Illustration Tutorials and Advice Superthread

Any Mac users here? I've been taking screenshots of a wikibox I recently finished but after editing them together in Photoshop (too tall to fit into one screenshot) the finished product is either too large or too low quality. Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: Another question: Is the photo size limit here 500 kb? All the photos I've uploaded or tried to upload are either too blurry or too large to add.
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The first version is better.
The second version is rather uncommon today.

Here is a tutorial from Crazy Boris, and his THICC 2.2 color scheme (one of the best color schemes used today)

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This is a great guide, but as a rule of thumb dont ever, ever use checkerboards to fill polygons. Hatching, and sometimes dots, are generally okay but you want to keep your fills as unobtrusive as possible. A good guide is to try every other way of distinguishing that polygon first, and then use hatching.
I used Illustrator for a couple of months at school, but I just got it on my home computer today and I'm looking for help (specifically with text, centering objects relative to other objects, and... actually pretty much anything related to the centers of paths, objects, etc.) . Is anyone here free to talk in DMs or on Discord?