Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

So a while back, @XFE posted an essay by Mao in a Tianjin newspaper before he joined the CCP. In it, he argued against Chinese unification and for a Republic of Human. This led me to believe that Mao is a federalist in KR,given that the KMT isn't too strong in Hunan.
Mao is either dead or a school teacher in Sichuan who’s going to die in the famine he’s utterly irrelevant
So I am trying to do a KR world where everything is cursed and the player's job is to either make it worse or slightly more blessed.
For the US, I'm thinking of making it either Christian Commonwealth under Pelley, or a military dictatorship under Moseley. While Pelley is obviously more cursed, I'm leaning towards the latter because I've been reading a bit about the Brazilian military dictatorship (thanks @Gukpard ) and Huey is a lot like Vargas IMO.
What do y'all think?
And yes, Canada will be NatPop.
Wait. Natpop Canada? How is that possible? (Except puppeted by Pelley?)
Any Federalist or Zhili or Manchu Qing cow jokes?
Federalists: You have two cows. Both of them cannot give milk until Li Zongren supporters attempt to assassinate Governor Chen
Zhili: You have two cows- one a Han warlord and the other a Manchu noble. They both hate each other
Manchu- Your farm is in ruins,your cows don't give milk, but at least there are none of those Zhili cows around
At game start Delhi is a military dictatorship under Ganga Singh where popular resentment against the lack of political freedom is about to boil over. The crisis of George V's death and the subsequent Indian-Afghan War then paves the way for the restoration of the constitution and the return of free elections. Who are these strongmen you talk about? Didn't know that Jinnah, B.R. Ambedkar and J.R.D Tata were despots.

It's the remnants of the first Dominion/Home Rule League government established through the 1925 Anglo-Indian Treaty. British rule in India is a controversial subject and the historiography filled with different interpretations. However, to say that the Brits didn't even see the Indians as actual people is going way over board, IMHO.

Honest question: Have you read the lore behind the current setup?

The current incarnation of KR India was first published in 2015, IIRC. It was the first rework done since the mod for HoI2 was released and came about after several years of work and research done by a single guy - yours truly.

Original KR India was split three ways (which is why that was carried on over in the second iteration), but without the Madras Republic. Content-wise, almost nothing existed except a few events regarding building defences against Delhi (for the princes) and some domestic events for Delhi between two fictious political parties. Leader, minister and tech-team files had to be remade from scratch for all three major powers, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Burma (the latter being ruled at game start by members of the 1962 junta). Essentially, it was a completely barren part of the mod.

Good to know that the literal years worth of research, coding and scripting that went into the subcontinent's content was done by a not too well-informed developer. Honestly, comments like this are the reason why I never looked back once I decided to stop modding. Honest and constructive criticism is invaluable, but simple demeaning of actual work done by coders and developers is very tiring.
In general India needs more content. I have some ideas, which I'll be willing to share with you through PM.
If everything goes right, the totalist leader of Brazil in Dankest hour will be replaced from Abílio de Nequete to Filinto Müller. Abílio was a almost unknown technocrat (I actually found one of his books for sale, but I'm not a TNO developer to buy it just to use on my research), and in the future I plan to add him to form a South American technate on Red Flood. Filinto was a communist, who got kicked out of from the first revolutionary division for brutality and turned into a virulent anti communist OTL, he even led the ARENA (the main party of the 1964-85 dictatorship). He can fit as a better leader for totalist Brazil since he's a military man and the brazilian totalists are the army.
Canada cow joke:
You have a farm, but it is not yours really, you just arrived one day and took it over from your brother. He is trying not to mind. You have two cows. One belongs to your brother, the other is yours which you brought over from your old farm and is a particularly fine cow, tracing its heritage back 10,000 years. You milk the cows excessively to buy the guns needed to take back your old farm, which is being run by sheep and pigs.
Huey Long cow joke

You are too poor to have a cow, so the government makes a program to give you enought cows to build a small farm. The opposition bribes and filibusters the project and it is shut down, so you help someone takes over the government and he bribes and/or cracks on the opposition and the project passes, you get the cows and as times passes the keynesian multiplicator allows everyone to have a cow.
German cow joke
You have 200 cows in Europe, 200 cows in Africa and 200 cows in Asia. They produce a lot of milk. Then Kerenski get shot and the milk price crash.