

Ted Gatsas of New Hampshire (b. 1950) – In office since 2011, this Greek-American conservative was a strong support of HDB in 2020, but mentioned “testing the waters” of a 2024 run in a recent radio interview.

Trey Grayson of Kentucky (b. 1972) – Having already declared a bid for a second term in 2022, some analysts believe his early campaign is an effort to determine his popularity among GOP donors ahead of a 2024 campaign.

Gilbert Gutkneckt of Minnesota (b. 1951) – Despite having last won public office back in 1996 (and retired from the chamber in 2002 to unsuccessfully run for President in 2004), this moderate recently said he was “seriously looking into launching” what would very likely be a long-shot White House bid.

Randal Howard “Rand” Paul of North Carolina (b. 1963) – Originally going by “Howie Paul” prior to following his father into politics, this former ophthalmologist unsuccessfully challenged Harley Brown in last year’s Republican primaries, and could capitalize off that bid with a second one.

Rex Floyd Rammell of Idaho (b. 1961) – Another doctor, this one a veterinarian, and a highly religious Mormon and conservative one to boot, Rammell recently expressed interest in running for President should Harley Brown decline to do so.

Manny Sethi of Tennessee (b. 1978) – The third doctor on this list (this one an orthopedic surgeon), Sethi was motivated by political reactions the SARS pandemic to enter politics, leading to him winning a US Senate special election in 2017; he is a moderate that several India-American groups say should run.

Sarah Hearne Steelman of Missouri (b. 1958) – In office since 2013, this conservative former state Treasurer was almost selected to be Harley Brown’s running mate last year; she is reportedly considering foregoing running for re-election in 2024 to instead run for President that year.

Marian Orr of Wyoming (b. 1970) – A divorcé and survivor of domestic violence, this first-term lawmaker is popular among conservative feminists who are currently trying to convince her to run for President after winning re-election to the Senate next year.

Allen West of Florida (b. 1961) – In office since 2013, this retired US Army Colonel was a strong supporter of Harley Brown in 2024; if his recent visits to New Hampshire and other early primary states are any indication, he may be considering a White House bid, likely as a “successor” to Brown’s campaign style.


Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman of California (b. 1956) – A wealthy GOP donor and businessperson who has worked for multiple companies over the years has considered running for public office before but never actually has; in a recent interview, she said “[in] 2022 or 2024, it might be a different story.”

Harley Davidson Brown of Idaho (b. 1954) – the former US President and the loser of last year’s election could run on a campaign of buyer’s remorse; early hypothetical polling shows that roughly 40% of GOP voters would back him running again; if he indeed runs, the race for the GOP nomination will be a referendum on him and his unique brand.

Gordon Perry Robertson of Virginia (b. 1958) – This “ultra-conservative” televangelist pastor closely associated with THN very recently expressed interest in launching a socially-conservative “outsider” bid for President, as either a Republican or an independent.


>Comment 1:

It’s times like these that make me wonder, what would The Colonel think of these GOP standard-bearers?

>>Reply 1 to Comment 1:

I think he’d like Brown’s style, maybe not all his talking points, like getting rid of several big-time social programs (instead of, you know, increasing domestic productivity/GDP) to balance the budget, but they’d definitely get along.

>>Reply 2 to Comment 1:

I think The Colonel would call out all of them for being corrupt, spineless, and uncaring oafs!

>>>Reply 1 to Reply 2 to Comment 1:

Of course The Chicken King would disapprove of the current ensemble of would-be Presidents; not one of them has ever run their own fast-food chain before! Now that’s Presidential material! :p (But in all seriousness, Go Jenny Johnson!)

>Comment 2:

None of this matters – Pritt’s going to win in a landslide in 2024!

>Comment 3:

My money’s on Harley. Because I read the whole article and I still don’t know who any of these people are!

–, 6/3/2021


…conservative lawmakers are strongly opposing calls for the passing of a nationwide “basic income” program, pointing out the effectiveness of the National Income Tax Rebate program founded in the early 1970s…

The Washington Post, 6/4/2021

SOURCE: Hillary Rodham-Clinton Is “Looking Into” Running For President In 2024

…she would be 77 years old upon entering office, but we have had older Presidents before – Colonel Sanders won re-election at the age of 78…

– The Kingsport Times-News, Tennessee newspaper, 6/6/2021


[HRC pic: ]

–, c. June 2021


…state General Assembly Jamel Curtis Holley (D, b. 1979) the progressive African-American former Mayor of Roselle, bested several moderate and populist candidates in tonight’s gubernatorial Democratic primary election, including initial frontrunner Rush Holt… …Holley claims Reith’s property tax relief are worsening conditions for the lower classes…

…On the Republican side of the night, Governor Glenn K. Reith easily trounced challengers Anna Campbell Little and Kevin J. O’Toole, demonstrating the incumbent’s popularity among registered Republicans…

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey newspaper, 6/10/2021

“DEEP SORROW”: Prince Phillip Dies In Windsor Castle 4 Days After Turning 100

…the longest-serving royal consort in British history passed away this morning in Windsor Castle. The official statement from the royal family says he “died peacefully.” The Duke of Edinburgh had suffered heart ailments in recent months, most recently in early May, but his official cause of death is not disclosed. A former officer in the British Navy known for his humour, he married into the royal family in 1947 and became consort in 1952. He is survived by the Queen and their children Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward. A fourth child, Prince Andrew, died in a helicopter crash in 1982. The Duke also had ten grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren… UK Prime Minister Guy Standing expressed his condolences immediate after the statement was made, soon followed by our Governor-General describing Philip’s death as “a sad day for all.”…

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian newspaper, 13/6/2021

Justice Department To Launch Crackdowns On Insider Trading, Increase Monitoring On Corporate Malpractice

…“White Collar crime is an epidemic that cannot be ignored,” announced US Attorney General Paul Fong…

– Reuters, 6/17/2021


…South Africa’s Vice President, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka (b. 1955), says she is “certain [that] Pritt will continue the strong diplomacy of President Grammer”…

–, 6/18/2021


…the historically important anniversary finally became a National Holiday in 2006 under President Jesse Jackson [14]

–, 6/19/2021


…“It’s something I’ve never stopped loving. It’s something I love to do,” the former President said in a recent 60 minutes interview…

–, 6/20/2021

THE RESULTS ARE IN!: It’s Biaggi Vs. Ulrich!

…Across NYC, voters took to the polls tonight and voted for the Democratic and Republican nominees for this November’s race to succeed the term-limited Mayor McMillen. On the Democratic side, city councilperson Alessandra Biaggi, the moderate-populist granddaughter of the legendary (and controversial) Governor and Senator Mario Biaggi, won over six other candidates. On the Republican side, another city councilperson, the lesser-known moderate Eric Ulrich, easily defeat three lesser-known candidates. With both nominees being under the age of 40, this race could be a “generational shift in city politics,” as the 74-year-old McMillen put it earlier tonight. “Hopefully the next generation of leaders will both learn from the mistakes of past generations, and embrace the successes of those same generations, and will know the difference between the mistakes and the successes.”…

The New York Times, 6/22/2021


…Saturday Night Live has perpetuated many Presidential stereotypes throughout its run, from depicting the Ghost of Lyndon Johnson as a foulmouthed Texan with poor health habits (1989) to Colonel Sanders as a larger-than-life hero than makes actual superheroes green with envy (1980)… Such positive or negative portrayals have influenced public perception, which explains how The Colonel has become so legendary that many assumptions about him often turn out to be wrong, and his connections to more negative aspects of his Presidency are often overlooked by the general public… …Because of rose-colored glasses, many Americans erroneously believe that Walter Mondale was very liberal when was considered somewhat moderate when in office… Denton was a complicated historical figure, not a sneaking trickster as often suggested by SNL and other comedy shows. …There is a notable leftward tilt to how Presidents are depicted in pop culture; for example, Jack Kemp is often depicted negatively, as a football-loving brute, while Carol Bellamy is consistently presented as an accomplished feminist icon. …While alive, Iacocca was often presented as a stereotypical Italian mobster, but after he was assassinated, his blue-collar appeal and “tough guy” persona were the primary focus… …President Dinger was called “ultra-jingoistic” by critics and “unreasonably patriotic” by defenders during the War on Recreadrugs that reached a height in the late 1990s… …Now the comedians of late night talk shows have a new President to form stereotypes on. And so far, Pritt has been described as a “soccer mom” and a “biker-less biker chick,” the latter of which must be particularly insulting to former President Harley Brown…

National Review, June 2021 article


1) F. Roosevelt – consistently ranked as one of the most popular US Presidents in modern history, even 76 years after his passing

2) Iacocca – martyred by his assassination 26 years ago, he is held in very high regard despite historians judging his presidency to be arguably average

3) Sanders – one of the most well-known Presidents of the modern era, consistently ranked high despite some historians calling him “above-average”

4) Eisenhower – most popular among those who remember him presiding over an era often looked back on fondly as allegedly being prosperous and stable

5) Jackson – a favorite among many progressive Democrats, the first African-American POTUS received praise for his handling of the SARS pandemic, several major hurricanes, and his efforts at recreadrug and police precinct reform

6) Mondale – a favorite among many moderate Democrats, he is often slightly above-average; he was a liberal icon for the Democratic party until Bellamy, then Jackson, then Wellstone overshadowed his accomplishments

7) Bellamy – best remembered for being America’s first female President and for finally establishing universal healthcare in the US in 1990

8) Grammer – celebrated by libertarians for his deregulation policies, he is nonetheless controversial, criticized on the political right for his handling of cyberattacks and the 2013 recession, and criticized on the left for cutting funding to social programs, his 2017 tax reform, and his November 2020 resignation

9) Wellstone – best known for being a historic milestone than for the actions he took while in office to improve infrastructure and combat anti-Semitism

10) Truman – scholars see him as highly pivotal, but citizens usually rank him as “average,” especially as the decades pass and public memory of him fades

11) Johnson – a divisive figure remembered more for his foreign policy than his domestic accomplishments, he consistently falls in the middle of such tiers, though historians and Texas Democrats hold him in much higher regard

12) Dinger – he led the US into its most recent “full war,” or fully-declared/official war, but his handling of both the War on Recreadrugs, and, to a lesser extent, the economic downturn in 1999 and the rise in technet-based pestering, damaged the reputation and goodwill he earned from said conflict

13) Kemp – best remembered for both his professional football career and establishing ZEDs nationwide

14) Brown – while only serving in office for a short time (often leading to him being excluded from Presidential rankings, alongside James Garfield and William Henry Harrison), he had an active tenure that saw him deregulate several institutions and promote religious freedom

15) Denton – unpopular for his involvement in the Lukens Hush Money Scandal, his defenders tout his handling of the Libya War and the end of the Cold War

16) Hoover – despite him doing much to help post-WWI Europe, Hoover is best remembered for his very poor handling of the Great Depression

(note: Pritt is not included in these polls due to being the incumbent President)


1) Iacocca

2) Sanders

3) Eisenhower

4) Grammer

5) Kemp

6) Dinger

7) Brown

8) Denton

9) Hoover


1) Iacocca

2) Sanders

3) Kemp

4) Eisenhower

5) Grammer

6) Brown

7) Hoover

8) Dinger

9) Denton


1) F. Roosevelt

2) Jackson

3) Mondale

4) Bellamy

5) Wellstone

6) Johnson

7) Truman


1) F. Roosevelt

2) Mondale

3) Johnson

4) Jackson

5) Bellamy

6) Wellstone

7) Truman

–, c. June 2021


…born October 1, 1924, Carter served as a US Senator from 1973 to 1977 and as the US Secretary of State from 1977 to 1981... He also served as the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 1980, and ran for President in 1984…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 21/6/2021


…while recreational marijuana was decriminalized in 2006 nationwide, it was not legalized. This bill, however, would legalize it in all 52 states, finally allowing for a nationwide regulated recreadrug industry… Anti-MJ local government officials, however, are swearing that they will place limitations on when and where recreadrugs can be used, similar to how alcohol is treated with “dry” and “wet” counties across the country…

The Washington Post, 6/23/2021

President Pritt Approval Rating:

Approve: 55.4%

Disapprove: 35.5%

Unsure: 9.1%

– Gallup, 6/26/2021

“Roughly 70 years ago, my great-great-grandfather placed a collection of ingredients and a modified pressure fryer into his jalopy and drove across this great state of ours looking for anyone who would go for an idea of his. He didn’t have a netsite, he didn’t have a resume, he didn’t have any documentation at all. He just had a skill and a plan. He’d show potential buyers how to make his chicken, and they’d agree to a partnership on a handshake. Just a handshake. My ancestor and namesake, The Colonel, was truly a remarkable man. Not only was his idea for how to expand his business from a single restaurant and hotel to a modest chain unlikely to succeed, but it’d be almost impossible to replicate in modern times.

But his idea ultimately worked. Eventually, he found diners, restaurants and kitchens willing to sell his chicken. His business plan paid off. And why? Because he never stopped trying to be a success. He never doubted himself throughout his whole life. Every time he failed to find his calling in one job, he acknowledged it, but he didn’t give up. He just took what he had learned from the experience and applied it to his next big project, his next enterprise, his next adventure. Over and over again. Until he finally made it big, and even then, he just kept going. He never gave up. I think that is the kind of work ethic to which we should all aspire. And I think dedicating this school to him is the kind of legacy that he would smile at and say that it was finger lickin’ good.”


[pic: ]

– Harland David “Vinnie” Sanders V (b. 1985), at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Colonel Sanders School of Business, Florence, KY, 6/30/2021

[1] Italicized bits were pulled from Brown’s iconic debate performance!
[2] Cropped image, pulled from some episode of either Colbert or Seth Meyers
[3] Look at the picture of Payette on her wiki page, showing her when she was younger and in the Canadian Space Agency; doesn’t she kind of look like Sigourney Weaver a little bit?: (let me know who should play her if you disagree)
[4] OTL!:
[5] Italicized passages pulled from here:
[6] OTL quote!
[7] Based on OTL advancements:
[8] This actually isn’t ASB at all: O’Neal really did say he was going to run for this job back in 2017!:; italicized bits are from this source, too.
[9] Also OTL:
[10] The origins of ALS are not clearly understood; it’s either hereditary or environmental or both; but here, Hillenburg grew up largely in Ohio, not California, so it’s possible he lives longer here (or maybe this is just wish fulfillment hidden under the excuse of the Butterfly Effect, I’m honestly not sure)…
[11] Pulled from here:
[12] Relevant photograph found here!:
[13] Much lower than IOTL due to the existence of the National Income Tax Rebate ITTL
[14] As implied in Chapter 90 (I think…)

Okay, I said I only wanted to know about one thing, but I can't help it. We have one chapter left. I need to say this.
I wonder what happened with Jackass.
Phil Clap (a.k.a. Johnny Knoxville) may still be born in Knoxville, TN in 1971 like in OTL; inspired by Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson, he pursues an acting career but only gets bit parts; inspired by Jim Varney rising to fame after returning home and starring in iconic "Ernest" commercials, Knoxville returns to his hometown in the 1990s to create his own public access TV show "Camp Crush-It" (basically him "crushing" his hand, head, feet, balls, etc in various stunts in his back yard, similar to "Super Dave Osborne"). It becomes one of the first shows to have all of its episodes uploaded to the technet, and becomes a huge hit among US soldiers stationed in southern Korea in 1996. This led to him getting a deal with TumbleweedTV. Soon, rival shows popped up (Camp Cut Yourself, HBO, starring Bam Margera; The Jerks, THN, starring Spike Jonze; The Gutterhead Gang, TON, starring Ashton Kutcher, David Hasselhoff and Carmen Electra), but none could really eclipse Camp Crush-It. Knoxville's show, which also featured Rick Kosick, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and others, ran from 1997 to 2005. Film-length specials premiered in 2006, 2010, and 2018.

The next update (The Epilogue)’s Time of Arrival: The Fourth of July!
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Nooooo! It can't end I need more! George Floyd on the Supreme Court was a stroke of brilliance my friend. I must say it felt slightly strange reading about TTL's 2021. I really enjoyed the rankings of the Presidents of this TL and the Queen and all the President's she's meet. Prince Phillip still passes away in TTL:( I also liked that the Green New Deal was able to pass. Something tells me Pritt might overtake Wellstone as the most progressive President. The epilogue.... I wouldn't be ready!
Well damn, this is great! One last stroke of brilliance having George Floyd be on the Supreme Court, terrific. I am scared to read the epilogue, for then it will be all over and what shall I do then?! Nah, I kid, this is good stuff. I'm curious to see what, if anything, you'll be doing after this. Whatever it is, I'll definitely be reading it!
Loving how you brought it full circle by having the Colonel's great-great-grandson dedicating a school to him.

George Floyd as a Supreme Court Justice... there are no words I can use to properly describe the brilliance of this.

Liking the list of the Queen's relationships with the Presidents.

BTW, had a few pop culture questions. During the rundown of TTL's version of the Nightmare on Elm St franchise, you mentioned crossovers with Leprechaun and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So, what are those franchises like ITTL? Oh, and also Child's Play, if that hasn't been covered yet (I can't remember if it has or not).
Wow what a good chapter. I was not expecting George Floyd to become a Supreme Court Justice. What a wild ride. Glad Mondale got to become president ITTL. Also WV being the Vermont of the South IMO could be explored more. The thought of Appalachian states becoming suburbanized is really interesting. Imagining the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and West Virginia being a Silicon Valley analogue would be a cool idea in another TL. I’m not an expert on Silicon Valley so my idea probably isn’t plausible IMO. I’ve thought about that one line way too much.

The Epilogue will probably be great. Can’t wait to see what you do next!